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#899 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Dec 20 - 18:09:33 EST
(5.5 KB, 250x140)
shieeeeet found dis mf board!!! yall b dem crackuh ass nigguhs postin all dis raycist shit??? shieeeeet.... come to a real mf thug lik m n see what fukin happens. fuck yall, psy bchs !!!
#898 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Dec 20 - 16:43:03 EST
/txt/ is now generated top-to-bottom chronologically so that you can read from bottom to top because in a command line, you would be at the bottom.

fun fact: in linux just type curl http://dulm.blue/box/txt/ to browse in terminal
#897 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Dec 20 - 16:17:59 EST
check out http://dulm.blue/box/txt/

you can browse dulmBox without the HTML/CSS fuss! you could even browse this board through a terminal if you wanted...

/txt/ is a quick URL to view the board this way but the file is at http://dulm.blue/box/text.gimp
#896 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Dec 20 - 16:10:30 EST
dulm got that new image robot test on here now... :)
#895 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Dec 20 - 12:48:57 EST
Perfect. It'd be so cool to browse this on an old 2g phone. Theres no practical modern use for it but there really is a feeling attached to using obselete technology to browse brand new/modernish sites. If that goes through I'm gonna try to use netsurf on my ps2 and browse that.
#894 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Dec 20 - 11:32:05 EST
dulmBox might be getting a feature in the future where you can view the board through text-only page. Basically, the content header would be .txt rather than .html so you could view dulmBox by simply downloading, let's say "index.gimp" to your RAM then viewing it in a command line, or accessing dulmBox on a shitty flip-phone or other hardware that cannot process browsers with modern HTML and CSS in any way so dulmBox is still readable.

#893 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Dec 20 - 11:26:20 EST
I never understood why people like Pokemon. If I want to deal with funny animals, I'll just go hang out with my cats, dogs, and even go in the woods behind the house and meet the squirrels and birds and sometimes even a groundhog, rabbit, raccoon or any various woodland creatures.
The card game is total bullshit too, no-one actually battles with the cards and they only have value that Pokemon Company lets them have.
Nice job, idiot. You spent all that money for some faggy card. I do enjoy the games a little bit because they're open world but they're still linear as fuckkk and I'd rather play Grand Theft Auto.

Back to the card game, I only got Pokemon cards to fit in with the future soyboy faggots at my elementary school due to my lack of real friends. Total bullshit community that's just an excuse to circlejerk. Pokemon sucks.
#892 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Dec 20 - 10:24:06 EST
(8.18 KB, 240x250)
Now typing on my 1g iPod touch. Don't do a 3ds, that's easy... Give yourself a challenge.
#891 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Dec 20 - 10:06:22 EST
@890 based...

i should try my 3ds
#890 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Dec 20 - 02:30:20 EST
posting this off my dsi, lets see if this works
#889 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Dec 20 - 00:49:22 EST
(11.84 KB, 250x210)
>be in a city
>bars are to be closed down at 11 due to a shitty-ass citywide ordinance
>one person volunteers that the entire bar participate as a get-together at their own house as as a valid substitute

Seriously, what did they expect to happen, people just go to bed in the comfort of their own house? Closing the bar won't do shit, it only makes it the tiniest inconvenience.

So much for "preventing people from being out and about", retarded ape niggers.
#888 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Dec 20 - 20:09:12 EST
You are a manchild
#887 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Dec 20 - 17:12:36 EST
(8.21 KB, 250x140)
what do you guys think of pokemon?

do you like the games?

do you like the idea of a card game?

pic related
#886 Anonymous : Tue, 01 Dec 20 - 08:13:07 EST
Although niggers hate cops, who's preventing you from defending your home, white man?

ZOGbots are fucking BASED as FUCK!!!! They prevent everyone from going to church because of a flu but sometimes they beat up niggers so they're cool xD
#885 Anonymous : Tue, 01 Dec 20 - 07:57:04 EST
RP gamemodes are for people who don't live an actual life. Anyone over age 15 would have a fucking gut full of being told what to do by admins all day IRL, much less some tweens running GMod on SteamCMD on a cheap ass VPS somewhere. At least DarkRP has a chance to be good and playable, the (x)RP gamemodes, like Star Wars and others are actual cancer. It's based in fantasy AND it's stroking Liam aged 13's power boner. Someone played Half Life 2 and saw where the officer threw the can down, and prompted the player "PICK UP THAT CAN", and these faggots thought they should expand on that by making DarkRP this way on their servers...
#884 Anonymous : Mon, 30 Nov 20 - 22:01:04 EST
Notice: For everyone unaware, it's called "DarkRP" because it properly simulates an authoritarian nation-state ran by your average 12 year old(s) with a credit card, hence why it's referred to as "DarkRP" and not just "RP".

>"But retard, they just wanted to make the gamemode sound cooler for autists!"

Yeah no shit. That is the entire butt of
the joke that
the developers of DarkRP pulled when they accurately predicted what crowd of players would be heavily involved. They made sure that it would always remain a parody of itself as 12 year olds flock to what seems to be "edgy XD" and cool.

Remember the late 90s / early 2000s kid with the sunglasses and spiked hair on stock image websites? That isn't just some meme. It is a metaphor for how preteens actually function.
#883 Anonymous : Mon, 30 Nov 20 - 21:42:52 EST
(7.12 KB, 234x250)

>Be me
>Suddenly remember that these mean "blue lives matter" and "all cops are based"

Just what do they mean by this?
#882 Anonymous : Mon, 30 Nov 20 - 04:49:38 EST
What is an incel and why are so many zoomers hypersexual faggots?
Why is there a push for zoomers to be hypersexual and also a push to demonize celibate individuals who won't accept this?

If you are not swayed by pussy, you are not swayed by anyone. To be ugly and not get pussy makes you a sad guy, but to be attractive and not get pussy makes you a dangerous incel because you're not cooperative with society. Any zoomer boy who rejects whores and constant socializing is perceived as a threat. He is an anomaly that should not exist in their world. Everyone should be formed and molded as quick as ideas can be digested in the mind. The idea that there are people who function without other people is absolutely terrifying. They know the power they hold. They must not be allowed any opportunity.

To have sex and friends for your happiness, to only live for happiness, is to accept defeat. Life is not an experience.

#881 Anonymous : Sat, 28 Nov 20 - 19:45:36 EST
shilling not allowed >:(((
read rule #7

the website he advertised was using the kareha script from years ago with a bunch of threads about "(x) is a (edgy accusation)" and the admin bragging about shilling his textboard everywhere, even on small boards such as dulmBox

in my opinion, his board is fail
#880 Anonymous : Sat, 28 Nov 20 - 18:24:10 EST
#879 Anonymous : Sat, 28 Nov 20 - 12:57:24 EST
As a result of NA2's borderline pedo crap, ClassiCube as a whole is glowing in the dark. This is who ClassiCube wants their community to be. Get fucked...
#878 Anonymous : Sat, 28 Nov 20 - 00:00:53 EST
wanna add to fact #2 regarding @877's post...

i've personally witnessed underage children share their snapchat accounts to NA2 trannies and even ask for dating advice... NA2 needs to get their shit together
#877 Anonymous : Fri, 27 Nov 20 - 21:51:32 EST
(4.55 KB, 250x155)
Fact: Not Awesome 2 mutes you for "being problematic" if you cite official government statistics about crime or homosexuality. Apparently the deer cannot handle reality when presented against his personal views. His ideas cannot flourish without censorship and public gaslighting and ridicule.

Fact: NA2 fails to ban underage from playing on the server. Children as young as 8 have been seen playing on Not Awesome 2, the same server mind you where there is a large influx of transgendered and gays being open about their hypersexuality. I have personally told goodly about this issue, and also to other people I knew that played there and could relay my message and nothing was done about it. All he would do (and just really in general when it comes to Goodlyay) is make up some bullshit excuse that would immediately contradict what he had said 10 minutes prior. He either cares about his large player count or we are dealing with a more mischievous person here.
#876 Anonymous : Wed, 25 Nov 20 - 12:47:45 EST
upvote buttons are reddit cancer, anonymous forums don't need that crap at all since you can just write your opinions.
#875 Anonymous : Wed, 25 Nov 20 - 12:27:44 EST
the thing with niggers is, you can't really expect them to work equally to you the same way (((others))) do. they nig it up right in your face, so be thankful for that. the people who love niggers are also traitors right in your face, so be thankful for that
i am not at all asshurt over faggots flying their gay rainbow flags in my 100% white town i live in because i know who to avoid and i know exactly who's got an astronomically higher chance of raping little boys.

it's thanksgiving, be THANKFUL these people are making it obvious who they are because that info is gonna be really useful later one way or another

#874 Anonymous : Wed, 25 Nov 20 - 10:28:01 EST
I'm real fucking tired of stupid niggers and nigger worshipers ruining everything on the Internet and spouting stupid garbage everywhere. But what's even worse is people supporting censorship instead of fighting against it.
#873 Anonymous : Wed, 25 Nov 20 - 07:23:42 EST
(2.35 KB, 84x83)
Whats the point of this site? Wheres the upvote button? Why can't I report posts for hate speech?
#872 Anonymous : Tue, 24 Nov 20 - 19:54:32 EST
I forgot to mention, dulmBox has new styles.

You can still set your custom CSS but that's stored in your server-side user data per IP. That should be fixed soon...
Your style setting is based on a browser cookie so you can change your style anywhere you go!

  • "dulmbox" is the original

  • "flat" is if you want to print the board on paper without wasting any ink
    (disable post's images in your settings for no wasted color ink!)

  • "smol" is the default style of smolBBS, the software dulmBox is based from

  • "homepage" is the same style as DULM's homepage, obviously

  • "blank" is nothing but a CSS rule that makes the page align to the left (Useful for making your own styles from nothing)

#871 Anonymous : Tue, 24 Nov 20 - 19:48:42 EST
You can maybe refresh the page and you'd get a new robot test, but this might erase whatever you've done previously. I know on dulmBox posts aren't erased when you refresh and a new math equation comes up, so...

If you're on the Normie Test and you refresh, at least for me on Firefox, you won't lose your test answers but the robot test makes a new image.

#870 Anonymous : Tue, 24 Nov 20 - 13:07:15 EST
it says that you only pick dock images went i pick one,two, three and 4
#869 Anonymous : Sat, 21 Nov 20 - 23:46:34 EST
(11.35 KB, 250x250)
They keep posting this orange character with his buttocks wrapped around the neck of an anthropomorphic deer. I don't get these people.
#868 Anonymous : Fri, 20 Nov 20 - 20:32:59 EST
(11.66 KB, 242x250)
#867 Anonymous : Wed, 18 Nov 20 - 22:36:02 EST
you're not wrong tbh fam
2016 sucked major dick IMO, but 2017 was way worse somehow
#866 Anonymous : Wed, 18 Nov 20 - 08:10:52 EST
Election years suck mother dick. How do you cope bros?
#865 Anonymous : Wed, 18 Nov 20 - 01:39:23 EST
California needs to be occupied by the federal gubmint
#864 Anonymous : Tue, 17 Nov 20 - 20:00:48 EST
(6.31 KB, 250x211)
>DID YOU KNOW? In California, knowingly spreading AIDS is no longer a felony but bumped down to a misdemeanor? But you can't have Thanksgiving inside this year?
Now isn't that just the heckin business Beaver?!
#863 Anonymous : Tue, 17 Nov 20 - 16:17:38 EST
cock and ball yo mama titty with my dick nigga bitch
#862 Anonymous : Sun, 15 Nov 20 - 17:32:09 EST
* What the media, international Zionist cabal, voters born in the year 1823 and nigger election workers told Donald Trump.

Fixed that for you! :)
#861 Anonymous : Sun, 15 Nov 20 - 16:14:12 EST

You're fired:

What the American people overwhelmingly told Donald J. Trump in November 2020.
Donald J. Trump: you're fired!

by American Patriot 2020 November 07, 2020
#860 dulm cunt : Sun, 15 Nov 20 - 02:11:50 EST
(5.55 KB, 250x134)
DULM cunt here.

dulmBlog was 100% renovated today.
Uses what I like to call "smolBlog" which is a new 8kb PHP software that allows a site owner to publish blog-posts which are listed onto an index which the visitor may organize by tags or by quantity (10, 25, 50 posts at same time) This software is also ASTRONOMICALLY FASTER than the previous software, mainly because smolBlog saves blog content to a single .json file. There are only three files within a smolBlog installation: index.php, config.php and blog.json. I could probably make it even more lighter and faster before I release it under an open-source license to the public.
I also removed comments and ratings because there's really no use for it and I can gauge reactions through dulmBox. Someone also bot-fagged the old blog's ratings and I'd have to implement user-tracking in smolBlog to keep ratings around to ensure there'd be no abuse, so that's a pain in the ass so may as well remove ratings. Most micro-blogs don't have ratings, or comments usually so nothing much is lost.

In dulmBox news...

I removed the .gif in the header.

It lags the living fucking shit out of old hardware like cheap Android phones from 2012. I design dulmBox to be usable across all platforms at an instant speed so this was necessary to remove.
#859 Anonymous : Sun, 15 Nov 20 - 00:35:25 EST
quad happ'd? ja das pozzed qestn :P
#858 Anonymous : Sat, 14 Nov 20 - 19:41:08 EST
>4,261 like memes
>4,053 do not like memes
what happened bros
#857 Anonymous : Fri, 13 Nov 20 - 16:48:28 EST
i thought it had to do with the brain as well, nerves are likely shot to shit if I had to guess according to what happened and what I could google up. Strokes aren't a meme
#856 Anonymous : Fri, 13 Nov 20 - 16:47:01 EST
I thought neurology was just nerves and shit like that?
#855 Anonymous : Thu, 12 Nov 20 - 21:37:17 EST
(4.84 KB, 250x171)
I may have permanently fucked up my arm all on my own fault. I went from getting recommended from radiology to now neurology by doctor jews, which basically means, BRAIN INJURY, REKT. JUST
#854 Anonymous : Wed, 11 Nov 20 - 21:45:34 EST
(5.33 KB, 250x203)
You will never be a woman.
#853 DUMB AS HELL : Wed, 11 Nov 20 - 16:12:01 EST
#852 Anonymous : Tue, 10 Nov 20 - 13:14:55 EST
ClassiCube was relevant up to mid-2019 IMO, mostly due to the entertainment from the "Gimp War". You're absolutely correct about ClassiCube being more attractive at the time due to its refined gameplay, good building commands on the servers, and custom blocks.
To say ClassiCube has stagnated since 2014 isn't doing much justice to the based dev Unk, because he's added custom player models, 10-bit custom blocks (up to 768) rather than 8-bit from before, and other based shit. However, the game's community is absolutely dead and I've tried, I've really tried to make my ClassiCube server work out because this game is so much better for building than Minecraft, but no-one gives a fuck because Minecraft exists and it's really about time to close the casket on this dead game.

dulmCube will probably go down when I feel like making a Minecraft server again, and although the ClassiTrannies will meme it all to fuck and back that "they've won" but the truth is we're the winners because we have jobs, careers, schooling and pussy and we don't waste every waking moment grooming kids to be trannies.

The reason we still talk about ClassiCube all these months later is, you faggots raped a perfectly decent game to death. No-one's going to forget that, and everyone knows who your kind is and what you do to online communities.
#851 Anonymous : Tue, 10 Nov 20 - 10:08:03 EST
(7.93 KB, 250x214)
Classicube was more relevant back in the 2014 days, I would say from the middle of 2013 if not up towards the tail-end of 2016. My main reason for playing was because Minecraft was, at the time, a piece of shit game from my perspective. Remember, Minecraft was experiencing a slow year after year full of shitty updates, but times changed and its now a lot more attractive as a game. They've cleaned up their act with yearly themed updates.

What has ClassiCube done since 2013? Not much sadly. And the fact they're swamped by Redditors and Discord trannies (and the fact that there's piles of evidence of underage being groomed) ails the situation even further.

So ClassiCube is irrelevant now more than ever. It had its time to shine, and it honestly did for a while, but it's time to move on. Andrew and 123DMWM cucked out sadly to the deercock so anyone with a semblance of sanity have to leave it behind.

I want to care about ClassiCube, but circumstance has gotten in the way of it. And that's how it's always going to be from now on.
#850 Anonymous : Tue, 10 Nov 20 - 00:51:45 EST
NA2 is irrelevant
no-one cares about classicube
it's yet another indie project pozzed by discord faggots, boo hoo time to move on, that includes you goodlyay. you got your shitty block game, stay on it
#849 Anonymous : Mon, 09 Nov 20 - 23:30:10 EST
(6.35 KB, 250x250)
I can't seethe, cope, or dilate after the election results. I'm literally shaking bros NA2 is now empowered more than ever
#848 Anonymous : Mon, 09 Nov 20 - 23:27:53 EST
if you don't dip your pizza in nacho cheese sauce you're missing out
#847 Anonymous : Mon, 09 Nov 20 - 14:37:46 EST
(7.43 KB, 250x163)
this is what i do to your mother with me and my niggas
#846 Anonymous : Mon, 09 Nov 20 - 14:23:04 EST
(8.12 KB, 250x187)
There is no nationwide voter ID besides Social Security numbers. This could be used but it's also very easy to fake because the numbers are chronological and dead nigger's benefits can be reaped with those numbers, meaning they're still active after death of the person.

Proportional votes is fucking retarded.
You may as well go by popular vote. There's a reason each state is "take all", because most states are rural and land is more valuable than the urban faggot's opinions. However, we're seeing many states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada turn into swing shitholes because their cities have gotten that big. Georgia sans Atlanta is a redneck place. Penn sans Pittsburgh and Philadelphia is a redneck place. These libtards are moving en masse to these redneck places and are turning all these states into Illinois-type shitholes. Your idea may be necessary in the future for these states for red votes to truly count anymore, but I think the delegate system where there's a single vote per state would be best so California and NY only get one vote, whereas Wyoming and West Virginia also only get one vote.
Example of how this is retarded:
Omaha,NE experienced fraud and is now in the process of recounting/disputing those votes. This is what happens if you allow Democrat house districts have their own electoral vote. Even in Nebraska and Maine you see the negative consequences of this system!

Urban people who don't farm or gather resources do not deserve a voice at the same level as the countrymen who keep this country afloat. The urban scum need to understand their place in the hierarchy, and they need to understand that without the rural retards they'd be absolutely fucked by foreign influence.
Fucking idiots.
#845 Anonymous : Mon, 09 Nov 20 - 10:33:11 EST
(5.18 KB, 250x202)
how to fix the elections:
1. remove mail in ballots. i don't care, it's easy as hell to fake compared to the old fashioned way. 99% of the world doesnt have mail-in for that reason and then some. get that shit out of here.
2. nationwide voter ID. you need to prove upfront you are eligible to vote or not. some states make you show your drivers license while many just let people walk in. and guess which region on average has the more strict voting like this? yes, its red states. fuck off with those fail drive-thrus, california.
3. used ranked voting. if your favorite guy loses, your vote goes to your next choice(s). this ensures the maximum amount of people are content with the results. this also discourages strategic voting and opens up for more than just 2 party domination.
4. make the electoral votes proportional. right now, its winner takes all in 48 states. only maine and nebraska arent pozzed like this. split the electorals based on vote and a party has a better chance in unfavorable states.

Do all of this and you fix your elections, have a nice day.
#844 Anonymous : Sun, 08 Nov 20 - 18:22:59 EST
(4.63 KB, 237x250)
What the fuck is this place
#843 Anonymous : Sun, 08 Nov 20 - 17:55:05 EST
(9.42 KB, 187x250)
You see, American culture is centered around niggers. They have holidays for niggers. They killed hundreds of thousands of white men to free niggers. They listen to nigger music. They elect a nigger as their president. They dress and act like niggers. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from niggers. They post sassy gifs about niggers. They watch sportsball in worship of niggers. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing parties in honor of niggers playing sports. They use nigger slang like "bruh" and "thot". When you say "Martin Luther" they're not thinking of the father of protestantism. They're thinking of the nigger. Their cities are completely overrun with niggers. They worship their ZOGbot police force disproportionately filled with niggers and their global police force of soldiers filled with niggers. Their men sit around watching nigger ball while their women sit around watching nigger talk shows. They worship niggers like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson and the late Mike Tyson while attacking the whites who actually built their country before niggers took over. Their movies are filled with niggers and their music charts are topped by niggers. They send niggers to the Olympics and celebrate when the niggers win because those niggers are true red blooded american niggers. They watch nigger porn to a point where "BBC" does not make them think of an international media company but about nigger penises instead. They will tell you how much they hate niggers and how the mutt's law meme is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love niggers but the evidence speaks for itself in that America has always been and will be a nation of nigger loving niggers.
#842 Anonymous : Fri, 06 Nov 20 - 19:21:19 EST
richard spencer was always a glowie

the "unite the right" was a glow-op
#841 Anonymous : Fri, 06 Nov 20 - 13:23:26 EST
(7.93 KB, 250x192)
>When you realize the "controlled opposition" meme wasn't just a meme after all

It's almost a perfect political strategy. No one had heard of Richard Spencer before he started larping as a white nationalist. Now all of a sudden he has his "redemption arc" voting for the people on "the right side of history", aka Biden. Give me a break.
With that being said, are there any larpers on the left that aren't actually leftists? Genuinely curious to know.
#840 Anonymous : Thu, 05 Nov 20 - 21:31:19 EST
I have tried many Linux distros lately, and I can still say that Debian (stable) is the best.

I have been using a USB stick with a live ISO and persistent memory (always saves what you've done) and I've heard that Debian would fry the USB within weeks. I researched distros made specifically for this purpose and they're all a pain in the ass in their own ways. There's some that require your computer to learn how to boot it (slax) and there's others that aren't based on Debian (anything puppy, like why bro?) then there's KNOPPIX (made by krauts) and it's bloated as fuck. Their CD (700mb) images are from the year 2013. Their DVDs are from 2019 but are 4GB downloads. Considering you need to update the entire system to begin downloading packages properly, all that fucking bloat would certainly break shit during updating (even the 700mb broke shit for me) and that's just retarded, why not just use Debian which has a more active community and support?

This is why I'm still gonna use Debian on my USB stick. Other Linux distros are set up in a pain-in-the-ass way. I am really beginning to understand that old saying... Linux is free if you don't value your time.

The best lite-weight distro in my opinion is SliTaz. Why? It's 40mb download max, will do what it's supposed to, and it takes the "fuck you, do it yourself" route not because of laziness but because it's so lite-weight in design. It even has a package manager. I might put SliTaz's ARM distro on my Raspberry Pi Zero and it'd actually function as a personal desktop computer, maybe.
I'm not shitting on Puppy Linux outright, but I like "apt-get" and not le speshul package managers. Puppy seems good in its own right, but I only fuck with Debian based distros.

Anyone know any Debian-based lite-weight live ISO distros that I could run from USB?
#839 Anonymous : Thu, 05 Nov 20 - 20:12:14 EST
(3.19 KB, 178x158)
135,000 magic votes for biden :ooo
#838 Anonymous : Thu, 05 Nov 20 - 18:43:22 EST
(11.44 KB, 213x250)
So this is how freedom dies..
#837 Anonymous : Wed, 04 Nov 20 - 04:09:39 EST
the crybaby democrat faggots have rage quitted the election

trump started griefing their minecraft base and to avoid losing all their shit THEY LOGGED OFF

#836 Anonymous : Tue, 03 Nov 20 - 22:42:02 EST
#835 Anonymous : Tue, 03 Nov 20 - 15:03:34 EST
(6.28 KB, 250x136)
tonights the night. prepare for a saltdown that will make 2016 look mild. you DID stock up on food at the very least, right?
I know this one deer guy that kept telling everyone he was gonna quit some block game to improve his life but instead he crawled back to said game, pozzed the development and the community, and banned me and everyone i knew that talked about the "NA Q" (the Not Awesome 2 Question)
#834 Anonymous : Tue, 03 Nov 20 - 13:59:08 EST
At 20 I had a few jobs, a GF, and hopes in this natural world.
Age 16? I get it, you're stuck in HS which sucks cock. Age 18? Just out of HS, but if you get into college in a few months you might make it. Age 20? How the fuck did you get this way? You're almost out of puberty, hell, most people can grow a full ass beard at age 20, so why the fuck are you a whiny ass nigga with a lonely birthday party at age 20? You were supposed to do all kinds of shit for the last two years, but you didn't. Why? Even me, a person who fell for the "black pill incel" bullshit got wise on this self-improoooving thing and got out of that rut. To be age 20 and being in such a state is a disgrace to yourself and a shame to God for not using the life He gave you. Fix yourself and your environment, immediately.
#833 Anonymous : Tue, 03 Nov 20 - 13:54:51 EST
DULM has a blog but it's very shitty internally and will probably be rewritten when the dulm cunt gets his "web dev sperg-out phase" again. this spergout phase was a few weeks ago so give it time. currently, dulm cunt is focused on more profitable things, since DULM doesn't yield profits, obviously

if it don't make money, it don't make cents
#832 Anonymous : Mon, 02 Nov 20 - 13:40:34 EST
(4.45 KB, 250x146)
idea: DULMREPORT; like Drudge Report but DULM with news about autism memes
#831 Anonymous : Mon, 02 Nov 20 - 13:37:03 EST
(5.97 KB, 247x250)
classicoober birthdays be like
#830 Anonymous : Wed, 28 Oct 20 - 08:25:01 EDT
(6.18 KB, 250x198)
Anyone who gets this math problem wrong should not be allowed to vote in elections. I think we can all agree that something similar to this example is a fair requirement?

Also, they need to provide an answer within 1 minute of receiving the problem.
#829 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Oct 20 - 23:25:20 EDT
576nututftysfd fasdfsfsfd
#828 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Oct 20 - 14:23:52 EDT
posting from a live version of debian booted from an SD card in a USB dongle
this is considerably faster but it still takes a few minutes to boot

rather than installing linicks on my disk i can simply boot from this removable medium and go on any computer i want with it, technically
#827 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Oct 20 - 01:39:40 EDT
posting from a live version of debian booted from a USB

this is slower than fucking hell what the fuck...
#826 Anonymous : Mon, 26 Oct 20 - 14:18:01 EDT
(4.82 KB, 169x250)
when she wanna stick her finger up yo ass while she suck yo dick but you say "i aint gay u crazy trick"
#825 Anonymous : Sun, 25 Oct 20 - 21:34:37 EDT
(6.9 KB, 250x250)
@822 as much as Id love to play minecraft I literally can't because I'm either at work or trying to survive IRL. the surivial mode irl is beyond pozzed and unbalanced on the california server unless you have a clan with you GOOD LUCK trying to survive also the grinding gameplay is beyond fucked.
I think I'm going to farm enough gold to connect to another server by the end of the year
#824 Anonymous : Sun, 25 Oct 20 - 17:45:16 EDT
That's not even communism. That's socialism.
Even homogenous communes fall apart. Private property for every household is a must, which is why even individuals in a commune turn onto each other because it is against our very instincts to share an entire town, much less an entire country with your fellow man.
Every husband has his own home to raise his family, for his fatherland.

Unironically, national socialism in its objective definition makes the most sense. (forget the nazi shit for a second)
Give to your people and your nation, they will give back to you.
Unfortunately, countries with this mentality tend to invade their neighbors for their "righteous clay" so we see these people suffer from hubris simply because their countries didn't have a check-and-balance system because they had become that tired of the idea of a republic. However, the idea that people can be different inside a single nation among a republic is very destructive and a single-party state makes sense and doesn't cause any ruckus among a homogenous population. But again, no checks and/or balances, so it goes wild immediately.

Single party state =/= Communism
One blood =/= One property
Never mistake natsoc for commie bolshevik cancer. Never forget the atrocities those people committed. Fuck commies and fuck bolsheviks.
#823 Anonymous : Sun, 25 Oct 20 - 15:20:23 EDT
(6.57 KB, 217x250)
To commies: commumism can only really work if
1. its devoid of any multiculturalism
2. its a monoracial ethnostate
3. eugenics is heavily supported within the population

commies like to pretend how its the magical ideology that suits all peoples sadly it isnt and they ignore these simple facts. so they will keep failing
#822 Anonymous : Sun, 25 Oct 20 - 14:36:54 EDT
(3.67 KB, 250x140)
ok faggots
dulm cunt here... again

anyone wanna play minecraft?

i can start "dulmCraft" again but only if there's demand for it
it's a 1.7.10 version server and there's no mods so just install the old version and play. why? new versions are bloated as fuck and take a ton of ram. screw that. also, dulmCube flops hard and everyone would rather play Minecraft, and i'm beginning to agree with them

i'm imaginging an economy-based server where you can sell shit to get mune, and being able to use that mune to buy land and more resources and also trade among your fellow players, pretty simple i guess

#821 Anonymous : Sat, 24 Oct 20 - 22:48:41 EDT
(8.83 KB, 250x243)
sup, honey
you come here often?
no? because it's dulm? because it relies on a meme test to get users? because i got a monke dik?? ok...
#820 Anonymous : Fri, 23 Oct 20 - 15:51:45 EDT
(10.07 KB, 236x250)
bruh moment
un bruh momento
le secks heuheu :^()
#819 Anonymous : Fri, 23 Oct 20 - 04:10:01 EDT
(5.23 KB, 250x187)
@817 I reached out, family is now helping me. Things arent so bad for now
#818 Anonymous : Wed, 21 Oct 20 - 00:29:39 EDT
dulmCube is now easier to play online!

Your in-game name is updated live as you type it in, so you can set your name then play on a server immediately! This should be quick enough for people with shitty attention spans to play dulmCube.
#817 Anonymous : Tue, 20 Oct 20 - 22:31:12 EDT
at this point, if family wouldn't help me i'd just leave them to rot and git gud in another state/country tbh fam
#816 Anonymous : Tue, 20 Oct 20 - 22:22:10 EDT
Any homeless tips yall? Hypothetically asking for a friend of course. So far I got
>library for free internet
>gym membership for showers
>job for food
#815 Anonymous : Tue, 20 Oct 20 - 12:14:42 EDT
what is chen??? whats the other options beside chen??
#814 Anonymous : Mon, 19 Oct 20 - 20:02:25 EDT
(7 KB, 178x250)
i liek chen!
do u laik chen?
#813 dulm cunt : Sun, 18 Oct 20 - 14:47:01 EDT
(2.43 KB, 100x100)

On older hardware, the new dulmBox logo.gif will make the browser and eventually the entire device drag total ass because animations are super sophisticated technology apparently. In SETTINGS, disable viewing all images and the header will no longer contain the .gif.

Also, small images below 200*200 resolution would get scaled all the way up to 200*200 before. That's really terrible for file size so now it simply encodes the image as it is rather than scaling it at all. Pic related should be 100*100.
#812 Anonymous : Sat, 17 Oct 20 - 16:35:16 EDT
also, stuff in very small places (a whole county with only 4,000 people, or region with ~5 counties that only add up to 20K pop) is actually more expensive than things in a slightly larger town, obviously

for instance, 15k pop county has gasoline for $1,90 here, but in the very small county down the road has $2,10 and diesel is almost $3,00

the reason cities and very isolated towns where blue incest people unironically exist have these hikes in prices is due to the logistics of getting shit there. cities are a pain in the ass because nigs and the massive traffic problem, the small towns are a problem because they're small for a reason. isolation, no developed road/rail most of the time, shitty terrain like mountains, etc. therefore, it is more expensive to bring shit there

kentucky is a state that's pretty much in the center of the country, minimum wage of $7,25 obviously sucks but you can make it work. notice: center of the country. louisville is literally the WORLD PORT for UPS, that's how strategic kentucky is for logistics, therefore goods will obviously be lower price in the "heartlands" of the US
#811 Anonymous : Sat, 17 Oct 20 - 16:23:53 EDT
what do you think will happen if the US gets a really fast mass transit system, like a maglev network so you could live in bumfuck nowhere arizona and go to work in LA in just an hour

would the cost of living average out or would the entire country get pozzed? maybe both.
#810 Anonymous : Sat, 17 Oct 20 - 15:44:02 EDT
(9.94 KB, 179x250)
>when you advocate for a national minimum wage but aren't aware that the cost of living varies drastically across the country

It's like they think the entire US is one giant city or some shit and they can't escape that thought. Los Angeles is NOTHING like a small town in West Virginia, or even someplace like Nashville.
#809 Anonymous : Fri, 16 Oct 20 - 20:06:48 EDT
(2.84 KB, 140x250)
sup, hunter here
anyone know where the crack is?
#808 Anonymous : Fri, 16 Oct 20 - 10:35:19 EDT
Suk muh dik the bch as butfuk arsse
#807 Anonymous : Fri, 16 Oct 20 - 10:32:32 EDT
Cum in your mom ass bitch fuck
#806 Anonymous : Thu, 15 Oct 20 - 22:48:01 EDT
(6.12 KB, 250x220)

dulmCube web client is now a thing.

Sign in with any name you want, connect to a server, you're now playing through the web.
I remember a lot of zoomers complaining about dulmCube not having a web client, because their shitty Chromebooks can't run .exe's. Maybe they can play dulmCube now...

DULM did not develop the actual web client, it is ripped from classicube.net. You will still use classicube.net for player skins and such. Not wasting my time ripping that out of the client.

The web client can't download textures. That requires the ClassiCube client.

Very long story, but it's summed up by power-tripping furries banning servers that compete with players against their most favorite server. Turns out the web admins of classicube.net agree with those furries so DULM's ClassiCube server got blacklisted after them and their buddies antagonized DULM and false-flagged DULM to get the community to not ask questions when it disappeared. See? This is a very small part of the story yet it seems so long... Yawn.
Try making a ClassiCube server without being Goodlyay's buddy, see what happens I guess.

dulmCube is not its own game. It is a server-list API. dulmCube lets you have a server without these faggots taking it down because you won't suck furry cocks.

The game's administration is cringe. The actual game software and sole active developer are not cringe.

#805 Anonymous : Thu, 15 Oct 20 - 20:09:18 EDT
Who wrote what??
#804 Anonymous : Thu, 15 Oct 20 - 16:20:19 EDT

Who wrote this

#803 Anonymous : Thu, 15 Oct 20 - 15:35:46 EDT
(6.6 KB, 250x250)
dulmBox has a new logo and header, along with a new favicon, whereas before there wasn't one.
#802 Anonymous : Wed, 14 Oct 20 - 15:46:22 EDT
(12.03 KB, 250x232)
#801 Anonymous : Tue, 13 Oct 20 - 21:48:37 EDT
(6.79 KB, 250x174)
dulmCube's page has been redesigned...

Why? Having multiple pages on such a simple thing is stupid. I've also learned something about people, they don't listen for more than 10 seconds. Perhaps if they can have all the information presented in front of them in an instance, they'll read the whole thing in one go, just like the new home page design.
The thing about the web design paradigm is, in the 2000s we saw websites being formatted like newspapers with columns and such. Into the 2010s we saw websites becoming their own medium and becoming more simple with minimal vector art and sometimes annoyingly basic interfaces. We traded lots of info in one spot to very little info in a minimalist mobile-themed cluster fuck of circular pictures and faceless mixed-race vector-art characters. To think that in the current year 2020 A.D. a person would be able to even click the "More stuff..." part of the old webpage was incredibly retarded of me. I might make the DULM homepage for mobile users an obnoxiously bland array of buttons for the new paradigm of web design.
#800 Anonymous : Tue, 13 Oct 20 - 11:21:24 EDT
800 get
Check these dubs
0 ms