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Spawn City cityscape, September 2023

Spawn City is a city located at the server spawn in dulmCraft. It was founded on August 2021 as a way for new players to get introduced to the server. As of July 2022, the place is getting much more development than months prior, mainly to get people to live and work near the server hub. The construction of the Tamanuk International Airport was started by eriii in early July 2022, but as of current, has not finished, despite the terminal building being finished. The population density is about 2212 people per square mile, with about a population of 157 as of the current estimate.


Spawn City is located in a lush birch valley with mountains to the east and the Utah Plains to the west. Northwest of the Capitol is also a hill filled with birch trees. The city is located near the Spawn Bay, which helps moderate the climate as well as providing fish and kelp as early-game food sources, also integrated into the culture as people would see it as a part of their identity.

Politically, Spawn City is located in the sovereign state of Neutrium. It is the capitol city for dulmCraft as a whole.


Spawn City was historically isolated, other than a couple of shops set up as well as a capitol building and some apartment buildings. To the south, bordering Berchill County, is actually a few sugarcane fields, attributed to the mild climate, as well as the rendering radius that every Minecraft map that automatically loads in 100 blocks within 0,0, which means that the area is technically always rendered in, allowing for extenstive usage of the land, for profit with villager trading.

The area known as Spawn County today was historically composed of Spawn, Lava, and Melungeon Counties.

In early 2023, the area became much more developed with hi-rise buildings being built in Spawn City due to the demand of being in such a convenient location. Today, Spawn City is the largest city in dulmCraft by area.


The city follows the Gaumic style of architecture, as for most of the western cities in dulmCraft, save for Bolon and Bictown, which are in the eastern parts of the map. Main features of the style include usage of stone bricks, granite roofs, and having diorite floors.

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