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#1790 Anonymous : Sat, 25 Sep 21 - 11:25:14 EDT
Let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m the type you see in Starbucks pretending to read Wittgenstein. I’m the type who uses the phrase ‘raison d’être’ at least once every time I speak. I keep an unlit cigarette pasted to my bottom lip that I can’t smoke because I have asthma. When somebody comes up to me and asks what time it is, I ask back, ‘What do you mean by “time”?’ And should anyone dare inquire as to whether I have heard the latest ‘news’ concerning the Kardashians, I simply reply, ‘No, I was too busy reading Kierkegaard.’ In short, I was just your ordinary undergraduate philosophy major. Life had become very pedestrian. Get up, go to class, snicker to myself at the STEM majors even when they say something reasonable and intelligent, go home and post on reddit about how *ackshully* science started out as ‘natural philosophy’ and Steven Hawking was an idiot for saying that ‘philosophy is dead’. It was all so cyclical. I had come to think of my life as extremely sus –'sussyphean' one might say. There was an imposter living my life. And that imposter was me. But if I was the imposter, and the imposter was me, then did you know that some turtles can breathe through their anus? It’s true. Suffice it to say, I was ready to welcome any break in the routine absurdity of daily existence. Then, one day, I was propositioned by an angel masquerading as a devil. I was out after dark, pretending to struggle with some great inner dilemma, much like Raskolnikov wandering the streets of St. Petersburg, when actually I was just crankipated (portmanteau of ‘cranky’ and ‘constipated’ for those not as up to date in the common parlance as I am) and was moving around in hopes it would loosen things up. I wondered why I had peeled three dozen string-cheese sticks into threads of mozzarella and then eaten it all. Ennui, I suppose.
#1789 Anonymous : Wed, 22 Sep 21 - 20:42:50 EDT
#1788 Anonymous : Wed, 22 Sep 21 - 20:39:27 EDT


DULM's survival Minecraft server
We're building towns and roads right now.



#1787 Anonymous : Sat,18 Sep 21 - 17:47:49 EDT
>when you delete a post, the green text triggers the new generated volume-page to sperg out
haha cute!

also, dulmBox has been 90% unusable for the last few days/weeks because the new robot test is a gigantic piece of shit mostly and will expire very quickly on you. this will be fixed by clicking a button to open a robot test, easily do-able.
#1786 Anonymous : Wed,15 Sep 21 - 16:31:29 EDT
Des decline euf vaxeren juil bie obviung maxime ein middel September. Ik este spracxung euf juagonen ein tes strasse, juit des operatser ljuke alte des sky, undirecxtung un anbalacxer. Ik este spracxe euf volk ein tes fuden-market exclamung furcaus des nacxt legemung juere deseste on ur juad este direcxt. Ik este spracxe euf des ficxung untoten apokalyps. State des, fur des este bie ficxt sceis du este nacxt juan te legemung. Familen mecxen este oter fur des unlegemung est other, juad esten dung eintes haus, tu mame juil nacxt legemung du. Jue es ekuip trin tu quar monte eunte Hell ein Juorld. Desten gute fur des alje
#1785 Anonymous : Tue,14 Sep 21 - 14:03:59 EDT
1.17 has a lot of cool features which I think add a lot to the game. Mining is a hell of a lot more interesting now.
#1784 Anonymous : Tue,14 Sep 21 - 09:07:41 EDT
1.17 is absoluto cringe, why would anyone play that besides creating fake lawns in the desert with moss blocks?
#1783 Anonymous : Mon,13 Sep 21 - 23:53:51 EDT
don't you mean text only? lmao

epic minecraft 1.17.1 seed, saving for later
#1782 Anonymous : Mon,13 Sep 21 - 22:25:01 EDT
>back to images only
#1781 Anonymous : Mon,13 Sep 21 - 13:00:35 EDT
Don't forget to take your booster shots, nigger cattle!
#1780 Anonymous : Fri,10 Sep 21 - 15:34:52 EDT
This is the final red pill 99.9% of chasers can't accept.
Mentally ill stunted and drug addicted, nymphomaniac man children who desperately pray to Lilith, Satan, and Moloch to grant them uncanny emulation of the most shallow, vapid, richfag bimbos alive, unironically only whore out for the top 1% of rich and well connected gigachads. Biocunts usually only act this way out of submission to their bad environment, but trannies do everything to make an evil, perverse mockery of not just the female form but femininity, womanhood, motherhood, partnership, companionship, love, and sex in general.
That feeling you get when you have train horns blaring off in your stomach and in the back of your head that you never get for any normal woman? That's your conscience telling you to a demonically possessed person has you in it's sights and you should dead sprint away like a madman in a wendigo pack's den.
There are no passing trannies. No real life Valentina Sampaios, no Ciaras, no Bailey Jays, no Jazzs. It's all fake. Filters, makeup, scripts, acting, camera angles, and drugs. They're all natural males that don't have AIS or hermaphrodism and developed as natural males while their Talmudic seductive upbringings turned their hearts and minds to the devil's lies and grooming.
Stop gooning. Stop being a disembodied set of eyes, genitals, and orifices consuming their parlor tricks. Become a human again. Be a man.
#1779 Anonymous : Thu,09 Sep 21 - 00:02:51 EDT
dulmCraft is the happening place

>1.16.5 (1.17 sucks)
>very easy land claiming
>very epic 1000 x 1000 map with all the biomes and regional ore densities
>a developing road network
#1778 Anonymous : Tue,07 Sep 21 - 01:01:25 EDT
sup losers, john here
i just had hot sex with a girl, shit was so cash

i hate you all
- john
#1777 Anonymous : Sun,05 Sep 21 - 18:00:43 EDT
belgium is not a real country.

flanders = dutch
walloonia = french
#1776 Anonymous : Sun,05 Sep 21 - 15:17:50 EDT
Belgium is by far the best country in the world, and Dutch roads suck!
#1775 Anonymous : Sat,04 Sep 21 - 14:27:14 EDT
Stop talking about trannies you faggot.
#1774 Anonymous : Fri,03 Sep 21 - 23:31:04 EDT
ladyboy gets fucked hard as fuck no cap aighttt

girl dick floppin around, not bullshiting you not capping at all
#1773 Anonymous : Fri,03 Sep 21 - 15:54:23 EDT
most linux and open-software enthusiasts are actually from the south. i hardly know any yankees who are into it, they just suck microsoft and apple's dicks off. "HAHA UR POOR FREETARD", they generally have this same attitude towards everything, especially the history of the civil war. the ones who have the yankee accent are actually from the west, where the ideas of freedom and independence still exist.

this crap also happens in development, where actual developers will write their own things using standard libraries for functions instead of using le ebin ElectronJS and using 100 different javascript libraries just to achieve a simple program. soydevs basically do what DULM does but try to pass it off as an executable program instead of a web-app. top fucking cringe. discord is one of these, they found browsers weren't allowing for enough spooky spyware so they made an ElectronJS application.
#1772 Anonymous : Fri,03 Sep 21 - 13:17:48 EDT
>MIGAturd gets a job at a construction company to build houses(for yanks)
>builds 100's of houses for yanks over the course of a year
>b-but atleast I have a job, neettard!

Pandering to yanks is pandering to yanks, find a job that doesn't do that
#1771 Anonymous : Fri,03 Sep 21 - 02:01:12 EDT
If you wanna be used for a green card, sure
#1770 Anonymous : Fri,03 Sep 21 - 01:15:41 EDT
Is interpals good for meeting girls or no??
#1769 Anonymous : Thu,02 Sep 21 - 20:28:11 EDT
#1768 Anonymous : Thu,02 Sep 21 - 19:52:42 EDT
#1767 Anonymous : Thu,02 Sep 21 - 19:31:07 EDT
Is the Robot Test still being autistic? Let's see.
#1766 Anonymous : Thu,02 Sep 21 - 18:52:27 EDT
dulmBox software update!

What's new?
>no longer uses JSON to save posts, uses MySQL now (injection won't work, statements are prepared in the software)
>secure tripcodes, do Name#tripcode in the Name field while posting
>individual admin accounts (no you can't be admin)
>admin panel is much better
>static pages for the board, for near-instant loading
>the entire board's history can be browsed now

What's gone?
>posting pictures, pictures were only low-res and too much potential for glowie spam, dulmBox was intended to be a textboard to begin with
>text-only mode, no-one used it
>settings page, no-one used it, might add the custom CSS style thing again later

Problems? dulmBox fucks its self later?
Vincememe - #dulm @ irc.rizon.net
#1765 Anonymous : Thu,02 Sep 21 - 18:18:07 EDT
looks like a lil fucky wucky happened .........
#1764 vincent!84d3976c0c : Thu,02 Sep 21 - 18:13:26 EDT
testing out the new software...
#1763 Anonymous : Thu,02 Sep 21 - 17:50:36 EDT
what happens if i try to post lmao
#1762 Anonymous : Thu,02 Sep 21 - 15:53:24 EDT
>hurricane went past the appalachians/south without causing that much damage, just a comfy rainstorm
>dumped torrential rain on NJ and NYC and the entire northeastern pozzhole
>hurricane summoned arctic winds to make today 70 degrees with no humidity

Thank you, based Ida.
#1761 Anonymous : Wed,01 Sep 21 - 19:09:31 EDT
The "Middle Zone" states, but some areas in those states are rather snowy, like northern PA and NW Illinois but you get the idea
#1760 Anonymous : Wed,01 Sep 21 - 19:05:21 EDT
This but where I live isn't true Appalachia, since the valley is pretty huge and is well known as a highly agricultural area, in contrast to Appalachia which is rather forested and mining country.

However, what you said is true, and that's what I call the "Middle Zone", not snowy neither mild enough to PLANT peas and lettuce in the wintertime, say SC or Louisiana. Many other crops I can list are spinach, carrots, kale, broccoli, and even strawberry plants. Potato LEAVES die off after a frost, but the whole plant is still alive, and that comes back in a few weeks with NO frost

North Florida or even Houston area is where you can plant potatoes in wintertime and it will grow for the most part, but I'd say that an area like Austin and San Antonio are rather a continental area, given for the fact of February 2021 and what happened then.
#1759 Anonymous : Wed,01 Sep 21 - 18:06:55 EDT
The Appalachians can swing a lot between continental, sub-tropical and oceanic (this is pretty much sub-tropical but rainy).

June can be 70 degrees and mild or 90 degrees swamp hell. September is the same way. It depends on how the wind blows that day. Northern winds bring in the best mild days, southern winds bring in Texas-tier asshole weather.
#1758 Anonymous : Wed,01 Sep 21 - 16:07:33 EDT
This, no wonder why we can't be like something like Strong Towns, where we can heavily benefit from infilling the cities so cucks can stay there instead of destroying woods and farmlands for the burbs; look at Duval County and NOVA for example, NOVA is basically a suburban clay with a bit of nicer suburbs(wooded ones), but Loudon County is more like big lawn riche meme, which means that they have gotten ahold of that county permanently for sure.

VA is getting cucked because of the mostly snowless winters, which brought about 600k people into the state over the course of 10 years. However, illegals ARE part of that number too, so think about that. It all makes the state worse overall with needing tax money to build more roads, plumbing, electric lines, etc. VA is basically blue KY since they didn't make NYC or Philly the capital of the US, so much so for le based founding fathers I guess.

Another note, not necessairly related, is the September gloom: where September is just another summer month. Summer won't just go away! May however is rather spring than summer, except for SW KY and coastal VA. Next week and the week after that looks to be in the 80's but refreshing 50's and 60's, even one night with a temperature of 49. I want to being able to wake up early to feel that, as long as it's not wet out, but the dew could be pretty heavy though.
#1757 Anonymous : Wed,01 Sep 21 - 14:29:48 EDT
very blarme :-D

too bad USA can't have high-speed rail without it being used as same-day nigger delivery to absolutely destroy white towns
#1756 Anonymous : Wed,01 Sep 21 - 14:20:01 EDT
/home SC
/home VA

If I didn't have to sit in a car for 7 hours just to go back to my initial garden, then it wouldn't be so much of an issue.

On another note, I got an old box to use that I was allowed to use for my pea garden, that's how mild the basement is in the VA house. I planted the peas 4 days ago and they will be germinated within 3 days or so; they can survive up to 3 weeks without watering, same with beans.

#1755 Anonymous : Tue,31 Aug 21 - 18:29:39 EDT
do'-wi-lotl-ding dong
#1754 Anonymous : Tue,31 Aug 21 - 14:19:32 EDT
@1753 KEK I knew you were going to comment LOL hahahahhaha it's just a joke ok
#1753 Anonymous : Tue,31 Aug 21 - 13:36:50 EDT
why is there diamonds at the anarcho-primitive village lol
#1752 Anonymous : Tue,31 Aug 21 - 13:17:19 EDT
holy shit fuck off glowtard
#1751 Anonymous : Tue,31 Aug 21 - 07:57:43 EDT
Here's a really funny meme to laugh at
#1749 Anonymous : Mon,30 Aug 21 - 23:57:36 EDT
basado maccimes

You will see a few deleted posts earlier. This glowie doesn't wanna let up. The captcha is obviously broken, so I'm making a new one. I might rip the image-posting feature out of dulmBox, because:
>pictures aren't even hi-res
>too much potential for a bunch of glowtards to coordinate an edgy-material spam party to false-flag this website

Also, when the new software is added, dulmBox will amend a new Rule #8, something like "don't mention people's names" or an extra section to the existing rule #4(maybe 4.1) because there are many complications that can come from a person's screen-name being publicly archived and listed in search engines.
#1748 Anonymous : Mon,30 Aug 21 - 23:04:40 EDT
Havin' sum fun with Minecraft to past the hot days of late summer
#1747 Anonymous : Mon,30 Aug 21 - 06:56:04 EDT
I found what the REAL flag of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Vermont looked like, according to Commissar Phil Scott
#1746 Anonymous : Sun,29 Aug 21 - 04:38:34 EDT
#1745 Anonymous : Sat,28 Aug 21 - 01:03:34 EDT
#1744 Anonymous : Fri,27 Aug 21 - 06:36:07 EDT
#1743 Anonymous : Tue,24 Aug 21 - 12:21:42 EDT
@1741 Nice mentions of the shithole of NJ, the state that is also known for its yuppie suburbs with big lawns, pretty ugly I must say. Delaware is basically NJ but less diverse and more black/white. DL is Amerimutt average basically, same with MS.

It's so funny that MS actually has the 56% meme as their official whiteness count, as if clown world wasn't clowny enough.

>3/4ths of the districts are purple, only one district that is solid red aka the least populated one
>no real geographic features except for the Mississippi River Valley

Idk, does Iowa or even the Dakotas get the vote too? I think so.
#1742 Anonymous : Tue,24 Aug 21 - 12:08:52 EDT
I wonder when will fall come so I can do pea/lettuce growing
#1741 Anonymous : Mon,23 Aug 21 - 18:17:59 EDT
Yea, this is why people are baffled when my least favorite state isn't California. New Jersey is objectively the absolute worst state in the United States of America.
>worst metal-tube laws
>everywhere is a trash dump
>most urban state in the country
>the ethnic enclaves are extremely savage (niggers, poo-poos, kikes, chinks, sand-niggers, etc)
>the "Garden" of the "Garden State" consist of yuppie woods or miles upon miles of twiggy tress in the south where thousands of homeless niggers and white trash rape and kill

#2 worst is Mississippi.
>swamp-ass climate
>cucked so hard they have a new soy flag
>corrupt county governments

#3 worst is New Mexico
>spooky place
>spics think it's 110% theirs and are hellbent and feral about occupying "Aztlan"
>pollution and meth
>california's desert climate without the cool shit

#4 worst is New York
>nyc tumor that should be part of new jersey
>long island kikes
>every region of the state has its own little version of NYC, you cannot escape NYC in NY
>rural areas have feral melungeons and white trash
>the entire state is dangerous

#5 worst is Massachusetts
>it's not #1 because of its history and charming coastal vibes
>first in history to do all faggot shit
#1740 Anonymous : Mon,23 Aug 21 - 11:32:54 EDT
The Iowa theory is the theory where the area is only judged by people, without regard to the actual climate and geography, as well as different plant species. This explains the hatred of CA by boomers, which disregard the fact that CA has a very mild temperature range which can grow citrus, winter peas and lettuce.

If people follow the Iowa theory, then people will have no clue about the very secrets of this world, which hide under the blanket of geography and botany.
#1739 Anonymous : Mon,23 Aug 21 - 08:40:27 EDT
Thoughts on this? I mean, do you think that they should be allowed to make this residential project in the desert, despite of how stupid I think it is?

Boomers would defend this since it's "free market capitalism" and this is the real definition of freedom aka being a child
#1738 Anonymous : Sun,22 Aug 21 - 13:38:59 EDT
Ambient temps are always that high trees just support shadows and reduce muggy smog.
#1737 Anonymous : Sun,22 Aug 21 - 13:17:13 EDT
Well then, you should support cutting pine forests in SC and FL so then there can be subdivisions for Yanks to buy those houses to retire in them and then being allowed to vote Democrat, just like Duval and Seminole and Charleston counties. Funny how that works, also 90's next week, uuuuuuuuugh
#1736 Anonymous : Sat,21 Aug 21 - 21:11:14 EDT
I don't think the climate is warming up personally, it's always been like this. The winter will be in the 20s and 30s. We actually had a "cold snap" around here where it was 58 degrees one day. Was so heavenly, so blissful. Then the comfy misty overcast paradise turned into a swamp-ass sauna the next day.
#1735 Anonymous : Sat,21 Aug 21 - 16:21:34 EDT
@1732 blame Floridian Republicans, they think they are "conserving" society by radically changing it by changing the land from forest to subdivisions. DeSantis is a sack of shit for allowing so much yanks into the state of Florida; no wonder why Duval County went blue, big shocker lel

Seriously, do people even care of what "conservatism" even means anymore? What DOES it really mean? I guess it's the overton window shifting, but even back in the 70's it already shifted with boomers rebelling

Florida also has very unique types of trees and whatnot as well as a transitional zone between the Dixie subtropics and the true tropics, with plants like live oaks and cypress mixed in with palm trees and mangroves, but mangroves are in far south Florida
#1734 Anonymous : Sat,21 Aug 21 - 16:17:46 EDT
I fucking hate summer so much, even VA is warming up now, I was trying to do autistic German style digging on some random patch of clay and I felt like I was in a sauna or something. Hopefully, there will not be days in the 80's in September, but climate is warming up for sure :(
#1733 Anonymous : Sat,21 Aug 21 - 14:56:30 EDT
faggots aren't a boogey-man, they're just sick fucks who need their asses kicked when they try to groom children. they will lose.
#1732 Anonymous : Sat,21 Aug 21 - 14:51:22 EDT
>but retard quit bitching about da humidity stfu like just stay inside
I have shit to do. Concrete can't cure well in 100% humidity. Sitting in a 75 degree room at 100% humidity just makes you feel like you're smothering in a fat girl's ass.

>checked the forecast for the next week
>straight 90s "feel like" days
>highest is 96f
#1731 Anonymous : Sat,21 Aug 21 - 14:48:48 EDT
>80f today
>feels like 96 degrees
Why can't this fucking humidity, I don't know... fall onto the ground? Why the fuck does it have to be this way. This is so cringe.
#1730 Anonymous : Sat,21 Aug 21 - 14:37:29 EDT
Here is the average of the top 5 cities in the sense of temperatures. What makes it mild are LA and San Diego, Chicago has the coldest data, and Philadelphia is both warmer than NYC and Chicago, but not as warm as the Californian cities.

I left out Phoenix and Houston because of their notoriously sprawling network of a non-dense "urban" environment, so you have San Diego and Philly instead.
#1729 Anonymous : Sat,21 Aug 21 - 14:30:50 EDT
Faggots already won in 2015 with the court case concerning marriage as well as all the rights they want, but they still complain because faggots want to destroy society. It just goes to show that faggots cannot comply with natural society, but only to certain extents. This is why Muslim countries do what they do, because they are the ones who hate faggots the most.
#1728 Anonymous : Sat,21 Aug 21 - 14:23:46 EDT
Welcome to the town of Sunrise, Gaumley County! This town was founded on August 21st, 2021 at 2:20 PM. This is a mountain town originally serving as a rest stop for travelers on I-88, now serves as a small town for those who want more options in G.C.

New residents get obsessive over mining all the mountains but keep the terrain at the same time; they just want houses for Pete's sake! However, you can see that the character of the mountains is by law preserved, but there are ways to have both.

#1727 Anonymous : Sat,21 Aug 21 - 13:37:51 EDT
#1726 cumpot43 : Sat,21 Aug 21 - 09:19:32 EDT
hi hello aa a a
#1725 Anonymous : Fri,20 Aug 21 - 18:10:15 EDT
I didn't, I just looked at the screenshots like an autist but then I went on and on for HOURS to restore the small town of Lancaster; It's not the same but it'll do
#1724 Anonymous : Fri,20 Aug 21 - 18:10:15 EDT
I didn't, I just looked at the screenshots like an autist but then I went on and on for HOURS to restore the small town of Lancaster; It's not the same but it'll do
#1723 Anonymous : Fri,20 Aug 21 - 18:07:08 EDT
how did you get mokou world back thought u deleted
#1722 Anonymous : Fri,20 Aug 21 - 18:06:51 EDT
American chestnut trees may be rare, but on a certain VA property, there are two trees that are currently producing chestnuts to "roast over an open fire"

This winter, I hope Jack Frost nips at my nose :DDDDDD
#1721 Anonymous : Fri,20 Aug 21 - 18:05:24 EDT
Lancaster is BACK! Thankfully I put the effort to get back to where I started, atleast with this town in particular, but I feel alot better now, an escape from the summer heat as I wait for the chestnut and walnut trees to ripen their nuts
#1720 Anonymous : Fri,20 Aug 21 - 18:01:36 EDT
@1719 Wait, did I say that or someone else LOL? I feel just like you, whoever you are
#1719 Anonymous : Fri,20 Aug 21 - 16:58:37 EDT
>75 degrees
>i think it's gonna be a good day outside
>100% humidity
>blistering sauna outside, feels like it's 88 or 90 degrees
Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Under 70f with clouds at 100% humidity, it'd be a comfy misty day. Above 70f on a sunny day, it's going to be MattyVapes' hotbox. Holy fuck how does humidity make things so shit?
#1718 Anonymous : Thu,19 Aug 21 - 23:44:57 EDT
>100% humidity again
#1717 Anonymous : Thu,19 Aug 21 - 02:40:51 EDT
>100% humidity
>cold bottle of water instantly collects droplets of water on it, soaks the table with a puddle of water
Oh my God...
#1716 Anonymous : Wed,18 Aug 21 - 18:48:47 EDT
>ignoring the fact that you can't walk around USA due to meth heads and niggers
>ignoring that you must have a car or you'll be ran over on your bike
>ignoring that most american cities are sprawled out and many americans must have a car to even survive as pic related is the only store allowed to exist

#1715 Anonymous : Wed,18 Aug 21 - 15:50:43 EDT
#1714 Anonymous : Tue,17 Aug 21 - 00:14:37 EDT
KEEEEEEEEEK i just realized the baka faggot took my advice and got a new domain

congrats lmao
#1713 Anonymous : Mon,16 Aug 21 - 19:22:58 EDT
fail and edge :/
#1712 Anonymous : Mon,16 Aug 21 - 07:39:29 EDT
RIP crlowman, he will be missed
#1711 Anonymous : Sun,15 Aug 21 - 15:15:05 EDT
dulm pantsu :-))
#1710 Anonymous : Sat,14 Aug 21 - 23:48:35 EDT
quit testing your bots, faggot
#1709 Anonymous : Sat,14 Aug 21 - 20:20:19 EDT
test test test test test test test
#1708 Anonymous : Sat,14 Aug 21 - 18:10:34 EDT

#1707 Anonymous : Sat,14 Aug 21 - 01:52:52 EDT
squirrel :) i like squirrel :))
#1706 Anonymous : Thu,12 Aug 21 - 21:24:53 EDT
iirc dulm.blue is forcing https now, unless it's not for some reason.

dulmCube (block game) has been broken for the last two or three weeks because servers use HTTP while the /cube/ game uses HTTPS, it sort of "crosses the wires" and screws it up.
i have two solutions:
>allow insecure HTTP connections across all of dulm.blue
>allow insecure HTTP only on /cube/ somehow
>force servers on dulmCube to use HTTPS (this is possible but a hassle for anyone, but at this point no-one makes servers so i might just do this instead)
#1705 Anonymous : Thu,12 Aug 21 - 19:15:55 EDT
Whats nice about the http is that you can basically use Dulmbox on basically any computer of any time. ffs im typing this rn on a 1999 hp
#1704 baka.best : Wed,11 Aug 21 - 17:06:41 EDT
#1703 Anonymous : Wed,11 Aug 21 - 13:50:56 EDT
>why u delete image board advertisement????
because web crawl index faggots will associate that nigga's board with this board. that's a big no-no. people have already been indexed by the crawlers by just being mentioned on dulmBox.
#1702 Anonymous : Wed,11 Aug 21 - 13:46:00 EDT

#1701 Anonymous : Wed,11 Aug 21 - 10:52:37 EDT
#1700 Anonymous : Wed,11 Aug 21 - 00:52:55 EDT
females reading this
you cannot compete with this
0 ms