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Information page

Welcome to the information page.
Everything you should know about dulmCube is here.

The rules

DULM reserves the right to remove servers from the Server List for any reason, or deny anyone access from this website.

A server's name may not contain illegal content. It may not have identifying information of any individuals.

Servers may not send false information to dulmCube's heartbeat. If a server has extremely false and disruptive information listed on the server list, it will be blacklisted.

In-game content can not be controlled by dulmCube. If you don't like a server or its players, don't play there. If there is illegal activity on a server that is accessible through the dulmCube server list, it will be blacklisted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dulmCube?

It's a multiplayer block-building game.

It is based on Minecraft Classic 0.30 but supports custom blocks, models, weather settings, among many other things. dulmCube uses ClassiCube.exe, and allows server owners to operate servers without a central account database.

How do I sign up?

You don't have to.

Type your name in the box, then click a server to play in your web browser!

How is this secure without accounts?

It's secure.

Servers handle their own accounts. Typically when you join a server, you will be prompted to create a password for your username. No-one can get into your account without that password. Register accounts at your own risk. Do NOT register username + password comboinations you use anywhere else, as malicious server owners could hack you!

The web client sucks. Is there a game I can download?


Use ClassiCube.exe, and copy the IP address of servers you want to play, then paste this into the Direct Connect menu on ClassiCube. Use any username you want.

Why shouldn't I play ClassiCube? relies on a central authentication and verification system that is routinely abused.
ClassiCube.exe is a good, free game you can use to play dulmCube servers.

No central authority can keep you from connecting to a dulmCube server.

Why shouldn't I just play Minecraft?

dulmCube allows you to make custom blocks, send texture packs to player's games, and is far less computer hungry. It will run on almost anything, and has a better creative mode. dulmCube does not have survival mode, though.

How to create a multiplayer server

1. Download MCGalaxy

2. Place in any folder

3. Start the server once, it will create files for you

4. Go inside the properties folder, you will be editing some stuff

5. Open with any text editor

6. Find verify-names and set it to false

7. Find admin-verification and set it to true

8. Find verify-admin-perm and set it to -20

9. Most importantly, find heartbeat-url and set it to

10. Open MCGalaxy.exe for a GUI with buttons. This is easy for a home-hosted server with your friends!
Open MCGalaxyCLI.exe for a command line with no easy buttons. Use this if you're setting up a dedicated server. This uses less resources.
If you're using Linux, run MCGalaxyCLI.exe through Mono.