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Murtheta is a city located in Murtedina County in the Murtedina Rastina. The name means “north Theta” in Dacian, the “Theta” refering to the Greek letter theta. The population is estimated to be about 32 people as of the current census.


Murtheta borders 4 towns: Northstead to the north, Caladeva to the east, Southbury to the south, and Marzapa to the west. Hills lie directly south of the downtown square. The main river that flows through the city is called the Birchton River. There are notably two lakes in the city: Plainsquare Lake in the western part and Foresthill Lake in the eastern part. Birch trees are the main type of tree found in the city.


Murtheta's economy is rather an advanced economy, as it is also the county seat of Murtedina County. Some of the economic activities presented in the city are numerous productive vegetable gardens, a coco bean greenhouse, a cactus tower complex, and a masonry. The raised beds of the vegetable gardens are also a rather unique cultural feature compared to many counties across the dulmCraft world.


Two interstates go in and around the city: Interstate 45 bypasses the city and Interstate 37 goes right through the city. Several dock areas exist along the Birchton River as well.

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