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vlare.tv is cringe
25 March 2020
Don't want to read this whole thing? Watch the Vlare trailer from 2018, it should tell you how cringe it was going to be.
External link: https://www.vidlii.com/watch?v=QBG1djGXzPi
I was banned from Vlare a few days ago after having a channel with an extensive video catalog. There was even a well researched video where I had to travel to film it.

What happens when you're sort of upset about a perfectly good website (VidLii) being fucked up for no good reason, for what seems only to make Vlare more popular, and bitch about it on Vlare?
I made a video pointing out Vlare's flaws a few months ago, about how it does not have a most-recently-popular meme for each category on the front page, like VidLii does even though it's supposedly an "improvement" of a website. On VidLii, I got ~30 subscribers before the website fucked its self. In the same amount of time on Vlare, I got very few subscriptions, and all of them were only from me commenting on videos. If you are not in the circlejerk, you will not be popular on Vlare. You have to manually advertise your videos to friends.
There's also furry shit everywhere. I understand it's made by middle schoolers, but at a certain point, when furry "animations" make up 90% of your site's content, your website becomes cringe as a whole. The rest of the content is shitty video-dumps from people trying to escape YouTube's copyright cringe which creates soulless channels used only for backups, or in-site drama between cunts over whatever the fuck. The actually good content comes from when it first opened, when VidLii users actually gave the website a chance. They left quickly after seeing it's flat minimalist appearance, and seeing how it's really a circlejerk of a website.

The website's fail is so magnificent, immediately after launch one of the developers of Vlare decided to make their own video sharing website called Silver or something. I don't care enough to even look into that. I'm not sure if that dev is based or not, considering he made Vlare to completion only to realize his team members are cunts, or he's actually based for leaving the sinking ship and making his own platform.

Basically, Vlare may be butthurt due to my shit-talking of their platform, and their solution to this is to ban my user account. I tried to watch one of my Vlare videos, it says "Video Files could not be found", whereas before it didn't do this while I was recently banned. They manually deleted all my videos afterwards, which I think is fucking hilarious. How their ban function doesn't delete videos automagically, what retardation.

Or I could have said something about trannies on a comment and pissed off one of their "LGBTBBQ+" admins who saw it months later. This would explain the delayed ban, and considering how I once saw admins getting asshurt over a user using the word "faggot", this is very likely.

I'm tired of bitching about Vlare, but it's funny to see how it's suffering the same fate as literally every fucking small video-sharing website ever.
(ex. ZippCast, vidme, any of the 50 other irrelevant websites)

What now?
It will get to a point where you cannot upload your content to other people's servers. At this point, my content may be uploaded on DULM simply because every other website is an insecure failure, either because of user conflicts, inability to take criticism, or political reasons.
You're really smart for pointing this out... except VidLii's admins apparently lost the password to the web server VidLii is hosted on, meaning it's running without new updates. Unless this was a bullshit reason to keep me out of my account...
VidLii has retained its popularity, it is a sustainable website. It's not shitty on the surface, but it's actually operated by the same people Vlare is (i think).

That's all!