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Kebinopolis is a town situated on the Majory Plains region of Dulmia, which is an extensive grasslands with small groves in between. The main cultures of the town are Latin-American, Basque, and a gimmick of Midwestern, due to the location.


The town was founded by eriii and crlowman on June 28th 2022 on a mostly flat prairie near Majoryville, a small hamlet in Western Dulmia. However, a guy named NoName 2820 built a modern house in the area months prior to the creation of an official town. It grew and grew cause of the abundant flat land, but there's been an issue about the identity of the town, mostly due to the sparseness of the general region. To solve this issue, crlowman took inspiration from Majoryville's architecture, which has birch doors, oak planks, birch roof, cobblestone, and hay floors. This was copied several times over, along with eriii's style, which used stone bricks, pine logs, grey stained glass and pink doors. On October 29th, 2023, Frioprado County was officially dissolved, being formally consolidated into the current entity known as Kebinopolis Metro.


Kebinopolis is situated in a vast plains biome, but limited to the south by big mountain ranges as well as a lake in the northeastern part of town called Dutchcanoe Lake.


The climate of Kebinopolis is a humid continential climate(Dfa) according to the Koppen system, mainly because of the inland location as well as few mountain barriers to the north, but there is a solid wall of mountains to the south of town, near the hamlet of Hazard. Record low for the town was -6°F in January 1988 and record high was 112°F in July 1913.


Kebinopolis' economy is now mainly fueled by the North District, which is primarily light industry as well as allowing for people to live there. However, bamboo is well noted to be hardy even to Kebinopolis, a fairly continential locale. Bamboo is grown for mass stick production, which gets bought out by villagers. On July 15th, 2022, the auto sugarcane farm was accompanied by a new fertilizer machine in which, the sugarcane becomes fertilizer, making the farm into a fertilizer factory, the first of its kind.

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