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New IRC network
19 May 2023
DULM's IRC community has officially moved to a new IRC network.

DULM's official IRC channel has been #dulm on Rizon since 2020. Because Rizon has many flaws, such as surveillance bots joining channels, people exploiting the many insecurities of IRC, and lack of modern features that a chat channel should absolutely have. This new network has a dedicated web client so anyone can connect using a web browser on their desktop or mobile device, or a traditional IRC client if they choose to do that instead. Did I mention that Liao does not need a bouncer? Yes, you do not need to configure a bouncer to view chat history. Liao saves chat history securely. The last 50 messages should load when a Liao chat channel is joined. This makes things much more convenient for noobs that can't into IRC.

DULM has partnered with Liao, a new chat network. DULM's official IRC channel is now #dulm at Liao.