introduction - DULM News
12 January 2020
This blog will be used for me to publicly bitch about things that have annoyed me enough to type a blogpost about it.
I'm the DULM dev, and I don't like to use a single alias as you probably already know. I dislike the circle jerking that comes from having a single-alias, as that makes the Internet not fun. Anything you've ever done, all the cringe, indexed and easily searched?. That's not fun, now is it?
I don't know about you, but I enjoy the Internet because it's not real life. I don't like unethical shit, nor do I do it, but you have to admit the Internet is fun because your autism doesn't shine as brightly with the absence of your appearance, body language, among other things that would discredit what you do "IRL".

Do I welcome normies to view my website? Sure, otherwise I wouldn't have created the Normie Test. Do I post edgy or stupid shit on this blog? No, it is a public view into the DULM dev's personality and such and it would be incredibly stupid to post politically incorrect things here since our culture has been pozzed with AIDS by insensitive people who use their networking capabilities to ruin lives while calling it "cancel culture" or some stupid shit.

My social media?
I don't have any. If I wanted to rely on other people and corporations to host my shit, I'd create a Tumblr blog and use Discord as my only method of online communication, but I don't want my data to be at the mercy of a bunch of Silicon Valley hipsters who are easily influenced by politics, so I keep my shit on things I independently host and have complete authority over. Is it more expensive? Yes. Is it worth it? Yes.
tl;dr: I do not have Discord. Discord sucks.

My hobbies and stuff? I like to make music sometimes, I also like to make things for my website. That's all that matters.

Anyways, don't make this blog too popular please, I don't like being popular.