[Home] hisss based minecraft servers
A server list for cracked, free, and based Minecraft servers
Last updated 29 Nov 23 - 07:15 EST
motd + ip players version
hu A Minecraft Server
0/20 Paper 1.20.2
us dulm creative
0/20 Paper 1.20.1
You may add your server to this list if it is:
- cracked
- based
- there's no illegal shit going on

What is "cracked"?
It is when your server is online-mode: false. This allows players to bypass Microsoft account authentication, thus allowing players to play Minecraft for free on your server. If people have to pay Microsoft to play your server, keep it off of here.

What is "based"?
In the context of this server list, "based" means your server is enjoyable and doesn't have faggot ass admins that make the server non-enjoyable.

If your server meets these criteria, please, by all means, add your server to the list.