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ClassiCube Review
26 January 2020
The game is not what it used to be. The idea of Minecraft Classic is long gone, and you're better off playing the real thing.
Minecraft Classic was a fun game where you could play not just a creative sandbox in singleplayer, but you could play with friends in multiplayer in not just creative mode, but in zombie survival, lava survival, TNT wars, along with many other game-modes. Not only could you play with your real friends, you could go on a server and meet life-long internet friends. Personally, I spent countless hours on here after school. Around 2013, Minecraft shut down the Classic server list and took Minecraft Classic down from their website.

Many Classic imitations tried to emulate the original, but many of them failed, except for one... ClassiCube was created as a replacement for Minecraft Classic. On ClassiCube, it's practically the same as Minecraft Classic, but more! There were new blocks added to the game, in the "Classic Protocol Extension". Later, they added the ability to create custom blocks, add custom environment settings, new text-display options in the game client, and a full-feature server software, and it's all free! New gamemodes like survival, TNT wars, countdown, PvP, etc. The game has great developers who respond to bug reports nearly instantly, and the entire game is open-source if you want to fix it yourself. Who in their right mind would say this game would fail later?

ClassiCube has remained the best option for playing that simple block game we all loved in 2012, but it has a few problems. As a singleplayer game, the game is kinda fun to play and if you're into a simple building game, this is very epic for you. It runs very well, does its job well, and the custom maps and stuff can be saved and played on singleplayer. Most people who download this game mess around for a little bit because "OMG CLASSIC" and leave after an hour of playtime. Look at the other reviewers' play times. If you want to mess around for a bit, I recommend ClassiCube for you.

As for the multiplayer, it has been stagnating since 2016.
No-one really knows what to blame for this, but I blame poor marketing and not enough players. There simply wasn't enough entertainment to retain a player-base in a primarily multiplayer game. At this time, a server known as Not Awesome which has been around since 2012 on Classic begins to be the prime server to play on. They offer personal maps, a series of adventure maps to explore, and an active community to engage with. The server was great until the owner began banning people for disagreeing with him and only after they had nearly a month of in-server play-time. The owner also began betraying his player-base for a new, more left-wing player-base you'd expect to find on Discord instead of Minecraft. After a few years of this "Not Awesome" owner manipulating players and server owners, which is a story far too long for a Steam review, people begin to leave as the only entertaining server left is "Not Awesome". This owner is so obsessed with maintaining his power over this unpopular game that he continuously watches the game stats just to see himself on top, even bragging how he's on top 75% of the time. It sure is easy to be on top of nothing, isn't it? Not Awesome isn't the only server that has done this in the past. This crap comes from servers like New Blood, among other servers that have come and gone over the years. This game has been drained of it's potential by power-hungry server owners who turned their back on their original visions of having a fun time, causing new people to be put off by this and leaving, or hosting a server of their own only to be manipulated and to ultimately lose all hope in this game and finally go to Minecraft.

Do not play ClassiCube's multiplayer. It's not good and you should play another block game. Play ClassiCube's singleplayer if you want to mess around for a little bit, it works flawlessly. It is not worth $4. I got this game for free but I'm embarrassed for people who actually paid for a FREE GAME.