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Resolut is the westernmost and largest city in Rodasma County, Squahamia. It has an estimated population of 163 as of October 2023. It is one of the many municipalities that sit along the historic 1.17 border in dulmCraft.


Resolut began as a slow-growing, small village that was made from an actual NPC village, which some of the relics remain to this very day. It tried to take influence from nearby Yaripastava in order to get a few structures built. Then, many migrants from Rodasma Town started to come on down to the vast plains with warmer weather in order to find a place to live and also not destroying the mountain scenery.


Resolut sits on a sizeable plains called the Rhinland Plains, which is now nearly all built-up. The city sits in between the Rhin River to the south and the North Fayette River to the north. The Drevdamarz Range lies to its east, in the town of Rhinland and Findale.

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