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#399 Anonymous : Tue, 02 Jun 20 - 12:44:17 EDT
why are you geh
#398 Anonymous : Tue, 02 Jun 20 - 10:22:42 EDT
#397 Anonymous : Mon, 01 Jun 20 - 11:43:37 EDT

Where are the riots happening? Are they happening in red counties? Are they happening in places that are majority white? No? I don't give a fuck then. Fuck off with telling rural American white folks to start shit with nigger rioters.

If you're white and are told to do anything about this riot in the cities, don't fucking do it. They're trying so hard to blame whitey for this. Don't engage. Stay in the comfy countryside, fuck the cities.
#396 Anonymous : Sat, 30 May 20 - 03:56:49 EDT
>not counter-doxxing
>not going off the grid by keeping your new info out of data miner's hands
>not sending the proper authorities to his location for threatening your family

It's time like these I love to be an American. Imagine if someone tried to edge on me in my house...
#395 Anonymous : Fri, 29 May 20 - 19:05:28 EDT
this is an extreme case of stalking and im pretty sure the dox is also in possession as this been continuing for two years
#394 Anonymous : Fri, 29 May 20 - 19:03:27 EDT
just confirmed this afk user on this server is chat logging what i type along what my friends type. i am getting stalked online and i dont know what to do, i am concerned now - this user even made a death wish against my little sister
#393 Anonymous : Fri, 29 May 20 - 09:00:23 EDT
#392 Anonymous : Thu, 28 May 20 - 23:17:51 EDT
ive been getting stalked online for the past two years, today i found out my chats were being logged by an afk user, and really i cant take it anymore - this person wants something on me but i have no idea what... they use programs to track my moves on other games i play on and honestly im tired of it
#391 Anonymous : Thu, 28 May 20 - 05:21:43 EDT
looks like nigs are niggin it up again
#390 Anonymous : Wed, 27 May 20 - 07:22:58 EDT
red pill me on the "steph" transgenDEER shit pls
#389 Anonymous : Wed, 27 May 20 - 02:10:13 EDT
UR JUST A STINKY NIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#388 Anonymous : Wed, 27 May 20 - 01:02:12 EDT
u just mad cuz im fuckin dat milf pussy and u aint bitch ass
#387 Anonymous : Tue, 26 May 20 - 22:41:57 EDT
degenerate fag @386
#386 Anonymous : Tue, 26 May 20 - 20:12:16 EDT
yo mama suck my dick bitch ass
#385 Anonymous : Tue, 26 May 20 - 14:49:12 EDT
THATS TOXIC @383 @384

#384 Anonymous : Mon, 25 May 20 - 21:39:25 EDT
yo nigga i was right your bitch ass wall of text destroyed your shitty forum

fuck you bich
#383 Anonymous : Sun, 24 May 20 - 03:19:43 EDT
shut the fuck up with that wall of text aint nobody got time for that shit fuck you
#382 Anonymous : Sat, 23 May 20 - 04:01:49 EDT
Gonna suck my own dick for a sec, guys

dulmBox is pretty epic because it embraces the low-traffic meme. SwagChan, which was a forum software (albeit shitty) made for DULM in April 2019, used individual threads on a board, which I believed was too much shit going on at once, because there certainly wasn't enough traffic to justify individual threads for a "shitpost" board. Because SwagChan was so shitty, I didn't see any reason for it to remain open. dulmBox was created because low-traffic websites are best paired with these little "shout boxes" people put, so I made dulmBox. Although dulmBox isn't really a "shoutbox", its very easily able to be formatted into one.

Rather than having individual threads that need to be monitored and moderated and easily missed by anyone, you can just talk in a single continuation, or thread, like dulmBox.

Look at any imageboard/forum where there's just not enough traffic to justify its existence, they usually fail and look inactive as fuck. dulmBox has similar traffic levels as any failed general forum, but looks more active due to it only having one thread. Not to mention, dulmBox is lite-weight and easily modifiable, unlike bulky imageboard/forum softwares.

tl;dr: dulmbox is awesome and epic
#381 Anonymous : Sat, 23 May 20 - 02:39:08 EDT
test it out OP @380
#380 Anonymous : Sat, 23 May 20 - 02:03:54 EDT
is it gonna say "whoops name taken" for anonymous or no
#379 Anonymous : Sat, 23 May 20 - 01:28:12 EDT
What I see happening is, the stylesheet only affects the index page, whereas the other pages still use dusk, which seems like an easy fix.
#378 Anonymous : Sat, 23 May 20 - 01:02:16 EDT
ok testin the style meme
#377 Anonymous : Fri, 22 May 20 - 22:44:39 EDT
also theres this thing where you have to change style by clicking the button twice, idk what thats about

-dulmbox beta tester
#376 Anonymous : Fri, 22 May 20 - 22:39:47 EDT
when u submit a post, the style changes to dusk!!! wtf dude!!! >:C
#375 Anonymous : Fri, 22 May 20 - 22:35:56 EDT
my favorite is futaba, my pc gets hard from it.
#374 dulm cunt : Fri, 22 May 20 - 18:16:04 EDT


On the top left of the page, you'll see a "Change Style" button. You may continue using the dusk.css style, or you may change to one of three new styles that have been added today. A monochrome style that is printer friendly and bland, called "Flat". A Futaba style, pretty self explanatory. A Tackboard style, for those late-90s Web 1.0 vibes.

Any ideas for new styles?
#373 Anonymous : Fri, 22 May 20 - 16:05:19 EDT
👏Where 👏do 👏you 👏keep 👏the 👏nets 👏that 👏you 👏put 👏on 👏the 👏bottom 👏of 👏guys 👏balls 👏to 👏stop 👏them 👏from 👏dunking 👏in 👏the 👏water

Family Guy Season 17 Ep. 10
#372 Anonymous : Fri, 22 May 20 - 15:35:08 EDT
teacher is teaching us about transgender awareness and how they look no different from us!!! YES THIS IS WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSE TO LEARN IN A PHYSICS ZOOM CLASS!!!
#371 Anonymous : Fri, 22 May 20 - 15:32:00 EDT
hey beter wat u playn today

oh hi lois im playing classicube

uh hey guys im peter huehuehueh

hey wilkom to the furry server this is classicube

ey wat the fuck u gay or sum shit


yo man this shits fucking gay

eyy wat the fuck happen to u beter

oh lois i dont think im feelin to good

*SNIFF SNIFF* woah do i smell cancer in here

woah what the fuck happen to you beter

oh hey buddy theres something wrong with me

yeah you got uh you got cancer

hey beter you need to go back on that server and try to get ur cancer removed

alright i guess its worth a shot


woah beter ur cancer is-woah those tumors are shrinking woah man ur cancer just cured

woah i guess it is that easy to cure cancer they ban me and my cancer is gone woah holy shit

i guess it is beter i guess it is i guess ur cancer just got healed awesome EPIC

comon man turn off, turn the damn recorder off, STOP RECORDING MOTHER FUCKER!!! >:CCC ^-^

#370 Anonymous : Wed, 20 May 20 - 17:10:23 EDT
#369 Anonymous : Wed, 20 May 20 - 16:53:02 EDT
flying to klaise tmr!!! ^-^ *NO LARP*
#368 Anonymous : Wed, 20 May 20 - 14:07:16 EDT
#367 Anonymous : Wed, 20 May 20 - 14:01:17 EDT
google "zoom bombing" or whatever, youll see what its environment is like.
#366 Anonymous : Wed, 20 May 20 - 13:55:33 EDT
what even is zoom, is it just skype but even more boomer'd, you know, where there's a fucking ton of resource usage but the program its self has an extremely basic GUI and there's only 5 settings you're able to change? not to mention, completely proprietary software
#365 Anonymous : Wed, 20 May 20 - 13:06:56 EDT
so basically i am skipping class now on zoom, am is that a smart idea? its just a matter of time before there is a data breach on zoom, they dont know anything, like seriously..
#364 Anonymous : Wed, 20 May 20 - 08:03:32 EDT
Data sells.

Zoomers and their insecure machines + Spyware "REQUIRED OR ELSE" video call app that came out of fucking nowhere instantly = ???

One can only wonder why the fuck they care so much about Zoom. Tell any normalfag to stop using zoom, the asshurt will be immaculate.
#363 Anonymous : Tue, 19 May 20 - 23:46:56 EDT
@361 Yes I do, attendant is required to get a participation grade which also goes into your overall grade. My district does not deal with truancy well, if I email them they’d probably respond with “xD omegieLuL you’re just trying to skip class u lazy fuck!!!” - also keep in mind i use zoom, and i am tired of loading a VM every fucking time! fuck you communists!!!
#362 AJAJSJJSJASHJAHJHDJAHJ : Tue, 19 May 20 - 23:31:45 EDT
lol fekas fekas evriwer son to falso lo sabe no etan cuand0 etas mal pero zi cuand0 etas vien
#361 Anonymous : Tue, 19 May 20 - 20:53:48 EDT
do you have the cancer where it's "haha video call or no participation grade :^))"
#360 Anonymous : Tue, 19 May 20 - 11:40:56 EDT
my district is so fucking retarded, we have like a month of school and they change their fucking policy - zoom is now a mandatory thing and along with that its nearly everyday now.
#359 Anonymous : Tue, 19 May 20 - 03:20:50 EDT
what the fuck was that video dude



#358 Anonymous : Mon, 18 May 20 - 22:47:46 EDT
this is an actual deer fuck... holy shit... this just furthers the stereotype... fuck trannys

#357 Anonymous : Mon, 18 May 20 - 22:32:45 EDT
#356 Anonymous : Mon, 18 May 20 - 20:44:42 EDT
"PressCape has moved wrongly" *infinite times*
"Server killed"

Nice fucking meme. What exactly happened for this to occur?
Also, the server seems to fuck its self when there's too much RAM being used after a while, causing it to crash in any one of various ways and it requires a manual restart. It's pretty shitty, but for what dulmCraft is, it doesn't make much of a difference.
#355 Anonymous : Mon, 18 May 20 - 16:47:47 EDT
i think i just crashed dulmcube 1.7 - oops - press ^-^
#354 Anonymous : Thu, 14 May 20 - 08:33:13 EDT
this board is deader than classicube what the fuck
#353 Anonymous : Wed, 06 May 20 - 21:12:18 EDT
o shit whattup

quick rundown: classicube has went complete anal AIDS, they literally blacklisted the DULM server flat-out with no reason at all provided, so they've gotten that desperate to preserve their faggot monopoly. this is why dulm has moved over to minecraft, although the classicube server is still ran privately, independent from the server list

ClassiCube server, connect through Direct Connect in the launcher:

Minecraft server (use 1.7.10 version):
#352 Euloy : Wed, 06 May 20 - 16:04:44 EDT
#351 dulm cunt : Wed, 06 May 20 - 00:22:54 EDT
Country flags seem like a shitty idea because it adds a certain level of politics to this board that shouldn't be here. Don't feel like seeing the "HAHA U FAGGOT STUPID FAT AMERICAN" crap on here. Not that I get butthurt by banter, I just don't like to see shit flinging due to a poster's nationality, as that's low-effort shitpost-tier.

>but no-one did that dumbass dev cunt
Flags seem great for international-themed boards or "meet-up" social shits, but dulmBox is a simple forum that doesn't need that jizz. It's easy as fuck to add geoIP national shit on a forum, it's really 10 lines of code or less, so not much has been removed.
#350 Anonymous : Wed, 06 May 20 - 00:16:21 EDT
#349 Anonymous : Sun, 03 May 20 - 21:52:54 EDT
GET YOUR ASSES ON THE DULMCRAFT MINECRAFT SERVER, USES VERSION 1.7.10 (newer versions have gotten to the point where my computer can't even fucking run it on optifine, 1.7.10 has villagers, cats, potions and all that cool shit without the performance-rape shit they've added in recent versions...)


read about it here:


#348 Anonymous : Sun, 03 May 20 - 11:35:45 EDT
woah nice fuckin meme broski
#347 Anonymous : Sun, 03 May 20 - 11:32:05 EDT
Country flags added to the site :-DD
#346 Anonymous : Fri, 01 May 20 - 22:13:53 EDT
Fuck yo mama pussy
#345 Anonymous : Fri, 01 May 20 - 16:15:15 EDT
I fuk Ur mommy pussie
#344 Anonymous : Fri, 01 May 20 - 13:22:16 EDT
imagine not eating pussy
#343 Anonymous : Wed, 29 Apr 20 - 19:50:59 EDT
girl pussy is awesome lets be real guys
#342 dulm cunt : Wed, 29 Apr 20 - 16:30:14 EDT
Why is RSS never used anymore? It allows you to get automated summaries of shit, so if you're a shitty-internet nigga you can see some shit. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Also, if you're not aware, dulmBox has an RSS feed now which tells you the poster name, time of posting, and the byte size of the post. You can't read posts in the feed, you're only made aware of new posts, considering formatting and other BBCode fuckery can't be properly displayed in most RSS feeds, and if you have an internet connection to even get the feed you should be able to go on dulmBox.

Instead of coincidentally seeing if someone's posted recently, you can get pinged and reply immediately, or at the very most 15 minutes because of RSS reader update times or something.

#341 Anonymous : Wed, 29 Apr 20 - 16:15:02 EDT

shut the fuck up samefag spammer
#340 dulm cunt : Wed, 29 Apr 20 - 15:55:29 EDT
I guess the RSS feed works, my niggas. I'll post more about it somewhere soon.
#339 Anonymous : Wed, 29 Apr 20 - 15:52:19 EDT
the rss feed might work now lmao?
#338 Anonymous : Wed, 29 Apr 20 - 15:50:15 EDT
the rss feed might work now lmao?
#337 Anonymous : Wed, 29 Apr 20 - 15:07:28 EDT
will the rss actually fucking work?
#336 poo poo : Wed, 29 Apr 20 - 15:01:29 EDT
anal sex
#335 poo poo : Wed, 29 Apr 20 - 14:58:01 EDT
anal sex
#334 poo poo : Wed, 29 Apr 20 - 14:54:08 EDT
anal sex
#333 Anonymous : Wed, 29 Apr 20 - 04:30:25 EDT
#332 Anonymous : Tue, 28 Apr 20 - 14:46:02 EDT
damn this 1002 just fled with the development of DulmCube and basically left discord and steam too, literally have no trace of of him, damn cuh!
#331 Anonymous : Tue, 28 Apr 20 - 04:58:50 EDT
#330 abi : Fri, 24 Apr 20 - 16:32:30 EDT
stan x1
#329 Anonymous : Fri, 24 Apr 20 - 16:28:03 EDT
Ideas for new blocks on minicity:

Rail turn, crossings, diags, road signs (stop, yield, crossing, dead end, etc), adverts, chimney, teal exterior blocks, unique exterior blocks (can be what you like), maybe a monorail rail system
#328 Anonymous : Fri, 24 Apr 20 - 10:33:55 EDT
hewwo :3
#327 Anonymous : Fri, 24 Apr 20 - 04:47:33 EDT
#326 Anonymous : Thu, 23 Apr 20 - 15:54:11 EDT
fuk u talkin bout cuh?!
id fuck your mom if my dick was hispanic compatable

#325 cactusnubeconrayo : Thu, 23 Apr 20 - 15:49:57 EDT
que onda tirri nose que hay que hacer ak pero weno espero que hayan perdido el mejor tiempo de su vida leyendo esto chau ahre
#324 Anonymous : Wed, 22 Apr 20 - 14:26:09 EDT
who you is, robot nigga
id fuck your mom if my dick was USB 6.9 compatable
#323 AAAAAAAAH : Wed, 22 Apr 20 - 13:14:12 EDT
beep beep boop
#322 Anonymous : Mon, 20 Apr 20 - 19:23:24 EDT
posting from monomew klaise ask me anything faggots
#321 Anonymous : Mon, 20 Apr 20 - 17:31:50 EDT
and whats why you always double check for "/"

#320 Anonymous : Mon, 20 Apr 20 - 17:29:48 EDT
#319 Anonymous : Mon, 20 Apr 20 - 17:27:47 EDT
#318 Anonymous : Mon, 20 Apr 20 - 10:59:37 EDT
dulmCube's development hasn't been forgotten yet. The game should be finished by the end of this week. What's holding the game back at the moment is custom music, of which 4 of 7 are finished. As the custom-sounds are nit-picked by the playerbase during dulmCube's beta phase, the music may be added. Rather than creating all the music now at this moment, dulmCube may release with an unfinished soundtrack with a complete in-game sound pack in order for players to criticize the new sounds, so they may be replaced, and for new music to be added along with them in another update.

#317 Anonymous : Wed, 15 Apr 20 - 14:56:54 EDT
yo mame suk m dick biatshhhb
#316 Anonymous : Mon, 13 Apr 20 - 20:06:53 EDT
Advertise dulmcube on Normie Test :)

Maybe add /cube/ to Dulm News?

I remember when normie test had a classicube advertisement and I remember it attracted some players
#315 Anonymous : Sun, 12 Apr 20 - 22:59:48 EDT
lel, did you just try to XSS?
#314 1002 : Sat, 11 Apr 20 - 12:36:56 EDT
#313 1002 : Thu, 09 Apr 20 - 11:20:59 EDT
server is hosted on eddynet too
#312 1002 : Thu, 09 Apr 20 - 11:18:24 EDT
got banned from another fake bird server https://i.imgur.com/8D3l5MI.png
#311 Anonymous : Thu, 09 Apr 20 - 09:41:14 EDT
where and when was this

also, new dulmCube heartbeat should be done by the end of today
#310 Anonymous : Wed, 08 Apr 20 - 23:36:32 EDT
#309 1002 : Wed, 08 Apr 20 - 22:21:54 EDT
i decided not to compile it for macos
#308 1002 : Wed, 08 Apr 20 - 12:24:12 EDT
i'm currently working on setting up the build server... clang cringe takes so long to compile
#307 Anonymous : Wed, 08 Apr 20 - 11:28:26 EDT
Because dulmCube, the block game server has been blacklisted from the ClassiCube public server list for no reason given, it is now time for dulmCube to launch its own server list, without a login server of course. Servers on this list are expected to not use ClassiCube's verification system, and are expected to verify names using their own system, in-server passwords or whatever.

At this point, there is literally no reason for dulmCube to use ClassiCube's server list. If ClassiCube's developers don't want dulmCube on its server list, then surely they won't mind dulmCube modifying an open-source client to weed out ClassiCube's account shit then use a separate server list with servers of any kind on it rather than a pozzed "ur not na2, u leave" list.
As time goes on, dulmCube will become independent of ClassiCube completely. They will not control dulmCube anymore.
#306 Anonymous : Tue, 07 Apr 20 - 15:55:25 EDT
Type your text here...
#305 1002 : Tue, 07 Apr 20 - 15:22:21 EDT
nvm its blacklisted, i forgot i had the option to view blacklisted servers enabled
#304 1002 : Tue, 07 Apr 20 - 15:04:27 EDT
server isn't blacklisted, it might have been down earlier because it was upgraded to a new version of MCGalaxy
#303 Anonymous : Tue, 07 Apr 20 - 14:24:39 EDT
server blacklisted or wat?
#302 1002 : Sun, 05 Apr 20 - 18:34:30 EDT
the server has been un-blacklisted, for now...
#301 Anonymous : Sat, 04 Apr 20 - 17:34:06 EDT
'mirin thos dubs

Also, the ClassiCube client is able to DIRECT CONNECT to servers.
dulmCube has been BLACKLISTED from the public server list due to having "Christian server" in the Server Software field. DULM and its ClassiCube servers for the past four years have been persecuted by the ClassiCube administration, and is mainly at odds with Not Awesome 2, the server that has enforced a monopoly over the game, specifically in the "realm building" genre. Not Awesome 2 injects politics into the game, such as trannyism, homosexuality, furry shit, and overall leftism. DULM is not interested in political differences with communities, but it became inevitable when having a reasonable objection to such things results in a ban on not just NA2, but the entire fucking game as the owners/staff of NA2 will manipulate other server owners into banning you as well, as seen throughout history.

Basically, ClassiCube's administration hate DULM and have blacklisted it from being played by ClassiCube players, primarily due to their power-trip gay furry boner.

What now? How do I play dulmCube?

You must install ClassiCube (it's an open source game) and DO NOT MAKE AN ACCOUNT. You do NOT have to make an account. dulmCube does NOT use the ClassiCube name verification servers.
To join, you put ANY NAME YOU WANT, then connect to:

It's that simple! No registration required (on CC's side). Once you join, you will be prompted to register a password, this is to keep impersonators from using your account in-game.

See you on dulmCube, brothers!
#300 Anonymous : Sat, 04 Apr 20 - 17:28:05 EDT
Hello, if you have probably noticed DulmCube has been removed from the server list sadly... BUT you can join directly via the servers IP '' - The server is offline meaning you can still join.
0 ms