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Flag of Bicland

Bicland is a sovereign country within the world of dulmCraft. It was founded by bicboi555 (Vince) in September 2021 shortly after the opening of dulmCraft. It has since grown to encompass eight counties. Bicland is most famous for its capitol city Soufton, its pristine nature reserves, and the snowy mountains of Sneumonten County.


  • Bic
  • Ebino
  • Endsylvania
  • Gaumley
  • Korgisson
  • Sandland
  • Sneumonten
  • Soufton

Bic County has a diverse set of territories, ranging from the snowy mountains of Sneumonten to the warm beach of Ebino. Bic County is the country's original claim, with Bictown being founded on 21 September 2021, a few hundred blocks southeast of Spawn City. This region of the world is still relatively undeveloped, being sandwiched between three major metropolitan areas (Soufton, Spawn City, and New Wampee)

Soufton County is Bicland's second acquisition, in which a generated village was converted into a highly dense metropolis. By modern standards, Soufton is a smaller city, but its downtown is extremely dense with over one hundred villagers living there. Here, there are many automated farms, trading halls, and hi-rises for living. Outside of the city, there is the capitol building of Bicland, Cat Mountain, and rolling hills.

Sneumonten County is northwest of Soufton and contains a village, Sneurif. Most of this county is on top of a high snowy plateau.

Ebino County is an enclave on an island off the southern point of the Dulmia continent, off the coast from Squaham County. It is home to the Big Black Cock Hotel and is a vacation destination.

Korgisson County was founded by Korg in 2021, and contains a large pig farm and a crudely built town called Swinescrote. It is at a crossroads between Soufton, Spawn City and New Wampee.

Gaumley County is south of Soufton and is still a vast wilderness with a very small coastal town named New Gaumley, named after Gaumley from Bantcraft.

Endsylvania is an enclave possession which is strictly used for survival gameplay only. It gets its name from being directly on top of the only known stronghold in Dulmia.

Sandland is an enclave possession which is on the western coast of the Dulmia continent. It was claimed on 3 September 2023 after Squaham claimed Sneed County on the same day and it was realized that Sneed County was the first county to have a western coastline in Dulmia.

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