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I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth. Genesis 9:13 : KJV
Normie Test

The test that almost 1,000,000 people have taken! Are you a Chad or a Sperg? Only one way to find out!


Anonymous single-threaded imageboard with a general topic. Post whatever you want as long as it's allowed by the rules...


Multiplayer block game based on Minecraft Classic! No account required!
(The most popular modern MC Classic will ban your server for no reason, not kidding)

DULM News(blog)

Read about recent DULM developments and stuff.

Zelgnairt 397

Walk around a 3D world rendered using CSS transforms!

Boomer Test

This test guesses what year you were born without directly asking you your birthday.

Zoomer Name Generator

Want the most unique name ever but don't want to be too weird? Generate a name here!

Audio Loader

Load an audio clip based on file-name.
Here's a few: 455, swag_dabb, synth22

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DULM homepage re-done

12 October 2020
The DULM homepage has been re-done yet again. Why? Having the main page for the vote only makes the website look like it's only the vote and nothing else. That simply is not the case.

dulmBlog to be redone soon

12 October 2020
Notice that this news feed isn't sourced from dulmBlog. This is because dulmBlog is pretty terrible internally and is yet another DULM project that needs to be remastered. Should be easy enough to make a blog that IO's from a .json file. This blog will be the news feed for DULM, of course. Current blogposts will be transferred to this new blog, too.

the left can't meme

Anonymous imageboard, a few posts every day...
Audio controls

Most browsers will block the autoplay, so kindly play this right now. Your browser must also be able to play .ogg files, which some browsers in 2020 for some stupid reason can't play them.