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#799 Anonymous : Tue, 13 Oct 20 - 08:03:09 EDT
nice webpage update!
#798 Anonymous : Tue, 13 Oct 20 - 00:46:53 EDT
(5.84 KB, 250x140)
>tfw shareblue is just the US's version of China's 10 cent army
#797 Anonymous : Mon, 12 Oct 20 - 23:42:35 EDT
(6.62 KB, 250x139)
I agree that the "left/right spectrum" thing is retarded. There can only be one truth, of course.

However, "leftism" as we know it today wouldn't exist without some sort of fiction, like you've said. Would any of us know what tranny castration porn is if not for these leftists shoving it down everyone's throats? No. I believe not. Even here in my small mountain town I live in there's faggots now because it's been pushed up everyone's assholes. This is a grand tale of fiction. There is no such thing as a homosexual, only a sexual deviant. What comes instinctively is to protect your home and have a family, not one dick, two dick, three dick, FOUR DICKS UP THE COLON!
And because I won't participate in this bullshit, in contributing to their grand delusions, I'm suddenly a "bigot". Do I hate these people? Not that much honestly, they're just sick and need to come back to God. There's a huge swathe of people being labeled as "right-wing" because they just don't understand this faggotry and all the lore behind it, because who the fuck cares about any of it?

leftism is a common lore, a mythology. the whole "LGBTQ" community is a giant LARP. if you aren't willing to "educate yourself" you may as well be dead to them. these people didn't get bullied and think everyone MUST like them because they're just that far into their circlejerk
#796 Anonymous : Mon, 12 Oct 20 - 22:19:20 EDT
(7.43 KB, 250x179)
Blackpill: Left vs. Right is just another kike trick to divide the masses.

The truth is, there is no "left" or "right." We label people as such because it simplifies our lives, giving us teams to root for like in niggerball, and also gives it more purpose. And since we live in a society, the hustle and bustle of comfort can really fuck with your mind.

As such, we must create conflict to feel "alive." I mean, just about any story we come up with has some conflict in it, no? In fact, name me a story that doesn't involve some kind of conflict. Because as I see it, if we live without conflict? The story becomes borderline nonsensical. Same with our lives really. No point in living if theres no war to fight or problems to solve.
#795 Anonymous : Mon, 12 Oct 20 - 17:00:14 EDT
Haha! Racist word is funny!!!
#794 Cool Normie : Mon, 12 Oct 20 - 13:27:55 EDT


#793 Anonymous : Sun, 11 Oct 20 - 20:46:23 EDT
College turns dumb people into leftists because they're oversocialised and adopt retarded beliefs to fit into a social group. The same as any cult, leftism preys on people who are isolated from their community (their parents, childhood friends, etc.) and gives them a way to be "good people". Lacking a sense of moral validation from within themselves, the rootless person adopts the group identity as their own because the only way they can feel safe in their worldview is if it is reinforced by an outside group.
#792 Anonymous : Sun, 11 Oct 20 - 16:18:05 EDT
Big tits bitch ass cum
#791 Anonymous : Sat, 10 Oct 20 - 19:30:42 EDT
bih b sukin dik lik bih wh d fuk mfgka $29.95 fuck my big black ass 9004
#790 Anonymous : Fri, 09 Oct 20 - 10:59:23 EDT
In the extreme edge of my WiFi I can still load dulmbox quickly. It seems dulmbox page size is smaller than the threshold to disconnect from bad WiFi which is probably 20kbs speed
#789 8-Mile Computer Repair : Thu, 08 Oct 20 - 13:15:21 EDT
(7.06 KB, 228x250)
yo homie im hurr fixin yo WHIP bruhh

#788 Anonymous : Thu, 08 Oct 20 - 12:39:31 EDT
(7.19 KB, 250x235)
bix nood mufugga gimme all da sheeeeeit
#787 Anonymous : Wed, 07 Oct 20 - 17:57:37 EDT
(5.61 KB, 250x163)
been playing sa:mp lately
thinking of making a dulm sa:mp server, depending on how much of a pain in the ass it would be to set up a SQL account database, and considering SA:MP uses a scripting language from 1997 it just might be

I think this makes it sound better than it really is.
ClassiCube straight up BANS servers that they cannot beat. You know the GIMP WAR??? They literally couldn't win it fairly so they had to false flag a server raid to make DULM go bibi. ClassiCube are pathetic pussies who couldn't manipulate anyone besides furfaggots so they have to ban their competition.
#786 Anonymous : Wed, 07 Oct 20 - 17:33:43 EDT
(8.48 KB, 247x250)
#778 Classicube is clearly worse, the game just now serves to be a circle jerk for one of two servers, NA2 or NB. Everyone else, no chance. They never had one.
#785 Anonymous : Wed, 07 Oct 20 - 17:31:04 EDT
(6.13 KB, 200x250)
#784 Daes : Wed, 07 Oct 20 - 16:45:33 EDT
howy'all doing bros? Haven't had much time to play lately :
#783 Anonymous : Wed, 07 Oct 20 - 15:41:02 EDT
Let's not forget that Chinese cheat on fucking everything. They have had riots at their high schools because they wouldn't let students cheat on the standard tests. Let's also not forget that those without an exceptional diligence to cram info into their minds are not allowed to continue their schooling into their adulthood so they, of course, are completely omitted from the testing.

Imagine if USA expelled everyone with a GPA under 2.5 in the public school systems. A vast majority of minorities wouldn't make it to high school, poor white kids with no ambition and terrible discipline wouldn't make it either (myself included at the time unfortunately). If the USA did this and only reported the IQs of these individuals, we'd have an average IQ of up to 125 or 130, EASILY.

Even when chinks cherry-pick their smart kids in their own country (excluding the second-generation chinks overseas), they can only muster the number 105.

I agree with this.
Also, Latinas are probably the best brown-chick. Maybe the hot Indo-Europeans in Asia, like Afghan bitches or something. I don't know much about those people but they can have green eyes and shit.
#782 Anonymous : Wed, 07 Oct 20 - 15:23:38 EDT
i dont think its fair to compare a 28yo asian bitch to a 20yo white bitch who has makeup on. please compare the two women WITHOUT makeup so we can really distinguish who is the prettiest race

also, whats your favourite non-white chick? mine is latina from northern mexico or uruguay. they are still majority european genetics and maybe wont rip your heart out at their tenotithuantec temple
#781 Anonymous : Wed, 07 Oct 20 - 15:19:01 EDT
Right no brother. I too question the Chinese High IQ narrative. A few smart ones immigrated, but the vast majority are very likely low IQ.
#780 Anonymous : Wed, 07 Oct 20 - 15:14:40 EDT
Aside from the perceived cruelty from eating dogs, let's highlight the fact that dogs are carnivores.
The """""smartest countries""""" eat dogs, many times for their own survival.

Let's ask ourselves why this is dumb...
Dogs... eat meat... and you eat dogs for their... meat...
It requires meat to make meat. Why can't you eat what the dog eats? What are you feeding a carnivore for it to synthesize meat from proteins? Actual animal proteins, or soy/whey/whatever else? You really telling me a dog can process unprocessed plant matter? HAHAHA nigga they aren't frugivores like humans, they can't process plants. HAHA.

I think it's fucking hilarious how China boasts an average IQ of 105. The country that's been race-mixed to oblivion to Brazil-levels of ethnic chaos. The country that builds tower blocks out of sawdust. The country that knocks you offline for typing " Tiananmen Square Massacre ".
Speak to a real Chinese person, you'll quickly realize they're on par with India and Viet Nam in terms of IQ.

The only way China could have any observable increase in IQ is from the Japanese rape babies. They blessed them with their superior Oriental genetics.
#779 Anonymous : Wed, 07 Oct 20 - 13:51:52 EDT
(8.74 KB, 250x250)
Yes, the Chinese eat dogs. Not only do they eat dogs, the way of their killing and cooking dogs are extremely and unthinkably brutal. The Koreans eat and kill dogs in similar ways to the Chinese, while the national percentage of dog-eating population against the total population is even higher in Korean Peninsula than in China.

Only the Japanese, out of the eternally rivaling and feuding three Northeastern Asian nations, do not eat dogs. As a matter of fact, apart from whale-hunting and whale meat consumption which makes Japan stand on par with some White Nordic countries in custom such as Norway and even US, Australia, and New Zealand of old days, the Japanese are known for loving, caring, treasuring, and adoring nature, such as mountains, forests, and rivers, and natural creatures especially dogs and horses, as well as cats, birds, insects and others.

#778 Anonymous : Wed, 07 Oct 20 - 01:35:29 EDT
Let's not forget how ClassiCube literally committed suicide. They could have kept DULM on their game, kept a steady growth of the community and told the leftist tranny child molesters to shut the fuck up, but no. They had to let them stay on their game because "MUH COMMUNITY, UR NAZI!!!". Tell any of these staff members about this, it's instant leave-the-call because they're pussies. One faggot makes money from doing nothing, the other is a passive-aggressive pussy. The actual dev just does this for a passion project, and then you have Goodlyay who makes shitty pixel art and does slimy Jewish shit if you piss him off.

Just checked ClassiCube's server list.
>Not Awesome, 3 players
>Every other server combined, 4 players

Dead. Game. S to Spit on grave.

Legitimate question boys...
Whose worse? ClassiCube or all Roblox revivals? It's getting to the point where ClassiCube can get you vanned.
#777 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Oct 20 - 20:57:44 EDT
Based and red pilled

#776 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Oct 20 - 20:52:33 EDT
(9.59 KB, 220x250)
GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING ClassiCube! Just wanted to remind you that we’re another 8 months until Minecraft (yes, THE block game Minecraft) is confirmed for a cave update! Make sure to put aside some time for the upcoming update when Steve and Alex walk into the spotlight once again!


Sorry ClassiCube, we kept trying to warn you that your “literally who” Minecraft Classic clone could never compete with the success of Minecraft, but unfortunately you refused to listen. Day after day you continued to hold on to some false hope that Unknownshadow200 would pity your literally who with a new groundbreaking feature. Unfortunately, no one cares about your dead, close-knit circlejerk. Guess you gotta deal with the hard truth that only relevant video games get gamer's attentions! But don’t worry, at least you now get to play Minecraft as someone worthy of your time: the one-and-only Steve!
#775 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Oct 20 - 18:11:34 EDT
* This is the best format for a board with a small community.

Why'd it cut off? Fix that, DULM cunt.
#774 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Oct 20 - 18:09:27 EDT
(7.16 KB, 250x250)
Ever browse other obscure textboards? They get much less traffic than dulmBox does. Some of the most famous ones like ralee and 4ch have their most popular boards being far less popular than dulmBox, hardly getting a post once or twice per week across the whole board, yet dulmBox gets multiple posts per day.

What does this prove exactly? dulmBox's format breeds success, relatively.
The simple single-thread style gets people involved because there isn't a single topic. The posting process is very simple. There isn't any politics in your face, there isn't any drama, it's just a fun shitposting board. Reddit bullshit like comment threads, reactions, "metals" and up/downvotes don't exist here either. You gauge reactions based on what people say. Shilling is much harder on this type of forum.
dulmBox also doesn't separate its self into multiple boards. Most, if not all inactive boards have multiple boards for no good reason at all. dulmBox goes the exact opposite direction and has only a single string of conversation. This is the best format for a board with
#773 Hans der Scheissemeister : Tue, 06 Oct 20 - 17:37:43 EDT
(7.95 KB, 243x250)


#772 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Oct 20 - 16:48:07 EDT
I've removed the "road" stuff from the Robot Test now. Too many complaints about it.
Those pictures will still show up but they'll be "forest" or whatever, as they've always been.
#771 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Oct 20 - 07:09:31 EDT
(5.18 KB, 250x156)
theres legit no road on any of them unless im that retarded
#770 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Oct 20 - 01:25:58 EDT
(7.6 KB, 250x188)
u mad bro??
jajaja stay madded nignarggle
#769 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Oct 20 - 01:22:38 EDT
any ideas for gimpe.xyz ??
i was thinking of some sort of live chat system, and a textboard with threads rather than what it is now
#768 Anonymous : Mon, 05 Oct 20 - 21:26:52 EDT
(6.43 KB, 250x220)
#764 this is beyond fucking based, keep updating this please. It feels like I traveled back to 2004
#767 Anonymous : Mon, 05 Oct 20 - 21:21:14 EDT
(2.41 KB, 250x71)
#766 Anonymous : Mon, 05 Oct 20 - 21:18:38 EDT
(8.43 KB, 250x244)
dubs and NA2 ends up going down by November (around the same time as the election after trump wins and and the mass arrests begin)
#765 Anonymous : Mon, 05 Oct 20 - 11:48:22 EDT
@759 i tried that one first but they said it was wrong. the only one that worked was the top right
#764 Anonymous : Mon, 05 Oct 20 - 00:04:02 EDT
(5.7 KB, 250x167)
what's this???
#763 Anonymous : Sun, 04 Oct 20 - 23:18:05 EDT
I'll flatter the spammer who spammed DULM's homepage ballot.

>bandwidth usage after Normie Test 1.2's release
350 MB in one day...

>bandwidth during the few days the spammer spammed DULM's homepage
190 MB across a few days spanning two weeks, stopping because of various fixes of the website that he would eventually exploit again

really top lelelelelel xDDDD
#762 Anonymous : Sun, 04 Oct 20 - 23:17:18 EDT
762 get
(fuck your gay character minimum)
#761 Anonymous : Sun, 04 Oct 20 - 22:22:17 EDT
You ddint get dubbles fucktart
#760 Anonymous : Sun, 04 Oct 20 - 19:41:17 EDT
(8.22 KB, 249x250)
#759 Anonymous : Sun, 04 Oct 20 - 14:36:06 EDT
bottom right is clearly a gravel road going up a mountainside.
seems again this is something only an appalachian would recognize.
#758 Anonymous : Sun, 04 Oct 20 - 14:13:24 EDT
Hollow is appare tly a word only used in Appalachian slang. Hollow is a depression in the ground like a creek or valley and is usually dark by a forest or shadow from hill.

Apparently noone knows what a hollow is hahaha
Imagine if I had put "choose the gaum" or "choose the pone"
#757 Anonymous : Sun, 04 Oct 20 - 10:52:31 EDT
What the fuck is a hollow and how is anyone supposed to recognise it in a 240p jpeg?
#756 Anonymous : Sat, 03 Oct 20 - 22:00:14 EDT
(7.49 KB, 250x218)
none of these images are of a road uh
#755 Anonymous : Sat, 03 Oct 20 - 14:25:05 EDT
/r9k/ is what got the Normie Test popular to begin with

funnily enough, /r9k/ browsers have enough online connections with people that within 48 hours, people from FACEBOOK were sharing the test
#754 Anonymous : Sat, 03 Oct 20 - 13:39:14 EDT
(3.59 KB, 250x152)
>shilling on r9k
caught bruh
#753 Anonymous : Sat, 03 Oct 20 - 12:56:59 EDT
(5.47 KB, 198x250)
Dare i say, based ?
#752 Anonymous : Sat, 03 Oct 20 - 02:07:36 EDT
(6.1 KB, 250x212)
you are not allowed to say 'nigger'

i am a trans nigger
#751 Anonymous : Fri, 02 Oct 20 - 23:44:30 EDT
(7.46 KB, 239x250)
sup guys how's it going
#750 cockppman : Fri, 02 Oct 20 - 22:58:27 EDT
lemme smack some anus right now
#749 Anonymous : Fri, 02 Oct 20 - 20:15:30 EDT
fuck off u whittle snitch :D
#748 Anonymous : Fri, 02 Oct 20 - 14:53:59 EDT
(4.46 KB, 250x153)
it wont be associated with "dulm" because it's so expansive it should be its own website and brand. i'll only say it's functioning at the moment but there are some things to be done

also, lmao at this dulmCube flop, all the servers are leaving but i'll keep the good ol' dulmCube server up. it's still a good building platform sometimes
#747 soupfag : Fri, 02 Oct 20 - 13:21:10 EDT
(5.24 KB, 250x242)
yo vince whats the current status on dulmspace
#746 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Sep 20 - 22:58:27 EDT
nice meme broski
#745 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Sep 20 - 22:44:28 EDT
(11.16 KB, 250x177)
stfu kraut
all your zoomers are starting to talk like californians now hahahaah "hallo etscheldegung bist du deutscher??" YO DAWG WACHU SAYIN??? MY NAMA "JOE-HANNS" NIGGA (slight euro accent, still american as fuck). gettin so cucked by the anglo bull yall are even forgetting to write that sharp-S "B" letter on your own words. so cucked you gotta spell it "strasse" because you can't keep your own unique letters hahahaaaa

west rhinephalia the furriest place in the western world, americans and other "people" go to dusseldorf, essen and cologne to get their assholes pozzed in DER DEUTSCHE FUURFAAGEN UBERFACHEN SPEILEN :-DDD
"waah i'm dutch, letzeberg, belgie, etc."
no-one cares, you're still euro and asshurt at superior americans because they can keep a website up and make it successful while g*rmans get POZZED by furry aids, it's in their nature, to destroy not just europe but everything else.

pic related: look at west germany LEEEEL

#744 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Sep 20 - 21:50:50 EDT
(6.16 KB, 165x250)
>raises glass
>*ting ting*

AHEM! I have a very important announcement that I would like to make. could I have the attention of all fellow anonymous posters?

>light cigar
>takes one giant glorious puff
>deep sigh as eyes are closed
>opens eyes with a big smile

>meanwhile, from across the room, a black transgender jewish leftist that moderates a forum gets nervous

#743 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Sep 20 - 19:54:49 EDT
God please tell me this is satire you disgusting amerimutt.
#742 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Sep 20 - 19:42:41 EDT
(8.27 KB, 222x250)
Debate was pretty fail ngl fam
#741 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Sep 20 - 16:34:38 EDT

Hello Hello, Kitty!
Hello Dear Friend!
Your smile is pretty like a flower that's in bloom!
Love is in your heart, and sings a happy tune
Hello Hello, Kitty!
Play with us today!
#740 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Sep 20 - 16:01:04 EDT
here's what i might do
i might make a website that's sort of like vidlii but this circlejerk discord cancer is not tolerated (among the staff, anyways).

no pesky europoors will be admin either, AMERICANS ONLY!!! (MAYBE brits) fuck you deutschlunders and nederlanders, we see how you've handled these websites for the past 10 years, time for an AMERICAN to make a website and ONLY AMERICANS handle it and run it. do you REALLY think germans can handle anything? fuck no, their country is a glorified US army base. germany can't even govern themselves without starting a world war and trying to conquer everyone in europe without getting their shit pushed in time and time again so how the fuck can they run a website? hahahahah faggots.
reminder: germans and dutch learn english to survive, americans and english only learn german if they think their history is cool, that is literally it

#739 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Sep 20 - 15:52:10 EDT
(6.6 KB, 248x250)

S to spit on grave


fuck all these faggot "2006 youtube" websites tho, hope they all fuck each other up
#738 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Sep 20 - 14:55:48 EDT
vlare got fucked
they released a video explaining what happened on their other site

direct link: https://web.archive.org/web/20200908054730/https://www.vidlii.com/usfi/v/KvmpOcFHegB.zjGug2E1OXT9cn3P93dKLsGox1RrOThpfArZlCmE6B_CisVrdiMXj4l2Hbw752L_w36lrH0T4so4onaO.720.mp4

archive because vidlii.com is being ddosed by some mad vlare fans and they have anti-adblock

tl:dw; their host fucked them and they didn't have any recent backups
#737 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Sep 20 - 13:27:47 EDT
All drug users deserve every single thing they get and more.
Shut the fuck up, pussy. Stay poor in your hole, you threw away the body God gave you with harmful substances so now you're rotting internally at age 22. Stay away from children, tweaker.

If you smoke marijuana even once, you have no right to an opinion. Eat a bag of dicks because of your cute weed munchies oWo !!!!
#736 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Sep 20 - 00:36:23 EDT
(7.3 KB, 250x206)
#735 Anonymous : Tue, 29 Sep 20 - 17:33:22 EDT
>join r9k chat group thing after years of not doing so
>think i can at least speak to autists
>"yo man speak up"
>"yo dawg you boring haha"

Fuck /r9k/ crypto-normies. Eat shit.
#734 Anonymous : Mon, 28 Sep 20 - 22:04:42 EDT
(9.85 KB, 250x238)
Homosexuality is a mental disorder rooted in severe antisocial behavior. Most homosexuals have reported being sexually abused in their youth. Most homosexuals have an astronomic amount of past sexual partners. Homosexuals are contagions of disease, mental and physical.

Report your local Discord tranny to the law enforcement. Chances are they're a chomo faggot. Save a little boy today!
#733 Anonymous : Sun, 27 Sep 20 - 23:24:35 EDT
>be me
>join a server
>make some buddies while i play
>one of them gives me advice on a way to loophole the server's rules
>apparently this has been a thing for literal years
>rejoin server one day
>attempt successful after successful loophole
>players can only watch and stomp their footsies as I "break" the server rules even though I did nothing wrong
>when addressed, I only get a slap on the wrist at worst
>admins literally don't care
>turns out the friend I made is a moderator of the server
>the entire staff also secretly benefit from said server loopholes themselves

Orange man bad.
#732 Anonymous : Sat, 26 Sep 20 - 14:08:16 EDT
no u, stay mad, have sex, seethe incel, kys
#731 Anonymous : Sat, 26 Sep 20 - 13:37:46 EDT
this board is dead shut it down
#730 Anonymous : Thu, 24 Sep 20 - 12:28:31 EDT
(7.34 KB, 250x228)
Mroooooohh gimme grass
#729 Anonymous : Thu, 24 Sep 20 - 01:31:57 EDT
(9.34 KB, 216x250)
At what point in time did you finally realize social media is absolute cancer and a drain to the everyday man? You can't even say shit anymore without the mob going after your very livelihood and cancelling your life.

And you know why? The same reason people swat streamers: because they don't get punished for that bullshit and made an example of. Eventually you put your foot down and say "Enough is enough."

>"But people don't have freedom of speech, that's why it's so bad brosk` !!"

That's true. But this wouldn't fix the inherent problem of what social media essentially encourages people to do, which is to bring out the very worst of them. Fuck social media and fuck the people that prop it up.
#728 Anonymous : Wed, 23 Sep 20 - 13:46:28 EDT
(8.05 KB, 219x250)


#727 Anonymous : Wed, 23 Sep 20 - 13:00:22 EDT
(7.29 KB, 250x124)


kentucky poster here, i'll be sitting here in appalachia all comfy while these libtards and their pet niggers destroy their industrial hellscape of a city
#726 Anonymous : Wed, 23 Sep 20 - 06:55:20 EDT
(11.82 KB, 244x250)
don't care still voting trump lol
#725 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Sep 20 - 22:59:12 EDT
(10.35 KB, 244x250)
awoooo ^-^ trump 2020
#724 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Sep 20 - 17:08:34 EDT
@721 plaintext password keeping was an inside job to push 2 factor authorization
#723 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Sep 20 - 17:05:28 EDT
(5 KB, 250x250)
yo drake said get on steam
#722 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Sep 20 - 17:01:56 EDT
(11.33 KB, 249x250)
@720 "soul" is just a consoomer gimic buzzword that has zero meaning. That's exactly how companies like Nintendo get away with selling shitty hardware that can barely output 1080p near the end of the year 2020
#721 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Sep 20 - 16:36:26 EDT
>when andrew says more than 1% of classicube players use their passwords as their names
>when you realize that'd be difficult to figure out considering any sane person would encrypt sensitive data in the database and you'd have to decrypt passwords to match them to names
>when you remember it's a commonly known fact that classicube saves account data as plain text, no encryption

Not even DULM is that autistic, my fucking God.
#720 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Sep 20 - 16:24:10 EDT
talked to a girl who is a nintendo consoomer

she says the nintendo console has a "soul" to it, it's simply better than PC gaming to her. she only plays animal crossing but she says she can put skins, all kinds of cute shit on the console, etc.

#719 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Sep 20 - 16:07:23 EDT
(4.55 KB, 250x250)

I'm still getting a ps5, So? I don't care. So what if Xbox has a washed out game developer (Bethesda) who haven't made a 10/10 game for a decade.

I'll take Spider-man, Horizon Forbidden West, Uncharted 5, FF 7 part 2 and god of war over anything bethesda churns out I can't wait to play as Kratos again while you xbox fanboys will play some buggy ass fallout or Scrolls game

PS5 is where gaming is at.

I'm hyped as fuck for what Naughty dog can do with the power of PS5
#718 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Sep 20 - 15:32:59 EDT
(8.36 KB, 250x187)
#717 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Sep 20 - 15:25:22 EDT
(6.02 KB, 250x226)
You literally cannot defend buying Nintendo hardware if you already have a PC capable of emulation. Nintendies and mariosoys will say literally anything to defend a company that charges 50 dollars for some cardboard
>b but the emulator has bugs!
only if its a shit game no one cares about. BotW is now patched to work flawlessly and can be completed with a keyboard and mouse.
#716 Anonymous : Mon, 21 Sep 20 - 20:06:09 EDT
Loading times for me:

With images: 19ms
Without images: 13ms

That is a significant difference so this should certainly help those with limited internet like 500mb mobile prepaid data to browse le Box easier.
#715 Anonymous : Mon, 21 Sep 20 - 20:01:50 EDT
I added a little feature I think would be very useful to people with shitty internet and for poster from @707.

At the bottom of dulmBox it tells you how long it took to load the page. If it took longer than 1000ms (1 second) you will be given advice to change your dulmBox settings for images to not render, which I added a while back for people with shiternet to connect more quickly.
#714 Anonymous : Mon, 21 Sep 20 - 19:39:02 EDT
Someone had been using a script to decipher the text in the captcha and spammed the vote thousands of times. I can't revert to the math. However, I have decreased the compression on these images a little bit, hopefully you can see them better.

Which ones were you having problems with in the first place?
#713 Anonymous : Mon, 21 Sep 20 - 18:52:59 EDT
Catcha on main site is too difficult, I think you should revert to the math one again, because it's hard to recognize images that are as compressed as the ones you have now, as if it wasn't hard enough to recognize simple numbers on an ultra-compressed artifact-ridden math captcha as it was. Why can't you just return to the text-based ones?
#712 Anonymous : Mon, 21 Sep 20 - 18:45:26 EDT
proper hygiene is necessary for overall health no matter what tbh

with that being said, i'm voting trump then washing my hands and doing proper hygiene to not only prevent covid but any other illness all these retards seem to have forgotten about
#711 Anonymous : Mon, 21 Sep 20 - 18:28:55 EDT
(8.84 KB, 187x250)
#710 Anonymous : Mon, 21 Sep 20 - 18:25:38 EDT
(9.06 KB, 204x250)
#709 Anonymous : Mon, 21 Sep 20 - 17:13:04 EDT
(9.09 KB, 212x250)
[mqrquee]party dulmers IN THE HOUSE, everybody just have a good time[/marquee]

The DULM webpage now has an IMAGE-BASED ROBOT TEST. No more math bullshit.
I'm seeing how it performs on the DULM vote before implementing it here on dulmBox.

There are only a few images so the spammer could certainly get an AI or whatever to read similarities between images and their "description" as told by the test. However, if generally vague shit like buildings, trees, cars, etc. in scenic areas and cities were put into the test, then an AI has a much harder time at doing this.
Between now and then, I'd like to see how this test performs before doing any more with it.
#708 Anonymous : Mon, 21 Sep 20 - 14:30:53 EDT
(8.53 KB, 250x250)
alt f4 really enables edit mode?

edited 21 Sep 20 : holy shit it works!!
#707 Anonymous : Mon, 21 Sep 20 - 11:01:32 EDT
This board seems friendly to shitty internet connections thanks dulm dev
#706 Anonymous : Mon, 21 Sep 20 - 00:25:06 EDT
there's a font where the 0 has a slash through it and it got jpg'd so hard it looks like an 8

thats just my guess
#705 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Sep 20 - 21:12:35 EDT
what does this meme

this shitty math captcha won't be around for much longer...
#704 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Sep 20 - 19:41:03 EDT
(7 KB, 166x250)
Today, I will remind them.
#703 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Sep 20 - 19:38:20 EDT
(6.07 KB, 190x250)
bruh what the FUCK did your site mean by this
#702 Anonymous : Fri, 18 Sep 20 - 23:10:20 EDT
(8.05 KB, 235x250)
No. No... NO!!!!
#701 Anonymous : Thu, 17 Sep 20 - 20:41:14 EDT
what a fuking waste of a get

700 ruined
#700 Anonymous : Thu, 17 Sep 20 - 20:23:49 EDT
(6.97 KB, 250x155)
>thanks for inviting me to this party stacey...
>"oh... it was no problem... kai...
>everyone starts drinkin beer and makin out on the couch, gettin late into the night
>me and this cute guy have a convo, tell him about my new discovery... my new talent
>i can squirt, like, really far tee-hee OwO
>"ok kai, show us! that sounds fuckin RAD"
"OK Kai, show us what you got
*start strippin*
Chad in the back goes "Wa HAAHAHAOHOHO OH SHIT"
Brads slappin his knees, goin OH DUUUDE
*pull them lower, they see my blood soaked panties... just my period lol*
they know it's just my period, keep going haha
pussy is exposed OMG first time these POPULAR BOYS have seen my CLIT!!!
"woah uh... is that normal??" said Chad to Brad...
"idk man just like stop judging and watch this ok?"
*start masturbating my clitty owo*
getting hard to keep my fem-voice... oh no my DEAD VOICE is coming out...

"OH MAN... OH FUCK..."
pic related, i CAME all over the party
it was SILENCE, they were SO IMPRESSED with how far I CAN CUM!!!

im so glad it's 2020, a time where i can FINALLY demonstrate how far my clitty can expel semen!! owo
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