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Berzačuk is the only town and county seat of Rubyside County. It has an estimated population of 15 as of the current census. The town's name comes from the original settlement that uses a combination of two Dacian words: berza meaning birch and čuk meaning summit or even hill, describing the local geography of the original place.


Berzačuk is located in the northeastern portion of both the dulmCraft world and Squahamia. The closest counties are Hempia and Fris Counties, which it borders to the south and southwest respectively. It is located on a vast plain near a lake with woods surrounding the lake.


Original Berzačuk

Berzačuk was originally founded on another cracked server by crlowman on June 2nd, 2023. It was a very popular place to migrate to, so much so that for a while, it became the most popular town on the server. The first house was built was later upgraded to have a strangely steep roof to give it more style. Then, theft and griefing happened basically every day, but never enough to have the whole town go to ruin. After 10 days non-stop of these small sieges, crlowman decided to give up on the original Berzačuk, to hopefully bring the same place onto dulmCraft.

dulmCraft Berzačuk

On September 13, 2023, crlowman decided to finally create the town after months of working on other projects as well as deciding the location of the town. It would be in a relatively similar setting, albeit much less hilly and no mountains nearby. He rebuilt the First House about the same as the one in the original town. Then, he layed the roads out, built some more houses and started to construct the Government Complex for Rubyside County/Berzačuk. On May 23, 2024, crlowman started to create the Empyrrean Regional Airport, near the border with Empyville Metro Township. In addition, he started the construction of I-480, a beltway around Berzačuk, to make development for such a major city location much easier and better planned out later on.

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