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Where's dulmCube?
16 October 2021
dulmCube's Official Freebuild has been offline for the last few weeks.

You might notice dulm.blue is now HTTPS. By default, the server software that the Official Freebuild uses does not use HTTPS unless it's compiled differently. I'm too lazy do to that and I'm not a fan of dulmCube anymore personally so I've pulled the plug on the server after it eventually crashed its self from being online for too long.

At first, the server could not be connected to via the web client, due to the HTTPS. Now, the server is offline. Eventually, I'll make dulmCube connect only to my server. The server list will be gone, since no-one has made a server on this list in the last year, and the server list is an added bit of confusion for new players.

I'd like to get dulmCube running again so there's an alternative to Minecraft and other indie cube games that like to power-trip.

dulmCube might be back soon but it is not one of my top priorities on DULM.