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smolBlog Installed!
15 November 2020
smolBlog is now installed on !

What is it?
A very simple blogging software I wrote which is under 8KB in size. It allows you to publish posts to a single .json file, where the index page will print them in preview form, while viewing posts individually prints out the whole post and its HTML content. Comments and ratings have been removed. Why? Well, dulmBox exists and you can just type your commentary about my posts on there. I'll certainly see it, unlike my previous blog's comments. Also, someone bot-spammed the ratings on the old blog and to validate the new ratings I'd have to keep tabs on everyone per IP and it's just a giant hassle for such a simple feature which is just useless in the long run and many otehr micro-blogs like this don't have ratings so who cares, right?

I converted all the old dulmBlog posts to this new format. There is also an astronomical performance difference between the old and new software.

Many people may rather install smolBlog on their forums rather than install giant bloated Blogpress or some other shit like that. 8KB in size, easy on bandwidth and highly customizable even for a n00b? Awesome, right? I might release the software soon, since it could definitely be optimized to be even smaller and/or faster.