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dulmCube web update
11 February 2021
dulmCube has a new update where the web client no longer crashes on page resize. This affected the game's Chromebook users who can only play with the web client. I still recommend people to use ClassiCube.exe from UnknownShadow200's Github while avoiding ClassiCube.net to keep the game open-source in spirit.

With dulmCube's growing community I decided to weed out the bugs. When two servers heartbeat'd at the exact same time (this is guaranteed to happen even with just two servers), it'd wipe out the entire server list. This is bad for many reasons so that's been fixed today. Past dulmCube-specific clients are now broken because the server list API links to dulm.blue/cube/api/. It is still in JSON format, but the old "serverlist.json" link is now obsolete.

Most people think dulmCube is a shitty Minecraft ripoff, but I legitimately think it's a good building game. Some people have said dulmCube is the last legitimate ancestor of Minecraft Classic, returning to creative-based gameplay rather than the gimmicks other CPE-based clients do such as survival mode, new models, etc. This isn't to say dulmCube doesn't support these features, it's literally ClassiCube, but dulmCube supports actual Minecraft Classic servers because it doesn't require two-factor authentication or the email datamine ClassiCube does now, making dulmCube just that more better by contrast.