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MOTD posts 2020
23 March 2020

March 5, 2020
The DULM homepage received a makeover!
The poll is in focus on the top, site links are on the left and this "message" thing is on the right. Hopefully DULM looks better and more structured
February 29, 2020
Happy Leap Day!

Zelgnairt 397 is now released.
Zelgnairt is a "game" that is rendered using 3D CSS transforms, and the game has been completely updated with a new world, different controls, and stuff. Play it I guess. It is played through the web browser, no downloads needed.
February 10, 2020
DULM will only have general update notices listed on this "Message of the Day" thing now. I'm sure you know DULM has a blog now... dulmBlog!

The Zoomer Name Generator is now public! Generate one of approximately 16.7 million possible names, or use the more simple Basic USA Names name generator which has more typical names.
January 6, 2020
It's 2020 now, I guess. DULM has existed irregularly for the last four years now.
There's a tier thing on the DULM vote now, which changes its style depending on the tier the vote's currently at. Vote to see it change. View the vote info page to see the tier boundaries.
yea, i voted yes on dulm, how could you tell?