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Planktopia is one of the oldest towns on dulmCraft, where crlowman started to play in the world of Dulmia. It is the county seat of Berchill County, currently the only town in the county.


Planktopia was founded on October 2021 not too far away from Spawn City. Planktopia's name came from the fact of the abundant woods providing crlowman with many resources to get a town started up fairly easily, untill when he would interact with villagers a month later, thus making him rich. However, the town still sticks to this day, mainly to preserve as much history as possible, even the upmost primitive of structures.


Planktopia is a town situated on a small ledge near Aztec Lake; the namesake was a fantasy by crlowman trying to make more room for pumpkin farms, but it never came to fruition mainly for the fact he changed his mind. The town is surrounded by warm temperate wood mixture of oaks and birches. To the west is the Overlook Ridge and both North and South Lake Wales. Both of the Lake Wales' separate Berchill County from Majory County.

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