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#1699 Anonymous : Tue, 10 Aug 21 - 19:11:20 EDT
juere estes poster d'climate? es totung??? nacx :( estes virgenlunde d'etat travlung scestiat :)
#1698 Anonymous : Tue, 10 Aug 21 - 02:32:21 EDT
They're very horny to go full throttle with this bullshit but they have to play it soft, it's a delicate maneuver they must play to get away with this (they won't, their hubris has gone too far already) When the fiat currencies are beyond a doubt worthless, shit finally progresses. Think of the stagnation of this country so far as God's opportunity to you to become fit for His battles.

USA is starkly divided already, the vax/mask retards and the based. Those who will take the vax will not survive or prosper, as they are an inferior people. Nigger cattle get harvested in the end.
#1697 Anonymous : Tue, 10 Aug 21 - 01:28:36 EDT
It was never about a china virus. It's always been about pulling the largest divide-and-conquer scenario the world has ever seen in the form of "vaxxed" vs "unvaxxed", all around the world. The goal of this is to create a group of those that will bow to their government unwillingly without question. Any dissenters will be either eliminated, cast out, or placed into rehabilitation facilities.

Essentially the vaccine is the "mark of the beast" if you will. Whether you are a believer of the Bible or not you can see this is a problem. You might be thinking who gives a shit about concerts, restaurants, and public places in general? Well, sooner or later, they will apply this to grocery stores and you won't be able to have access to food, water, or shelter without some proof of vaccination.

>"haha that's retarded, you can always fake that shit"
That's what they said about fiat dollar bills. Now they're nearly impossible to counterfeit unless you have direct access to a money printer.

>"I'll just get some autist to fetch my groceries for me. No big, broski."
You think they won't know? If you have a phone or computer, they're already tracking you.

>"don't need a phone, I can just contact a friend by other means"
Believe me, they will push to the very end, and you can only run away for so long until you run into a dead-end that you cannot escape from. Any little thing you can think of to avoid the destruction of your life and your relations with others will not go unanswered.

In fact, there's a theory floating around that the vaccine slowly destroys your antibodies, making you dependent on what they refer to as "booster shots". This closes the door permanently on your freedom, making you a servant of the state, whether it means well for its people or not. If you don't like something about your government or you say some wrongthink, they refuse you your boosters, and you simply just die. I can't confirm whether this is true but I would not put it past me.
#1696 Anonymous : Mon, 09 Aug 21 - 00:06:25 EDT
shut the fuck up and suck my dick





















#1695 Anonymous : Sat, 07 Aug 21 - 20:56:12 EDT
>"dulm is classic web design"
>hey what the fuck THIS feature wasn't in the 2000s !!!!
dulm isn't classic web design, it's not-shit web design. fuck js in static pages. js should not exist. zelgnairt could 100% be a server-side app if browsers and HTML had standards for user input that didn't require client-side code curated by web-dev retards. the more i browse the web the more i fucking hate js.

seriously, you can't even make a user-generated content site because 90% of the effort you put into it will go into stopping XSS autism. you can either strip tags completely, or allow HTML but enjoy endless XSS autism. JS should not fucking exist.
#1694 Anonymous : Fri, 06 Aug 21 - 14:09:18 EDT
(4.43 KB, 250x250)
this nigga turns into a gaming computer
#1693 Anonymous : Tue, 03 Aug 21 - 21:40:32 EDT
Sorry we had a civil war about this, but you were always told that thousands of white men died for joggers and you believed it. It was about the right for the state to hold its own power over what they thought was an overreaching federal government.

Thing is, founders of the country were autists and set up a government without understanding how power actually consolidates. The irony of it all.

Now you realize you live in a fake country and the game has been rigged and that voting was ALWAYS fake and gay. Power comes from like-minded individuals working together and pushing other groups into the dirt and that's how the Semites destroyed you and your mind. They taught you liberty, individualism, personal happiness and other false lies to make you do the wrong thing while they work together to conquer you and your children.
#1692 Anonymous : Tue, 03 Aug 21 - 17:12:37 EDT

what the fuck? get a real domain, retard. .tk is universally blocked by all firewalls. if you want to be accessible by all, get a .xyz, .info, or something for $2.00 first year, $7.00 yearly past that. not a single major search engine lists .tk, ever. too much edge and glow on .tk websites, it's a legitimate hatred.

t. used .tk for DULM back in 2016, shit got universally blocked so i used .ddns.net for a free domain until 2019. literally anything is better than those "free domains". they also can't put ddns.net in a firewall because it'll break services that use that domain. schools tried to block dulm.ddns.net and ended up making microsoft services (microsoft owns no-ip) unusable. was kek as fuck
#1691 Anonymous : Tue, 03 Aug 21 - 10:04:51 EDT
(12.81 KB, 250x212)
Saneed Faheed Sayid
#1690 Anonymous : Tue, 03 Aug 21 - 06:20:58 EDT
(5.28 KB, 250x124)
Not sure if I should like or hate this, since I can tell this is trying to emulate Charleston architecture, but then it tore up thru the forests but I do not live in the area.

However, the ecosystem of the area is pretty unique, since there is a million Coloradoes but not a million coastal Carolina's
#1689 Anonymous : Mon, 02 Aug 21 - 18:31:28 EDT
(5.86 KB, 211x250)
New board just dropped!

Come have fun and act retarded.
Get rare GETs while you can.
#1688 Anonymous : Sat, 31 Jul 21 - 12:24:05 EDT
English: I drink milk after eating a pepper.

Dacian: Azam pemi melz pra edsi pippali.
#1687 Anonymous : Fri, 30 Jul 21 - 05:34:31 EDT
i hate jewish jews
#1686 Anonymous : Thu, 29 Jul 21 - 20:34:07 EDT
deer problem is solved with a big fence. you understand deer are big animals, they just prance around autistically.

rabbits and snails are the issue, since rabbits can burrow and snails will eat the shit out of your crops in massive quantities after a rain.
#1685 Anonymous : Thu, 29 Jul 21 - 20:15:28 EDT
Great essay, cannot find anything to disagree on. My parents are complaining of how they have to maintain a 2 1/2 acre lawn in VA, and what I noticed last year was that oak saplings came up in that area. My boomer dad got rid of them as I was trying to save the very thing that was going to help our family.

I think it's stupid to have such a thing you don't even care about, and there's literally nothing wrong with a few trees in the barren front yard. It sickens me of how fucking useless that area is, nothing but a tickbed. Even when the grass is cut to lawn standards, some areas get really think due to having less clay.

I think I know why forests exist: to maintain lands people don't want to maintain, as well as the oxygen production as well as lumber. I hope more oak saplings generate in that vast shit of land, or maybe even a raised bed, but my mom said there's too much deer that would eat the crops.

I can't disagree since the property is 83% woodlands, a double edge sword if you will. As much as I like woodlands, it makes it really hard to maintain anything like a garden in such a wild and rural land, where any critter can come and get it, but maybe I should go back so I can do that.

What do you think about this?
#1684 Anonymous : Thu, 29 Jul 21 - 00:43:28 EDT
it's actually a lot like tax fraud

stupid tax-paying normalfaggot wage slaves have an epic seethe meltdown when someone doesn't PAY MONEY TO THE GOVERNMENT >:((((

NEETs and red-pill'd people don't give a fuck, as they know it'd be epic to bypass taxation and would do it themselves if they could, and the rich don't pay taxes anyways, you're just being shook by the spooks

people are only mad when someone does it because tehy can't do it too and tehy feel they've been frauded when they've already paid their taxes.
simps who marry 30-something year old whores will report you for fucking 16yo fresh pussy just because of this insane jealousy, whereas a virgin would just say "Nice." or also do this in a seethe meltdown from his deprecated sex life, to which he can only "Have sex" with the same 30something old whores
#1683 Anonymous : Thu, 29 Jul 21 - 00:39:15 EDT
no, normies always did this

they only have a problem with it if they're not allowed to also get 16yo pussy. also, old hags get mad over young pussy too. non-virgin non-married girls are also insanely jealous of girls with their virginities in-tact.

the truth is, girls who aren't virgins, and aren't widowed if not a virgin, are human garbage and should be treated as such. anyone who thinks or perceives differently from this is a weak faggot and will backstab you as he has backstabbed God
#1682 Anonymous : Wed, 28 Jul 21 - 05:12:56 EDT
(6.27 KB, 250x148)
yea but this is normies doing this, are normies waking up finally?
#1681 Anonymous : Wed, 28 Jul 21 - 03:42:40 EDT
what the fuck is a dilf

dad version of milf??

girls like older men? shocking. imagine my fucking shock. my gf likes me because i look older than i actually am and sound 40 apparently
#1680 Anonymous : Wed, 28 Jul 21 - 03:09:20 EDT
What's with girls on vsco posting "dilf" all the sudden?
#1679 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Jul 21 - 21:17:04 EDT
Racism is bad, end of story.
#1678 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Jul 21 - 21:02:18 EDT
Sneed is a slur.
#1677 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Jul 21 - 19:08:40 EDT
>1669 fucking faggot kys. Too bad you woulda seen sneedacity build itself on a 600mhz celron from 2000
#1676 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Jul 21 - 15:55:27 EDT
(3.61 KB, 125x125)
#1675 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Jul 21 - 06:46:37 EDT
@1673 Hot weather sucks my man, anything above 72 with some humidity can feel awful too
#1674 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Jul 21 - 06:41:49 EDT
If you replace "I" with "we", even illness becomes wellness.
#1673 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Jul 21 - 06:39:46 EDT
@1671 I hope you enjoy the South, stupid Yankee transplant!
#1672 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Jul 21 - 03:02:40 EDT

I simply CANNOT, as a straight white male & in good conscience, use up even ONE SINGLE FUCKING INJECTION of this precious vaccine.

For too long we have coasted through life on our inherent privilege. I believe the time is now, in the midst of the worst global pandemic in history, to PLEDGE OUR COMMITMENT to righting these past injustices.


I WILL see every minority & BIPOC protected from the devastating plague of Covid-19, before I even begin to think of my own safety. Before I even CONTEMPLATE getting vaccinated myself. Every single jab into the arm of a white person could, nay, MUST be used to protect the highly
at risk BIPOC community.

It's time for us whites to sit at the back of the bus, for a change. Who is with me???
#1671 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Jul 21 - 02:19:10 EDT
(5.5 KB, 186x250)
>early morning
>100% humidity
>70 degrees

>late afternoon
>93 degrees
>80% humidity
My fucking face. Fucking why. It's 95% humidity here at 75 degrees and it already fucking sucks...
#1670 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Jul 21 - 02:12:59 EDT
(7.57 KB, 250x250)
#1669 Anonymous : Tue, 27 Jul 21 - 01:27:30 EDT
failure confirmed lmaoing @ u
#1668 Anonymous : Mon, 26 Jul 21 - 19:08:33 EDT
This is a test image to make sure images properaly upload off surf. Hopefully this config is working properly
#1667 Anonymous : Mon, 26 Jul 21 - 16:14:15 EDT
(4.38 KB, 250x140)
Them white boys had me on crystal meth
#1666 Anonymous : Mon, 26 Jul 21 - 03:26:46 EDT
(4.84 KB, 250x120)
Need it or keep it???
#1665 Anonymous : Mon, 26 Jul 21 - 03:01:33 EDT
(2.81 KB, 115x125)
bruh momente maxime
#1664 Anonymous : Mon, 26 Jul 21 - 01:41:52 EDT
No sweetie, it's gorilla warfare ;)
The apes are coming....
#1663 Anonymous : Sun, 25 Jul 21 - 22:17:44 EDT
>Biden: "If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15's and maybe some nuclear weapons"
It's like he doesn't know what guerilla warfare is.
#1662 Anonymous : Sun, 25 Jul 21 - 16:06:29 EDT
(5.36 KB, 250x140)
girl dick orgy is fucking awesome :OOOOO fuckk
#1661 Anonymous : Sat, 24 Jul 21 - 17:36:51 EDT
LOL what a fail that is!
#1660 Anonymous : Sat, 24 Jul 21 - 17:34:49 EDT
(1.48 KB, 250x199)
Vince may hate this since this is pagan, but whatever.
#1659 Anonymous : Sat, 24 Jul 21 - 15:31:25 EDT
(12.55 KB, 250x250)
#1658 Anonymous : Sat, 24 Jul 21 - 14:51:28 EDT
An embarrassing error occurred for the last two days.

The new web server didn't have the "gd" library for PHP installed, which means images couldn't generate for the robot tests, making it impossible to post on here, take the Normie Test or answer the DULM question. I have fixed it now.
#1657 Anonymous : Thu, 22 Jul 21 - 05:52:43 EDT
>be man
>bad at job
>get new job

>be woman
>bad at job
>have mental breakdown
>call the person who fired you a predator
>sob for 10 minutes after you see him YEARS LATER

are women truly equal?
#1656 Anonymous : Wed, 21 Jul 21 - 23:04:44 EDT
bug reports are appreciated but what the fuck was in that XSS, not clicking that shit
#1655 Anonymous : Wed, 21 Jul 21 - 18:04:40 EDT
#1654 Anonymous : Mon, 19 Jul 21 - 16:01:22 EDT

Quick rundown

>dulm can't get HTTPS right now because the server is fucked in a few ways, not explaining why
>best course of action is to reset the server
>web server has to manually be reinstalled
>dulmCube server can just be migrated seamlessly
>new SQL server for the new dulmBox software, among other things

This will probably happen by August. The reset process may take a few hours, but if something fucks up big-time or it begins to take over a few hours, I'll have a basic DULM set-up on another host provider until I get it fixed. The basic set-up would have the Normie Test, that's about it, considering how popular it is.

Basically, if DULM is offline one day, don't panic because it'll be back in the next few hours.
#1653 Anonymous : Sun, 18 Jul 21 - 23:01:17 EDT
(13.42 KB, 250x250)

#1652 Anonymous : Sun, 18 Jul 21 - 22:38:54 EDT
"American claims to be a Christian country, though America nowadays worships things like palm trees, open spaces, and money. But few that are truthful are the ones who worship Jesus first"
#1651 Anonymous : Sat, 17 Jul 21 - 15:57:38 EDT
El pueblo esta bueno y linda! Yo soy hombre que habitar en el pueblo.
#1650 Anonymous : Fri, 16 Jul 21 - 02:35:23 EDT
(4.03 KB, 221x250)
#1649 Anonymous : Fri, 16 Jul 21 - 02:13:42 EDT
(5.85 KB, 180x250)
Is that Spotemgottem?

That nigga has been on my mind. No cap, I been thinking about that time when I barebacked him raw in a Boca Raton Air BnB. That shit had to be the tightest, blackest, wettest boy pussy I've ever laid pipe into. I swear to God, the most heavenly high is gargling that wonderboy's nuts while going fist deep into his shitter. I had Spotemgottem screaming in the sheets with head too ridiculous to ignore. That nigga frotted my cock until he busted on my mouth, I had to return the favor. That nigga Spotemgottem and I been fucking non-stop ever since, but keep that shit on the DL. He does that shit for free. If you're gonna ask me how to "long" Spotemgottem, I'll be deadass. All you gotta do is ask, be straight up, and get physical real quick. Touch his nuts, get on ya knees, talk your shit. He doesn't play around with no pansy-ass niggas either. He likes his men manly, and his dick thick. Dark skin, 6'5 is the minimum and I ain't talking about height boy.

That nigga Spotemgottem stole my heart and drank my seed.
#1648 Anonymous : Thu, 15 Jul 21 - 20:28:17 EDT
(6.44 KB, 248x250)
#1647 Anonymous : Thu, 15 Jul 21 - 20:18:42 EDT
(7.43 KB, 250x186)
#1646 Anonymous : Thu, 15 Jul 21 - 02:44:07 EDT
bro you posted that shit twice, da fuck dawg?
#1645 Anonymous : Thu, 15 Jul 21 - 02:34:17 EDT
A good place in WA for that is the west coast lel but it rains there more than anywhere else
#1644 Anonymous : Thu, 15 Jul 21 - 02:27:50 EDT
A good place in WA for that is the west coast lel but it rains there more than anywhere else besides the mountains, where it precipitates. That means it gets snow too.
#1643 Anonymous : Thu, 15 Jul 21 - 02:23:49 EDT
Does heterosexual anal sex exist? I think so.
#1642 Anonymous : Wed, 14 Jul 21 - 18:32:06 EDT
(2.03 KB, 125x100)
California could just bum water from Washington State. Why the fuck would you pump water almost 2,000 miles when you could just make a dam in the Northwest and pump it a shorter distance? Fucking losers.
#1641 Anonymous : Wed, 14 Jul 21 - 15:00:09 EDT
Tf is this jewish map helping the very state that has ruined America?

Do you like Mexicans, anon? Because that's what the main ethnicity is in CA, and whites don't want babies like they used to, you know.
#1640 Anonymous : Tue, 13 Jul 21 - 21:23:01 EDT
(3.68 KB, 250x121)
califags severely underestimate the amount of hate the rest of the country has for them
#1639 Anonymous : Mon, 12 Jul 21 - 19:59:07 EDT
Fuck trannies and niggers
#1638 Anonymous : Mon, 12 Jul 21 - 15:18:40 EDT

kys faggot
#1637 Anonymous : Mon, 12 Jul 21 - 00:19:26 EDT
Are you ok dudes?
You aren't special, come to 9chan like all normal people
#1636 Anonymous : Sun, 11 Jul 21 - 06:50:10 EDT
#1635 Anonymous : Sat, 10 Jul 21 - 16:26:25 EDT
I know it's starting to look like Reddit with all these deleted posts, but these are either pedo robots or shills.

The pedo robots can be stopped by upgrading the robot test by adding more images since the pedo robot has simply picked all the images in the robot test to each "category" it belongs to and using an AI or whatever to compare each image, because each image is slightly distorted each time it is displayed.

The shills, however, cannot be stopped because dulmBox is on all kinds of "alt-chan lists" where these other retards who make their own "chan" website want to advertise through every board in all of these lists, which is fucking annoying since dulmBox never once did this. This could also be a robot but I doubt multiple people have "cracked" this robot test just to shill sites for other people, but it's not impossible and again, upgrading the robot test would make these faggots stop posting, with robots anyways.

The problem I have with shills is not the fact people are making textboards, that's awesome actually. The problem comes from what could be on those boards, and with dulmBox being cached and archived constantly it could be "linked" to those boards through association. Not cool.
#1634 Anonymous : Sat, 10 Jul 21 - 14:16:34 EDT
#1633 Anonymous : Fri, 09 Jul 21 - 23:56:58 EDT
>pick only creek images


This captcha is legitimately retarded.
#1632 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Jul 21 - 23:53:32 EDT
fuck off shill. get popular on your own, faggot.
#1631 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Jul 21 - 19:01:53 EDT
#1630 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Jul 21 - 17:09:29 EDT
plant diversity can be cancer soemtimes
look at the entire southeast USA and its kudzu spam
le japanese weed grows 1 foot a day
#1629 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Jul 21 - 11:48:38 EDT
The only diversity we really need is plant species
#1628 Anonymous : Tue, 06 Jul 21 - 00:49:19 EDT
It is time to commit suicide, dude.
#1627 Anonymous : Mon, 05 Jul 21 - 22:40:14 EDT
#1626 Anonymous : Mon, 05 Jul 21 - 14:21:03 EDT
(6.39 KB, 233x250)
funny minecraft memes, deluxe YLYL edition
#1625 Anonymous : Sat, 03 Jul 21 - 22:18:42 EDT
boob sex nigger asss
#1624 Anonymous : Sat, 03 Jul 21 - 19:30:39 EDT
So much so for being a Christian
#1623 Anonymous : Sat, 03 Jul 21 - 18:47:06 EDT
#1622 Anonymous : Fri, 02 Jul 21 - 21:44:12 EDT
(4.65 KB, 250x187)
It's time to commit suicide.
#1621 Anonymous : Fri, 02 Jul 21 - 20:17:43 EDT
#1620 Anonymous : Fri, 02 Jul 21 - 02:28:18 EDT
It also keeps stupid goyim immobile
#1619 Anonymous : Thu, 01 Jul 21 - 23:42:03 EDT
>power grid is known for being strained during the winter and summer months
>while this is happening we want everyone to be forced to use electric cars

>it is the year 2022
>biden bans gas/diesel vehicle imports and strikes a deal with the oil companies to artificially raise the prices to "de-incentivize" non-electric usage
>in return they get to frack anywhere they want even on reserved land and sell it all to china
>the gas that we USED to have to power the cars now just gets shipped overseas instead of being utilized toward the electric grid
>money that comes from selling it is just embezzled into washington
>brownouts eventually turn into blackouts
>normies blame it on climate change and red states

this is your brain on america.
#1618 Anonymous : Thu, 01 Jul 21 - 19:27:32 EDT
@1617 please consider suicide
#1617 Anonymous : Thu, 01 Jul 21 - 19:00:41 EDT
#1616 Anonymous : Thu, 01 Jul 21 - 17:44:16 EDT
Fail at typing nigger
#1615 Anonymous : Thu, 01 Jul 21 - 17:41:33 EDT
Hanover is a suburb of Melonside-Vipoville, although it is closer to Vipoville than Melonside. It was founded on June 18th, 2021
at 5:30 PM. It tries to take more inspiration as more like a New England town than the whole mixture of M.V., where there is
European and American influences, sort of like Europe in the 2000's. It has its own mill called Dover Mill, the first structure
in the town excluding the buildings north of the river. The buildings north of the river were owned by Vipoville till the new town
came to be in June of 2021.

Hanover, along with Lancaster, were known in April 2021 as rest stops to reach M.V. area alive and not
having to deal with the ferocious creatures of the wild, since much of the area was indeed still fairly wilderness, despite being
a not too far hike to Gaumley. The rest stop was built with oak logs and cobblestone as the maystay of the local architecture, which
was later incorporated in late June into the local downtown area. Next to the Dover Mill is an amateur hospital and humble living houses,
which do not tend to be as fancy as other areas. Also, there is a tower representing the architectural imperialism of Gaumley, despite the
town being extremely stagnant over several months from the founding of Hanover. The difficult terrain of a canyon-esque area makes it hard
to do almost anything, except if people wanted to build more and more towers with no windows on some sides. Hanover has been recently
known for the first introduction of Cape Dutch architecture, which is a descendant of Dutch architecture. Local limestone was founded by
the beach east of Hanover to make the new, beautiful building.

Some rural developments have happened in the area as well. For example, an entire berry farm was constructed on the north side of the Hanover
River for the production of such berries. This will help local residents to gain more vitamins and minerals than just a monoculture of potatoes
and wheat.
#1614 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Jun 21 - 17:39:18 EDT
i imagine the island is a sovereign state of its own, if not a sovereign country, a separate state/province from Vipo State / East Mokou Confederacy (which includes vipo, gaumley and deltana)

for real tho nigga we should get playin on that mc server
#1613 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Jun 21 - 17:15:32 EDT
I think you're talking about Mount Carl area, which is solid Melonside-Vipoville metro area, which does include Hanover, but thanks for the advice to get rid of the small bits of land on that eastern island. I wonder what that place will be in the future.
#1612 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Jun 21 - 14:53:52 EDT
Hanover doesn't reach that far east nor does it go on the island. I think that's a separate municipality since there's a GIANT MOUNTAIN in the way, which should serve as a border.
#1611 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Jun 21 - 13:51:55 EDT
(6.23 KB, 250x203)
Ouch my eyes! Rate this map of the Melonside-Vipoville Metro area, I did this in paint.net
#1610 Anonymous : Wed, 30 Jun 21 - 02:27:17 EDT
(8.15 KB, 250x124)
The new flag of Great Britain
#1609 Anonymous : Tue, 29 Jun 21 - 16:55:00 EDT
btw faggot glowies, @1608 means actual minecraft

i know you niggers are horny to take "minecraft" statements out of context
#1608 Anonymous : Tue, 29 Jun 21 - 16:32:36 EDT
i feel like minecraftin today

any niggas wanna play minecraft? we can play the DULM server 1.16.5 i guess
#1607 Anonymous : Tue, 29 Jun 21 - 16:15:34 EDT
What do you think it is dumbass, it's niggers ofc
#1606 Anonymous : Tue, 29 Jun 21 - 13:48:06 EDT
So what race is the lemonade?
#1605 Anonymous : Tue, 29 Jun 21 - 02:28:19 EDT
(4.77 KB, 225x250)
The one drop rule is basically like distilling lemon juice. 30% lemonade still tastes like lemonade, despite 70% of it being water. Hell, even 10% lemonade tastes a bit lemony still, weird how that works! It really do apply to real life in terms of not only nigger but Jewish and Asian genetics, so on an so forth.

Try diluting lemonade and try it out for yourself, funny that it's better for you than full lemonade, which is totally uneccassery to consider it "impure" or whatnot, since 25% tastes similar to 100% lemonade

I found this to be a very interesting topic, works with apple juice and most fruit juices; LMAO do it with grape juice, very fitting for the experiment
#1604 Anonymous : Tue, 29 Jun 21 - 01:03:11 EDT
(7.92 KB, 250x140)
Sneed's Feed and Seed, formerly Chuck's
#1603 Anonymous : Mon, 28 Jun 21 - 16:40:11 EDT
btw niggers, on the IRC when you join clients don't get pinged, you gotta message to send a ping
#1602 Anonymous : Mon, 28 Jun 21 - 16:07:43 EDT
Never knew much about those kind, I live on the East Coast, quite close to the literal at that one. I've heard live oaks are a close second for something that works, but some are life threatening too. South Lake Tahoe, CA, has alot of trees covering houses there, which even when you have a tree literally bumped against the house, but that's how life is there. It gets 40 degree highs but freakish lows too, but there is alot of snow there, so you can chill in a comfy cabin close to a lake area, which is awesome.

For my area, I am trying to not have too much trees because we have a garden where we grow veggies, but I planted many trees near the edge of the property. I got 2 figs and 2 plums for edibles on the land that are perennials. I see one fig fruit turning purple now, it's as small as a toddler but it's 'mature', which means it's fruit-bearing age. Hope you get to that as well, because it's great to just pick off fruit from a tree, kills two birds with one stone.

Also, those types of trees don't have to be super big, so they are accent trees when you want something smaller, similar to dogwoods or redbuds. I wonder what other trees can work that don't necessairly fall over, maybe just build an underground bunker or something. That will guarantee the least impact, but also, just build a smaller house. The South Lake Tahoe area is a great example, like I said earlier. I hope this helps for whoever sees this post.
#1601 Anonymous : Mon, 28 Jun 21 - 16:00:06 EDT
Hot and humid is like a black man and a white woman together in love. I really don't get what's so great about humid heat, I guess if you like the thrills of extreme weather I guess, but it more or less feels like a jungle or swamp area, but it's just shit weather by then. There are some good winds but if the winds stop, then it feels like shit again. The Shenadoah Valley isn't as humid as SC, maybe because of rain shadow, despite having a fairly lush climate anyways.

Farmers in the region made it drier than what it was, since the valley is mostly farms by now, shocking due to the mostly shit soil, great for building though. I really don't get why people would dare to grow in red clay, what's the benefit of spending more money to get the shit to grow than it is for somewhere that has the soil. Hell, even the Pacific Northwest has awesome soil, probably due to the volcanic activity. I guess you can say that volcanoes are a double edge sword at that one.

It has mild but rainy af winters, but really shit dry summers. Rain every day in winter, brown grass in summer. I think it's best to leave as much native vegetation as possible, unless you would farm it, because lawns in the Pacific Northwest are similar to how the Southwest is, but atleast in the winter it can look very green atleast.
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i don't get why niggas chop down forests, they reduce heat in your house, they should be needed just because of that. however, a tree branch crashing through your roof is a valid concern, not sure how you'd go about avoiding that. maybe just live in a new 50 year old forest, poplar trees mainly. those trees will grow up tall and thin so they don't wreak absolute havoc when they fall over.
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