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Bye dulmCube server
12 January 2021

Bye, dulmCube server

dulmCube's server list API will stay up but the game server has been shut down. This is to save performance on the machine it runs on for other applications. Because no-one played on the server anyways I may as well shut it down. If anyone requests the maps on the server, I'll upload them as a .cw (classicube singleplayer) format and a .lvl (MCGalaxy multiplayer) format.
I tried to make a new server which is a skydive server as to keep the game alive but it won't work with the current Classic Protocol Extension v7 from 2013 onward so... dulmCube is just dead I guess?
Funny isn't it, Classic Revival Redux is the last dulmCube server.
The next block-game DULM and community may play next is Minecraft. A cracked 1.16.4 server with a basic survival experience and economy that features ChestShops and other cool stuff. This will be announced later if DULM goes through with hosting this. If Minecraft gets completely fucked by Microcuck then we'll just move on to Minetest.