family of open-source, lite-weight website software
Easy open-source, lite-weight, single-threaded textboard for your website.
  • Only a single thread of discussion, much like a shoutbox
  • Uses JSON for a flat-file database. No SQL!
  • Simple admin page for banning users and deleting posts
  • Easy to configure and set-up
The robot test is only a simple math problem. Robots have abused this before.

The JSON-based storage isn't good at all for large-scale textboards. The execution time of this software is directly proportional to how big the board.json is. Routinely clear your board or endure a bloated software. smolBBS was intended for very small textboards.

Scripted in PHP 7.1.

[Download] (16.1kb) smolbbs 1.1 / 2 September 2021
Easy open-source, lite-weight blog for your website.
  • Uses sqlite or MySQL for the database
  • Reads posts from static .html files to reduce processing
  • Simple admin page for composing, deleting and editing posts
  • Easy to configure and set-up
Scripted in PHP 7.1. Uses the PDO (PHP Data Objects) library for SQL.

[Download] (6.12kb) smolblog 1.0 / 15 June 2021
Easy open-source, lite-weight shoutbox textboard for your website.

Formerly smolBBS, smolbox will use SQL for saving data while using static files for pages. As a shoutbox, it is a single thread of discussion. This is great for low-traffic web sites if a multi-threaded forum is too complicated for you and your users.

To be released soon.