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#299 soupface : Sat, 04 Apr 20 - 16:02:11 EDT
#298 Anonymous : Sat, 04 Apr 20 - 11:13:26 EDT
pls subscribe to pewdiepie omg
#297 Anonymous : Fri, 03 Apr 20 - 13:58:13 EDT
#296 1002 : Fri, 03 Apr 20 - 12:42:33 EDT
for temporary shell sessions, you can use a terminal multiplexer like tmux to keep shell sessions active without an active ssh connection. of course for something that's long running and needs to restart with the server (like a classicube server) you would still need a script.
#295 Anonymous : Fri, 03 Apr 20 - 09:09:30 EDT
Basically, when you start the server using remote console, it sees the console as a "user", so when you close the remote console, the server stops running because you've essentially "logged out". You can also do this on the website's console and it will do the same thing. Any time you are prompted to log in, whatever you run will close when you leave.

dulmCube will only run continuously if you make the server start through a script that is ran when the computer boots. You cannot start a server through the console, you can only start it as the server boots up. This seems to be the only way for the server to stay online 24/7 and when any reboot autism happens, it can auto-start to begin with, so it stays online.
#294 Anonymous : Fri, 03 Apr 20 - 06:07:18 EDT
fuk cuh i wana play sum of diz classic cube BULLSHIT cuh! fuck dawg tf??? yall hackers white cracker ass mudafucker nigguhs make a script or sum shit cuh becuz i wat to play wit diz DULm bullshit cuh, bet. i aint cappin im tired of playin wit diz DONKEY DICk cuh! i want sum ClassIc CubE
#293 Anonymous : Fri, 03 Apr 20 - 05:13:21 EDT
no, it won't be offline for months again (as far as i know)

it shut its self off, and there isn't an auto-start script yet on the host server
not sure why it shut off though
#292 Anonymous : Thu, 02 Apr 20 - 22:02:54 EDT
Damn the server is gonna be offline for months again isnt it
#291 Anonymous : Thu, 02 Apr 20 - 21:29:28 EDT
nigga where tf is the server?
#290 1002 : Thu, 02 Apr 20 - 21:27:48 EDT
server just died
#289 Anonymous : Thu, 02 Apr 20 - 21:21:12 EDT
how do i direct connect? which address do i use?
#288 Anonymous : Thu, 02 Apr 20 - 17:15:09 EDT
You're in luck, my nigga

Go on ClassiCube right now, a server called dulmCube is open. Drake was kind enough to allow the Drake's Server installation to run as dulmCube, so all of your minicity stuff is 100% intact.

#287 Anonymous : Thu, 02 Apr 20 - 16:09:34 EDT
Any updates on the direct offline server? I'm so bored and I feel like building.
#286 Anonymous : Thu, 02 Apr 20 - 14:01:55 EDT
@284 LARP, kys faggot
#285 1002 : Thu, 02 Apr 20 - 12:37:35 EDT
Born differently? Always been a woman? You aren't born transgender. Transgenderism is a "contagious" mental illness spread through social media which affects weak-minded teenagers.
#284 Anonymous : Thu, 02 Apr 20 - 01:45:26 EDT
this website is so fucking bigoted what the fuck how do i report posts to the admin?
this is so problematic, do you have any idea how hard it is to be a trans woman? do you have no sympathy for people who are born differently than us? your not only a transphobe and a homophobe, but also an ableist. smh, y'all need to learn not everyone is a white boy in the suburbs and theres coloured people with real problems

its so dangerous being trans, for real yall, you cant date men without worrying about being beaten up because youre "trans" even tho youve always been a woman! bunch of fucking bullshit
#283 Anonymous : Thu, 02 Apr 20 - 00:21:57 EDT
"trans women" god is coming you guys... he is...

when the world is this deluded thinking the switching of XX to XY and vice versa is possible (not talking about mutations) you're fucking retarded, same goes for "THERES MORE THAN TWO GENDERS >:CCC"
#282 1002 : Wed, 01 Apr 20 - 22:34:35 EDT
100% actually. You would be homosexual if you were in a relationship with a trans woman.
#281 Anonymous : Wed, 01 Apr 20 - 20:49:16 EDT

99% of heterosexual men are not willing to be in a relationship with a trans woman.

Fight. Bigotry

#280 Anonymous : Wed, 01 Apr 20 - 20:41:35 EDT
The flags are an attempt to piss off the bigots, so that they know to leave.
#279 Anonymous : Wed, 01 Apr 20 - 19:59:15 EDT
Any bullshit that advertises its self as a "secure encrypted alternative" is usually a glowie honey-pot. More than likely datamine'd on.
#278 1002 : Wed, 01 Apr 20 - 16:34:26 EDT
I get disabled every month or so. Usually for bullshit.
#277 Anonymous : Wed, 01 Apr 20 - 15:37:58 EDT
I meant TOS'd* for the following reasons: "Encouraging violence" "Glorying violence' and "Animal abuse" which is complete bullshit. I used riot which is basically Discord but more relaxed and encrypted.
#276 Anonymous : Wed, 01 Apr 20 - 15:35:48 EDT
Just saw this on discord
name: Snow
age: 13
sexuality: acesexual but at the same time straight
gender: female
status: taken

Although I admit Discord is a shithole and prob has tons of recordings of me and has my chatlogs I still use it as all my real life friends have it too, ik im guilty of it and i basically gave my privacy away but I need to talk to my friends, I got TOD'd and still came back... I did use riot for a while
#275 Anonymous : Wed, 01 Apr 20 - 08:37:39 EDT
Trans faggotry's attempt at recruiting teenagers seems to be chilling the fuck out now as Discord becomes less popular and more commonly used by extreme leftists. I haven't seen much faggot shit in the last while, so I imagine it's falling out of style and we'll see a lot of regretful trannies in the next few years.

Discord is a cancer, we should all admit this. I guess it's useful as a honey pot, but it's still a political grooming fuckfest.

How to detect if someone's cringe:

Has Discord installed at all

#274 Anonymous : Wed, 01 Apr 20 - 02:47:23 EDT
transgender is mental illness masked as an friendly le LGBTQ GROUP LOVE
#273 Anonymous : Wed, 01 Apr 20 - 01:59:52 EDT
sup bitches gamer girl totally not with a dick here starbies xD
#272 Anonymous : Wed, 01 Apr 20 - 01:34:19 EDT
Fuck fucking faggots. This website is pozzed now
#271 Anonymous : Wed, 01 Apr 20 - 01:20:15 EDT
why does every post have a faggot flag, what the fuck?
#270 Anonymous : Tue, 31 Mar 20 - 20:49:22 EDT
yea, drake has the server still, meaning the minicity is still in tact

soon, you'll be able to build mini cities once more, brother
#269 Anonymous : Tue, 31 Mar 20 - 20:19:23 EDT
i'd have to talk to drake to see if he still has the server at all
#268 Anonymous : Tue, 31 Mar 20 - 18:16:31 EDT
Do you still have that mini map world from drakes server? I forgot to save that.
#267 Anonymous : Tue, 31 Mar 20 - 08:32:24 EDT
Thats nice seeing your website grow man, b-b-b-based! I like this place, its simple and reminds me of the early days of the internet, very cozy.
#266 dulm cunt : Tue, 31 Mar 20 - 04:45:49 EDT

dulmBox got another update

  • Registering duplicate names fixed
  • Amount of unique posters and registered names now shown at the bottom of the board
  • How long ago a post was composed on your IP address is shown at the bottom of the board
YO... what the FUCK? you know how many people COME HERE???
Yes, all one has to do is open the website's logs and see that. I think it'd be interesting to see how many people come here based on the board's logs. You're not really anonymous here either, your IP is logged with your posts, like literally every other website to have ever existed.
bruh, it's at 2 right now >:(
turns out it was broken (kind of). The spam timer would prevent a poster from immediately posting again, but the next time a unique IP posted, it would forget the previous poster's last post time. Such a minor bug no-one noticed all this time, but now it's useful for figuring out how many people post here, so it had to be fixed. Also, it doesn't mean all the unique posters since the beginning, it's only all the posters since this update (31 March 2020)

pretty cool, i guess?
#265 Anonymous : Tue, 31 Mar 20 - 04:08:21 EDT

they also do it

they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it they also do it
#264 Klaise : Tue, 31 Mar 20 - 04:02:26 EDT

wassup my nigga
#263 1002 : Tue, 31 Mar 20 - 03:13:31 EDT
@261 @262 hey, i've been lurking dulmbox for a while now!
#262 Anonymous : Tue, 31 Mar 20 - 00:00:48 EDT
I actually decided to join today because i was bored shitposting, havent seen 1002 or Euloy sadly, for Mike I know where he is but hes soft now and basically muslim, and holy shit this new layout is nice.
#261 Anonymous : Mon, 30 Mar 20 - 23:56:49 EDT
so, the server didn't get fucked, but he found out about it?

for the text bullshit, press Ctrl + F5 to force the page to update to the new .css stylesheet, it's pretty fuckin based

also, do you know if 1002 and company are around to join the offline server?
#260 Anonymous : Mon, 30 Mar 20 - 23:49:39 EDT
so basically there a community on minecraft java that heard of classicube and i warned them of the shit that happens, so then they had it on offline mode or whatever with direct ip and then suddenly goodly joins their discord even though it was their first time playing, not sure how it found out, i then confronted goodly for banning me on discord for asking if it is a brony and she denied everything. i honestly think someone shared it on other servers and goodly joined.

also why is the text on the right side of my screen?
#259 Anonymous : Mon, 30 Mar 20 - 23:38:22 EDT
You say the "anarchy" faggots tried to make an offline server, yes? Also, the deer "found out" about it? What exactly made their idea not work, because the way you phrase it indicates it didn't work.

How did they fuck over their server?
#258 Anonymous : Mon, 30 Mar 20 - 23:30:41 EDT
fuck yes there is

save them all right now, we'll try to get them on the new server (if it happens)

however, they'd need to be unpozzed by the deer's resources, because remember THOSE ARE LICENSED
#257 Anonymous : Mon, 30 Mar 20 - 23:26:14 EDT
Is there a way you can get some of my builds to this new server, I really dont like my builds being hosted on deer pussy server
#256 Anonymous : Mon, 30 Mar 20 - 23:24:05 EDT
i like the idea, actually its funny you say that as i actually told an anarchy community to do the same and they did but deers found out about it, how soon is soon anyways?
#255 Anonymous : Mon, 30 Mar 20 - 23:20:55 EDT
offline classicube server may be hosted soon, it will not be on the classicube server list, it will be advertised elsewhere.

user accounts are not verified by classicube's servers, but rather by the server its self using /pass

this keeps the deer from ruining public opinion, as he only has power within the sphere of classicube via the server list. the web hosts of cc (andrew and others) wouldn't have much power over this "offline server" because it has nothing to do with the server list or authentication of classicube
to connect, one must use "direct connect" and the server's IP. this is entirely separate from classicube's cringe, therefore it isn't easily ruined by their "server blacklist" or "hidden by admins" crap they've came up with

this is only an idea, what's your input?
#254 Anonymous : Mon, 30 Mar 20 - 23:18:01 EDT
not good, stuck at my house and shitposting random stuff
#253 Anonymous : Mon, 30 Mar 20 - 23:15:30 EDT
sup press, how you doin nigguh
#252 Klaise : Mon, 30 Mar 20 - 19:52:52 EDT
they also do it
#251 dulm cunt (dude trust me) : Mon, 30 Mar 20 - 02:43:56 EDT
bbCode actually works now

Check the FAQ+Rules page to see how to use bbCode

sans serif font :O UNDERTALE LE MAO XDDD :P

top faggots of all time

  1. anyone that gets mad when you say "chinese coronavirus"

  2. zach

  3. yo mama

  4. 2% of the United States

#250 Anonymous : Sun, 29 Mar 20 - 18:26:21 EDT
Walt Disney was a furfag let's be honest
#249 Anonymous : Sun, 29 Mar 20 - 18:19:31 EDT
#248 Anonymous : Sun, 29 Mar 20 - 18:12:25 EDT
#247 Anonymous : Sun, 29 Mar 20 - 15:23:39 EDT
they also do it
#246 dulm cunt : Sun, 29 Mar 20 - 14:39:26 EDT
dulmBox has been renovated!
The board has an updated .css layout where everything is lined up in a single stream, so the uneven glitchy sidebar crap is gone. Text in posts is smaller (12pt, was 14pt before). A post that is less than two hours old will now show the minutes ago it was created, rather than the "1 hours ago" meme.

If the page looks glitched, simply press Ctrl + F5 to force your web browser to update to the new stylesheet.
#245 Anonymous : Sun, 29 Mar 20 - 12:34:40 EDT
iDubbbz is a simp.

If you look in his video about how he's coping with having a whore GF, you'll look in the background. Looks pretty fucked, right? Not his usual setting. On the monitors, you will find the MAIN MONITOR is on the RIGHT... Any normal person would put the MAIN MONITOR on the LEFT as people who speak English, like Ian, read from LEFT to RIGHT, like you are right now. HOWEVER, his girlfriend is Canadian... but is ethnically Lebanese. She was apparently raised as a Muslim, and I'm sure the Arabic language came up at some point. This language is special, because you read RIGHT to LEFT.

So why is the monitor set up "right to left" then? Because it's her monitor? In her house? Where Ian is pussywhipped into making this video which destroys his manhood?

The script of the video is also really autistic and sounds like a woman wrote it. For instance, the part where Ian shits on a kid for looking like him on Twitter ("You must not enjoy that we look alike" or something like this). No heterosexual man would say this. This is clearly something written by a female. Only women do these petty jabs to get their point across. Sure Ian has made entire videos making fun of people's appearances, but making a little jab like this is female pussy shit. He then spends the rest of the video shitting on his own fans for giving a shit about his well being, about his dignity. Why would Ian upload such a self-destructive video, a video which has editing that's very clearly not passionate as his other videos are. He would have made many fun edits, but the simp video does not have as many of those edits. Not to mention his entire demeanor is forced the whole video.

This video lacks passion, effort and the script sounds as if it were written by a woman. YouTube is banning accounts for saying things similar to what I've said just now, so now you know Ian is a simp but it's not entirely his fault.
#244 Anonymous : Sun, 29 Mar 20 - 00:10:40 EDT
you dont care bout yo mama gettin dicked the fuck up by my big dik??

you a simp nigguh
#243 Anonymous : Sat, 28 Mar 20 - 22:39:56 EDT
dont care, didnt ask plus youre black NIGGER
#242 Anonymous : Sat, 28 Mar 20 - 18:51:40 EDT
they also fuck your moms pussy with my dick lmaooo bich ass niguh fuk yo mama ass wit dis dik up in yo mama FACE wif my skrotum n sheeeit nigguh bix nood mufugga din dat mufugga poo puh bih dih nih bruh fuh u bruh i speak de ebonix nigguh
#241 Anonymous : Sat, 28 Mar 20 - 17:19:32 EDT
wii gimp'in on dulm because they also do it... they also do it... they also do it... they also do it...
#240 Anonymous : Sat, 28 Mar 20 - 01:49:38 EDT
No, they do NOT.
#239 Anonymous : Fri, 27 Mar 20 - 21:02:23 EDT
but they also do it. they als do it. they also do it.
#238 Anonymous : Thu, 26 Mar 20 - 22:28:50 EDT
you fags DONT also do it
#237 Anonymous : Wed, 25 Mar 20 - 21:26:46 EDT



#236 Anonymous : Wed, 25 Mar 20 - 20:32:58 EDT
them niggas finna also do it
#235 they also do it : Wed, 25 Mar 20 - 19:44:49 EDT
they also do it



#234 Anonymous : Wed, 25 Mar 20 - 10:12:17 EDT
#233 Anonymous : Tue, 24 Mar 20 - 11:19:49 EDT
#232 Anonymous : Tue, 24 Mar 20 - 00:50:03 EDT
they also do it
#231 Anonymous : Mon, 23 Mar 20 - 22:48:38 EDT
they also do it
#230 Anonymous : Mon, 23 Mar 20 - 18:57:22 EDT
They also do it!
This post contained broken bbCode which glitched the whole fucking site.
As I remove these, I'll try to paraphrase what the post said as to not destroy the posts entirely.
#229 Anonymous : Mon, 23 Mar 20 - 18:33:39 EDT
they also do it
#228 Anonymous : Mon, 23 Mar 20 - 16:18:36 EDT
they also do it
#227 Anonymous : Sun, 22 Mar 20 - 10:46:15 EDT

This post contained suicidal edgy stuff. Not cool, bro!
#226 Oaksie : Sat, 21 Mar 20 - 15:04:30 EDT
im gay
#225 Klaise : Sat, 21 Mar 20 - 15:03:41 EDT
oak goatse
#224 Anonymous : Sat, 21 Mar 20 - 09:46:27 EDT
everyone's going fucking bananas over the chink aids, fucking why?
#223 Anonymous : Wed, 18 Mar 20 - 23:39:49 EDT
#222 Anonymous : Wed, 18 Mar 20 - 08:51:22 EDT
What are your thoughts on the "simp revolt"? AKA: The new meme where beta males are shamed for being nice to women for nothing in return.

I'm glad this behaviour is finally being punished by society. I've known so many niggas who simped the fuck out for girls, you know, the hos before bros niggas who'd dump your ass on the field trip just for the trim. Currently, they're the Nintendo Switch playing, patchy beard, prematurely balding faggots that go on Reddit and fap constantly, while people like me have rejected thots during our childhood and adolescence and retained our manhood, and our youth and vigor. If those niggas got bullied like simps now, they'd be Chads.

But let's be real here, the simp epidemic is less about individual behaviours or choices, but more of a single-mom problem. Single moms create these fuck-ups of men.
#221 Anonymous : Tue, 17 Mar 20 - 13:47:17 EDT
u mad bro

men SUCKK ikr???
#220 Anonymous : Mon, 16 Mar 20 - 22:43:34 EDT
fuck u and this site, bunch of bigotry here and shit, im going back to backoffmenresist dot com
#219 Anonymous : Mon, 16 Mar 20 - 05:14:14 EDT
btw dev, your 2000 char limit kind of destroyed your website. unlike you, most people aren't autistic and can't read a paragraph in two seconds, as they are NORMIES and need to digest small bits of data at a time or they're overwhelmed because they dont have the capacity for it or they cant navigate around your style of english

if your goal was to have a lively forum, you've destroyed your little bit of that because no-one wants to type paragraphs of recollection or debate, they want to shitpost and you have destroyed that

i would say bring back the 256 char limit, but the last post was 2 days ago from you, and 4 days ago from any legitimate poster, which was FOUR WORDS LONG, not a paragraph
it appears to be too late

#218 Anonymous : Sat, 14 Mar 20 - 04:46:48 EDT

le ebin nigger wurd xDD
What's funny is quoting crime and IQ stats, what's not funny is spamming "NIGGER".
#217 Anonymous : Sat, 14 Mar 20 - 01:41:49 EDT
#216 Anonymous : Sat, 14 Mar 20 - 01:13:46 EDT
#215 Anonymous : Fri, 13 Mar 20 - 05:41:46 EDT

I don't lift, but I've given some effort to increase my bodyweight. In the last three weeks, I've gained 7 pounds or something, which is better than nothing.
#214 Anonymous : Wed, 11 Mar 20 - 16:52:20 EDT
bet ight wurd wit cuh fax
#213 Anonymous : Wed, 11 Mar 20 - 06:37:47 EDT
do you guys lift ?
#212 Anonymous : Tue, 10 Mar 20 - 14:57:22 EDT
wall of text nigga back at it again lmao
#211 Anonymous : Tue, 10 Mar 20 - 07:05:18 EDT
I don't remember the admin abuse on there, but I imagine if you're "in" their drama, they'd pull that shit. VidLii's community is centered around an EPIC DISCORD SERVER so I'm not at all surprised that shit would happen.

Content is shit of course, but that's VidLii's charm. It's a shitposting website which also has serious content, whereas Vlare wants to be SRS BISNIS >:( but has shitpost and drama content the same as VidLii.

Really, I'm still pissed my ~30 subscriber channel got pozzed by VidLii because of some entry-tier server problem. It's really getting to the point where everyone will have to host their own content on their own servers.

I unironically believe there will be a movement where home-hosting becomes #1. Big website fags will try to SHUT IT DOWN >:( but their power mainly lies in what data you give them in the first place, and the infrastructure of the Internet its self (why net neutrality (fed regulation of internet) is such a big fucking deal, and why big companies are laying down their own cables). The free market, if allowed to do its thing, will see independent wireless networks, mostly peer-to-peer because it's the least expensive and least centralized. However, "they" have anticipated this so any "p2p" network that's shilled all to fuck is going to be edgy as fuck considering what people currently use that shit for.

tl;dr: people will probably home-host their own content on shit-tier bandwidth wireless networks, while also storing some of the internet on their computer for the least centralized infrastructure all because no-one can keep a fucking shitpost website from going to shit
#210 Anonymous : Mon, 09 Mar 20 - 22:09:14 EDT
Most bullshit would be mod abuse, drama between users CYBERBULLYING EACHOTHER!!!! and just shit content.
#209 Anonymous : Sun, 08 Mar 20 - 23:35:59 EDT
What bullshit did you notice the most on VidLii?

The most bullshit I noticed was epic troll campaigns which were just trolls trolling trolls, based as fuck. Vlare, however, oozes with circlejerk bullshit.

based and femalepilled
#208 Anonymous : Sun, 08 Mar 20 - 21:02:25 EDT
happy womens day, love what you did with the homepage. Archived for future laughs.
#207 Anonymous : Sun, 08 Mar 20 - 20:59:56 EDT
I had hope for Vidlii, its a good site after-all in the way of catching that nostalgic feeling to the audience, but theres so much bullshit that occurs with the staff, users, and content in general. Its not like I use youtube alternative websites more than youtube itself though so...
#206 Anonymous : Sun, 08 Mar 20 - 17:48:35 EDT

wall of text head ass nigga
#205 Anonymous : Sun, 08 Mar 20 - 01:22:53 EST
For websites with legitimate content, VidLii is completely fail because the admins "LOST LE PASSWORD TO TEH WEBSERVER :PPP" so they refuse to allow me access to my own fucking account because their "reset password" link is completely broken, as it infinitely thinks you already changed it since I've already done that once.

I had to go to Vlare, which is fail in many ways, mainly due to the website's close circlejerk normie bullshit where only the top faggots in their circlejerksget promoted on the website, where with VidLii, if you got 8 views you'd be on the homepage for days. I put WAY MORE EFFORT into a Vlare video than ANY VidLii video, where I went to a GHOST TOWN and provided a researched history on this town, and it didn't get on the homepage, or get featured, or anything like this. It has 20 views. Yes, you read that right, an actual video gets much less views than an actual shitpost on Vlare.

Why? VidLii isn't as big of a circlejerk, Vlare's website is set up to only benefit people in the circlejerks, and they're doing a "ClassiCube" type thing where they're accommodating to furries. Go on Vlare... RIGHT NOW, you will see furry shit on the front page. I bet you right now. "i'm asexual and autistic lmao" saw that shit UNIRONICALLY on some bitch's profile, not joking my nigga

Am I bitching because I'm not popular or whatever? Kind of, I'm just asshurt because VidLii, a perfectly good website, got pozzed by Vlare which is inferior to VidLii... and they have the SAME EXACT DEVS and they WANT TO MAKE ANOTHER WEBSITE TOO... LMAO??

tldr: youtube alternative websites are all failures because they can't make a website that doesn't turn into spook cancer or furry / gay / circlejerk reddit shit
#204 Anonymous : Sun, 08 Mar 20 - 01:14:28 EST
About the BitChute bullshit, I got cut off by the fail 256 limit the dev forgot to change.

BitChute is just unpozzed LL because LL takes down "anti-Semitic" content, which is funny as fuck because they allow political edge to be hosted on their platform, but not alt-right Reddit kek shit. BitChute may allow this, but it's fishy as fuck for doing this because of how bad of an idea that is for a business owner. BitChute began as an alternative to YouTube, for legitimate content. Now, there's literally gore on there.

tl;dr: BitChute is spook as fuck, stay away
#203 Anonymous : Sat, 07 Mar 20 - 15:05:41 EST
stan stray kids
#202 Anonymous : Sat, 07 Mar 20 - 14:22:25 EST
BitChute has turned into unpozzed LiveLeak, so that shit gets you on lists. Lmaoing at the auts that actually uploaded content on that edge honeypot.

For actual content,Vlareseems to be the best option.
#201 Anonymous : Sat, 07 Mar 20 - 13:19:00 EST
Any other better websites other than Vidlii?
#200 Anonymous : Fri, 06 Mar 20 - 14:36:17 EST
dear owner who is reading this, may god bless your soul, in the holy holy holy name of holy trinity bless this site with joy and prosperity, amen, amen! AMEN!
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