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10 January 2020
Not released right now.
Come back later.

Welcome to dulmBlog!

dulmBlog is a blog software that I made in about four days.
It is very lightweight, allows the author to interact with his community, and allows for heavy customization with the look of the blog with its quasi-modular page rendering. If you want an independent blog that's easy to operate and customize, and light on your hardware, dulmBlog may be your choice.

Yes! Viewers may comment on blog posts, but they must be approved by the blog's admin before being publicly seen. I make it like this so circlejerking doesn't occur since this is a blog, not a forum, and most people don't look back on blog posts so moderation of edgy comments may be challenging.

Yes! Viewers may rate blog posts in a binary like-dislike system! If comments are disabled, this may be used to signal the quality of the author's post.

dulmBlog doesn't have a file uploader, but you can manually upload any media to your file server. Blog posts are uploaded as HTML, so you can embed any player you'd like. Learn how to add audio, video and images to your website using HTML if you want.

Categories and tags?
When you create a post, you have the ability to choose all the categories your post falls under. Don't like the current categories? You may add all the categories you want to "tags.gimp" in the blog's directory. This will easily add categories with no trouble.
Categories can be used to single out posts only in that category on the blog's index.

dulmBlog does NOT use a database so the password isn't secure. If you're running dulmBlog on an insecure web server and you don't want hacked, I don't recommend using this software. Then again, I don't recommend using anything at all on an insecure web server.

This software can be used to easily post text and other media, to hear feedback from your audience, and can be easily customized.
- dulm dev guy
12 January 2020