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Klaise is a micronation in eastern North America, situated on top of the Cumberland Plateau. The country is in the backwaters of the Cumberland River, and is in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The country is ran by the Autocratic Office, but the country is also ran directly by its people, so Klaise is technically an anocracy. The country's population was 18 in the Census 432, and the country's land area was estimated to be less than half of a square kilometer. Klaise is known for its rabbit farm, its scenery, and its forests. The country is literally on a mountain, with Monomew and Cervosia having an elevation difference of at least 200 feet. Visiting Klaise is nearly impossible due to the isolationist nature of the country, but one may become a Honorary Citizen if they wish to be included in Klaise's micronational affairs.
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Klaise is not a secessionist or a revolutionary organisation. Klaise is simply a kid's pretend country that has got a little out of hand and is still going on to this day. Klaise is still a part of the United States.