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Squaham State is the southernmost nation in dulmCraft, virtually claiming all the southern parts, most notably the Squaham Peninsula. The municipalities located within its borders are: Querlac, Albastone, Norsqua, Maryland Heights, New Wampee, Yamville, Ebino Beach, Bahampin, Dudley Valley, and New Melonside.


Squaham has a southern coast, along with the Squaham Peninsula in the easternmost areas. In addition, Squaham also has claims to all of Transia as well, except for a canal commissioned to be built by the Gnomic Empire. There are alot of rugged ridges along the coast, making subtropical development hard to do, in which tried to make the Squaham Peninsula into one of the densest areas in dulmCraft.


Squaham State has many climates, ranging from continential to tropical, from the Dudleys' ranges to Ebino Beach. However, most of it is said to be humid subtropical, both by the Koppen and Calconian systems of classification; Calconian uses the 5°C(41°F) isotherm instead of Koppen's 0°C(32°F) isotherm, mainly for more accuracy purposes.

Munincipal classification

Squaham has its own system of classifying its municipalities into categories. There are 4 types: city, town, village, and hamlet.

City: 20+ people

Town: 10-19 people

Village: 5-9 people

Hamlet: less than 5, more than 3

County formation

For any new counties to be made, the area must have atleast two villages in its borders to form a new county. If any place is less than a city, then usually, the governments of the county seat and the county consolidate for the most part, but this does not mean that they are the same, because of statistical purposes.

Municipal and county densities

The Squahamian Density Scale(SDS) was created on July 21st 2022, as a need to classify areas into certain densities. All numbers are in the imperial system, which means whatever number is declared is for how many people fit into a square mile.

20-44 = 4th tier rural

45-99 = 3rd tier rural

100-500 = 2nd tier rural; low tier suburban county

500-999 = 1st tier rural; high tier suburban county

1000-2499 = suburban; urbanized county

2500-3249 = urban

3250-4999+ = dense urban

5000+ = urban core

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