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Grand Tree Isle is the capital of the Gnomic Empire. It is also an island located in the Eastern Sea of the world of Dulmia. The current population as of the 2022 census is 21.


Grand Tree Isle was discovered on January 27th, 2022 by a guy named NGnome, a friend of melonside421. He was looking for a place to live, and out of all the places he could live, he chose a tiny island. Melonside421 came along to help him, cause NGnome would not realize of how tiny the island really was. The island was originally populated by a cover of oaks and birches as well as a couple islands to the north actually being separate(at the time). However, it came to surprise that melonside421's help was not as much neccessary, so NGnome tried to shoo him away to a far away land. Melonside421 left the tiny archipelago for now. What he saw as he left was merely a base made of cobblestone and fertile dirt, which seemed pretty primitive, but this theme kept on.

However, NGnome warmed up to melonside421 as he needed help expanding the base. As melonside421 went into the cobblestone castle, closing the red doors behind him, he saw a mostly dark but inspiring place. He knew how to make the tiny island into an efficient village that would bring many benefits to all. Then, melonside421 started to clear off some of the trees for more wood, planted some back, and hollowed out the only hill on the island to eventually mold it into a bigger castle town.

Couple days passed, and it came to notice that there were no additional settlers, probably because there was a speculation that the mainland took care of all the villagers in existence. However, they somehow managed to convince two villagers to come onto the tiny archipelago. This was time to officially declare the new town and new nation, both at the same time, so the new tiny kingdom would have a capital. The new nation was named Gnigeria, and the capital would be Grand Tree Island. NGnome felt like an inspiration was coming to him by using the letters “G” and “N” would make a proper name for such a place.

By this time, the island had about 11 people total, minus NGnome and melonside421. The population density of the town was 3,180 people per square mile, whilst downtown would be 6,183 people per square mile. However, there was alot of things put in place to provide in such a small space, including a bamboo farm, a tree plantation, numerous potato farms, a smeltry, housing, and storage. Potatoes were designated by the King of Gnigeria, NGnome, as the king crop. Nobody was allowed to grow ANY food crop other than the mighty potato. Eventually though, land did run out, despite cutting and hollowing every nook and cranny of the hills and everywhere on the island possible, so there was a decree to make more land by pumping water out from the sea, which would be shipped to the desert far east of the Gnigerian Sea, where the water will stay.

Now, there was more land to expand the tree plantations, which came soon after, the animal pens. However, this is when things got really heated in the Gnigerian community. One side, led by melonside421, wanted to have more of a silvopasture and some areas be left as is, the newly-established tree farms. Another thing demanded was to not destroy the sugarcane production on the island, in which NGnome was highly disgusted by, for some reason. The King of Gnigeria wanted to have pastures on the newly reclaimed land without any trees or sugarcane or bamboo around, despite the island's name. Eventually, melonside421 and his allies had to leave a second time, because of the cruelty of an authoritarian king. This made melonside421 very upset, as he only wanted to help Gnigeria to grow into a superpower. After all, he built most of the castle town by hand.

This shows, whilst melonside421 was a fundamental character of the story of Grand Tree Isle, he was thrown away at no good cause. Hostilities continued after that, but it just goes to show, that it's just another chapter of history of a Minecraft world. This may not be the best of summaries, but it just goes to show of how deep of a history that one place can entail, which this story is just one of the many of the history of Gnigeria, later renamed to the Gnomic Empire.

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