Do you like memes?

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No 3,307
Total votes: 7,571
6804 unique voters
56.32% of people like memes
Tier: Zeta - Bad
Last vote: Fri 05 Jun 20 - 19:50:45 EDT
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Normie Test

The test that almost 1,000,000 people have taken! Are you a Chad or a Sperg? Only one way to find out!


An anonymous textboard with only a single page for anyone to post on. Character limit is 256. Be sure to read dulmBox's rules before posting!
Comments on dulmBox belong to the Poster

Zelgnairt 397

Walk around a building in Zelgnairt, rendered using 3D CSS transforms!
Warning: Game is unoptimized, easily maxes out your graphics hardware!

Zoomer Name Generator

Generate one out of 16.7 million names (most are random and make no sense)
...or generate 1 out of 4096 Basic USA Names (Brayden, Zayler, etc.)

Boomer Test

Find out if you're a Boomer or a Zoomer. This test will figure how old you are without directly asking for your birthday!


Where the DULM dev posts stuff or something
It's also a blog software that allows filtered comments, blog-post likes-dislikes, and very customizable themes... all in 50kb file size.

Audio Loader

If you know the ID to an audio file, you can listen to it. Audio isn't indexed due to bandwidth usage.


Recent developments and such on Do you like memes?. Read the blog for more posts.

dulmCraft Minecraft Server (1.7.10)
dulmCraft is a simple survival server where you can build stuff and claim land. Basically, it's a PvE server. You must use 1.7.10 to connect. Read more to learn more, broski. The community is decent, I guess. The owner's not really a douche, so you can do whatever or something.
Based 1 - Cringe 0 - 100% based

Happy 1st Birthday, Normie Test!

27 March 2019
The Normie Test was released a year ago in 2019, and it is by far DULM's most popular development with millions of results given out to all the normies!
Based 5 - Cringe 1 - 83.333333333333% based

DULM News added to homepage
The "MOTD" section of the homepage has been replaced with a blog feed. Posts on dulmBlog that have the "dulm_news" tag will show up on the front page now. Pretty based, isn't it? You can rate these posts just like any other, same for commenting.
Based 1 - Cringe 1 - 50% based

MOTD posts 2020
The Message of the Day (MOTD) meme as of 23 March 2020. It was a static file of announcements rather than individual posts like it currently is. Read all of them here!
Based 0 - Cringe 0 - 0% based

Audio controls

Most browsers will block the autoplay, so kindly play this right now. Your browser must also be able to play .ogg files, which some browsers in 2020 for some stupid reason can't play them.

Do you like memes?