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dulmCraft is a Minecraft server that is closely linked with DULM. It is currently running version 1.20.1. The current server was established in August 2021, on version 1.17.1.


dulmCraft was formed because of a struggle with a previous server, Bantcraft. Bantcraft is a server which derives its community from the /bant/ board of 4chan, but was advertised on the newly formed /vm/ board. Vince, the owner of DULM, began playing Bantcraft in October 2020 and created the town of Gaumley. After quite a bit of playtime, Vince met some players who also had an issue with the server's administration and disregard for quality of the gameplay or the integrity of the plugins. New servers were experimented with, and the idea of migrating to dulmCube was also considered. Eventually, the modern dulmCraft was launched in August 2021 on hardware personally hosted by Vince.

As time went on, the server gained a community


The world of dulmCraft is called Dulmia. It is a 4,000 x 4,000 world generated in version 1.17.1, with an extra 2,000 block wide perimeter generated in version 1.18, making the world 6,000 x 6,000. It has been continuously built in since the creation of the server. The world contains many cities, a well developed highway system, and a complex territorial system. The map is loosely organized into counties that are now organized into countries in the map. As of July 2022, there are approximately fifty county or county-equivalents in Dulmia. There are four sovereign countries in Dulmia: Bicland, Squaham State, the Gnomic Empire, and Osliguay. The world is generally considered to have three continents: Dulmia (mainland), Empiria, and Mabino. There are three major oceans, the Central Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and the Western Ocean. The main core of man-made development in the world is in the center and typically the eastern side of the map. The western side of the map is much less developed and the southwest of the map is nearly completely devoid of civilization. The parts of the world that aren't developed are called the Incognita, derived from the term “terra incognita”. There are generally agreed to be two “incognitas”, the Northwest and the Southwest. The Northwest Incognita is far more developed, with a highway reaching an isolated village. The only End Portal in the world is located in the Northwest Incognita.



This is a list of some of the municipalities in dulmCraft.



  1. Bistrica
  2. Rhinland
  3. Findale
  4. Forestglen Junction

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