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Soufton is the main commerical trading hub of dulmCraft. It is the most populated city on the Dulmia world as well, counted as 82 according to the 2022 census. It is the capitol city of Bicland.


Soufton is located in a valley surrounded by hills and mountains, only really with two openings, to the northeast and the southeast. Sneumonten Ridge can be visible from the town as well. To the west, there is an artificial lake with a dam created for many reasons, mainly for hydropower. The native vegetation is of a warm temperate forest as well as some grasslands, but have proven rainy enough to grow trees, which are a few scattered around in the city.


Soufton's economy is most well noted for the exchange of wood products for money, as well as agriculture and mining, also well noted. There is a big wheat field made from flattening woody hills to the west of town, making more room for food production as well as profit. There are pine plantaions to the north of Soufton, but have been broken up by development, most notably warehouses and trading halls.

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