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Frisville is a town situated on the continent of Empryia, along the same latitude as Calcomark, which is just across the Brookgreen Bay. It is one of the two northernmost towns of dulmCraft.


Frisville was founded by crlowman as a way to remember a player from BantCraft that had his base named NeuFrisia. His name was Swesbed. The two were good friends on BantCraft, but Swesbed never joined dulmCraft, despite crlowman openly inviting him in. In Swesbed's words, “It looked like a Pokemon map”. This is unsure if the message was positive or negative, not knowing if Swesbed played the game or not. However, crlowman was about the name the town Kootenai Junction, cause the landscape reminded him of Idaho, of the pines as well as the relatively mild climate, given for the fact that the Bay is not too far away. On July 15th, 2022, Frisville now has itself an official city hall, carved out from parts of the East Side neighborhood, in which, be made out of quartz and spruce planks, as well as having birch trees surrounding the building.

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