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New Wampee is the capital of the Squaham State in Dulmia. The city rests a bit inland from the Gulf of Squaham, where the village of Bahampin sits also. It is the largest city by area in the world of Dulmia.


New Wampee was founded by melonside421 a.k.a crlowman on November 11th, 2021. The original name was going to be “Fairfax” cause of the thick cover of the native oaks were surrounding the buildings, which is similar to the Virginian county. However, crlowman was going for a more original name that would go for a more subtropical vibe, despite being near a Minecraft taiga biome, in which he insisted that it was rather related to California's redwoods or Seattle's douglas firs. The name “New Wampee” came from a place in South Carolina called “Wampee”, which is oddly related to the subtropical fruit native to East and Southeast Asia.


The city is situated near a natural creek bed(now channelized) that leads to the Gulf of Squaham and connects to Bolwork Lake, the lake that is north of the city. There used to be a steep ridge called the Preidačuk, but it was removed to make more efficiency of using the area for pine tree growth, mainly for lumber, as well as the construction of the Squaham Towne Centre, a mall underneath the pine tree farm. The total amount of chunks within its borders is 190.


New Wampee has a humid subtropical climate, where average lows during the winter range from upper 30's°F to lower 40's°F and summer highs stay around mid 80's°F, further inland has more chances of 90°F days. The climate is warm enough to grow tall pine trees as well as providing a lot of growth of edible mushrooms, which are natively abundant.


NeuWampee has an estimated population of 85 people and a population density of 4,526 people per square mile, as of the 2022 census.

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