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Albastone(Albakmon) is a small town just north of the Squahamian suburb of Norsqua and Lake Bolwork as well as New Wampee.


Albastone was founded by crlowman in February 2022, at near a dungeon that has a spider spawner; in which he used that to his own advantage to grow the economy and to make a spider farm. There is a big “F” that still stands to this day right next to the first house built in the town. The town was well-noted for its creepy birch forests, which halted much of the towns development untill it got to be comfortable enough to do more. Birch planks were the common choice to build the houses and shops, mainly cause it was highly available and renewable.


Albastone is situated on a small plateau, surrounded by hills mainly to its north and a small bit to its east, as well as a lake to its west and a river to the south. The native stone that gave the town its name is diorite, a very valuable stone in dulmCraft.

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