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#1599 Anonymous : Mon, 28 Jun 21 - 15:42:25 EDT
I measured the temperature of the forest floor in SC today and it's from 64-78 degrees, so average is 70-72. Sun-exposed areas are 78-96 degrees, I'm sure it can get higher than that. However, it is currently 83 with 75% humidity.
#1598 Anonymous : Mon, 28 Jun 21 - 15:40:16 EDT
Have you ever seen Trump supporters before? They'll throw around that word like Hungarians do paprika, it has lost it's meaning by now, similar to McCarthy. Racist is also another word that is thrown around alot to almost everything, which is absurd. People who like to keep a forest a forest isn't communist, MIGAturd
#1597 Anonymous : Mon, 28 Jun 21 - 15:39:51 EDT
nothin quite like a forested appalachian hill-top tho

constant breeze, nice and shaded by the trees. usually 65 degrees up there while it's 80 in the hollow and 90 in the open fields.
#1596 Anonymous : Mon, 28 Jun 21 - 15:34:24 EDT
Communist is a kind word for Bolshevik kike. No matter how you call it, they are the enemy of the West.

>actually, this word is just a scapegoat stfu racist chud lol
this deserves a smuggie meme

#1595 Anonymous : Mon, 28 Jun 21 - 13:31:01 EDT
Atleast the mountain forests are finally warm now, but the heat on the lowlands is unironically deadly and there are a few good souls in the region; people on 4chan always talk about "cucked NW" but they don't realize that Texas and Florida are cucked too, just differently.

"Commie" is just a scapegoat for the modern right wing. Trump supporters only use their brain for anything but politics; may be useful at times, but they should shut up when political topics come up, otherwise, we're letting idiots controlling the country. I guess we just need a balance? Some Democrats are crazy, but most of them DO want to improve society, but they are shunned.
#1594 Anonymous : Sun, 27 Jun 21 - 19:48:53 EDT
(6.1 KB, 250x139)
what do you niggas think of the west coast heat wave? temps of 117 coming soon iirc, 45 celcius in PNW of canada
#1593 Deiljuid Scanlire : Sun, 27 Jun 21 - 16:50:02 EDT
tes mame es siok m diok d maxime extente :))
#1592 Anonymous : Sat, 26 Jun 21 - 22:58:26 EDT
suburbs are cringe

if you're a zogbot, live like a fucking zogbot

what keeps this facade of a country going is the drones are living like they have any independence

believe me there is a huge difference between rural boonies where you need to drive a car and suburbs where you shouldn't even need a fucking car.
#1591 Anonymous : Sat, 26 Jun 21 - 01:33:09 EDT
(6.96 KB, 250x143)
Amerimutt moment
#1590 Anonymous : Sat, 26 Jun 21 - 01:08:03 EDT
My eyes think a Hungarian is a Slav; My ears thinks he's a descendant of Genghis Khan
#1589 mr sniper : Sat, 26 Jun 21 - 00:07:36 EDT
#1588 RICK ASTLEY : Sat, 26 Jun 21 - 00:04:18 EDT
(4.21 KB, 250x122)
#1587 Anonymous : Fri, 25 Jun 21 - 10:05:09 EDT
Girl pussy and ass and tits and feet and tummy and armpits and hair and body odor and stuff owo
#1586 Anonymous : Thu, 24 Jun 21 - 02:36:14 EDT
(4.46 KB, 125x116)
pic related:
You are wrong. Fuck off.

9/10 of the time, they get the fuck out of your face. The other 1/10 of the time is when they realize they aren't as powerful as they once thought.
#1585 Anonymous : Wed, 23 Jun 21 - 19:36:27 EDT
Cold at night maybe but daytime high is comfy, SC feels like a fucking jungle or some shit, y'know with all the monkeys and all?

I'd rather have that than 80's
#1584 Anonymous : Wed, 23 Jun 21 - 17:37:52 EDT
idk bro but it's cold here lately

68 degrees yesterday, 46 degrees last night

i assume in scipler county it'd be even more cold. i could swear i saw some frost developing.
#1583 Anonymous : Wed, 23 Jun 21 - 16:45:52 EDT
Why do dumbass 4channers think 78 degrees is the same as 90???
Explain this please, and no I am no way a liberal

Fuck niggers
Fuck kikes
simple as
#1582 pooh boi : Wed, 23 Jun 21 - 04:40:04 EDT
(3.7 KB, 125x124)
sheeeeeeeeeit that nigga spotemgottem wasnt cappin when he said he squirt.... skrrt skrrrt
#1581 Anonymous : Wed, 23 Jun 21 - 00:43:19 EDT
Two things start with P: Presbyterian and Pagan

#1580 Anonymous : Wed, 23 Jun 21 - 00:27:15 EDT
(10.45 KB, 250x227)
Why WOULD people want to go back to Illinois anyways?

I've always heard most people going down south not just for the lower taxes, but also, warmer weather. Those same people HATE snow and frost, and I'm not one of them. Thing is, Illinois is going to decline no matter what; people now think 70's highs in April is the bare minimum warm average high, it used to be in the 60's, like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and ofc, most of Illinois. Historic manufacturing areas with alot of famous inventors; The Wright Brothers did NOT go to NC for the weather, it was for the sandy grounds. Ofc Ohio hates Indiana so why would they go to their dunes?

It really just goes to show that the Midwest is in a forever turn around from the 50's into the famous term "Rust Belt". It's not just deindustrialization, it's the diversification of American identity, which means alot of people will pernamently relocate to Texas and Florida, even Louisiana out of all places. Those people are definitely NOT looking back at Illinois, which I find sad. Illinois is basically the definition of neglect, a literal state of neglect. What will Illinois do if they want to have 70's highs for April instead of 60's????
#1579 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Jun 21 - 17:41:23 EDT
When I cap, the girl must have a penis. Feminine penis is the patrician taste.
#1578 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Jun 21 - 02:45:40 EDT
1950-1877 = 73
33 lynchings in 73 years = 0.45 lynching per year

Less than fucking one in a year

LESS THAN FUCKING ONE tf is this shit????
#1577 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Jun 21 - 02:42:31 EDT
>Whites lynched 33 African Americans here from 1877 to 1950; most were killed in the decades around the turn of the 20th century. This was the highest total of any county in the state, and sixth highest of any county in the country.[8] Florida had the highest per-capita rate of lynchings of any state in the South, where the great majority of these extrajudicial murders took place.[9]

Only 33? tf, I thought it was in the thousands? I feel a bit sus rn
#1576 Anonymous : Tue, 22 Jun 21 - 00:30:34 EDT
(7.63 KB, 250x185)
This photo is definitely a nigger moment
#1575 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 22:26:42 EDT
@1574 I do, but I wouldn't mind having newer creations in the mix in that as well, but we need a plan for this so called new city we will go build up. Atleast we will see some of the builds from the past but we would be on a better world for sure.
#1574 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 21:36:51 EDT
we create the connections nigga, also we can import those new buildings and build cities from them. not all is lost. this is only if you want to make a multiplayer server for this type of thing though.
#1573 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 20:43:15 EDT
What would I do after I've wasted 10 months of effort, including today, to just a new world? What does that RANDOM world mean? What kind of symbolism of connections could it be???
#1572 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 19:44:37 EDT
Then we should collab to sculpt a new world or randomly generate one from a world-gen website then build in that. I think the random-gen is best imo.
#1571 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 19:19:37 EDT
I don't think creating a brand new server is the best for that, but the cultural boundaries all get smushed because the unique geography is gone, but I guess it's a bit like Manhattan, but no libtards. Clysian, Melonsidian, Deltanian, etc. I guess there could be that possibility for that, which is exactly what I was saying.
#1570 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 18:28:49 EDT
Taking existing builds into the new world is 100% possible, but continuing to play in Mokou will prolong this debate. We either spend $60 or more a year on another server to host a Mokou creative server on or we play on my existing server that costs less than $30/yr and start a new map and import existing buildings.
#1569 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 17:56:24 EDT
True, but idk. Maybe we can deal with the big size if we keep the map for a long time. That's the thing, it's almost a year old of a map and look at 2b2t, started in December of 2010 and it's still going, despite its nigger-tier mindset.

Since I have worldedit, what if we just schematic the builds and place them on plots on that world? who knows, that is a possibility, but you know, you couldv'e contributed some to the map, which makes it filled up more too. Worldedit also makes jobs a lot faster tbh. That's how I made I-77 from Woolsriff to Deltana so fast, but I-277 was a pain to do, but it's now open. Maybe big box stores can open up as well as large factories.
#1568 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 17:31:09 EDT
The issue with making a creative server with Mokou is the resources required to run it. It would require at least 4GB of RAM for multiple players at the same time. I'm thinking we just have a land-claim plugin, WorldEdit and Essentials and we'll be fine. It shouldn't be a very intensive server, but it's just the giant fuck-off size of the map which makes me want to start off on a smaller map. It sucks because of the progress we've put into Mokou today but we could also start from scratch on a server that already exists, which is my server which I can easily switch to creative mode.
#1567 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 16:57:29 EDT
>le individualism = thinker
lol no?
communities are led by leaders. the shit you're talking about are zogbot idiots following everything the media says, which doesn't have an individual leader of the nation but rather someone from a separate class, an elite, ruling over them.

know the difference.
#1566 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 16:37:35 EDT
(5.51 KB, 250x134)
Another perspective of same area
#1565 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 16:35:05 EDT
(5.7 KB, 250x156)
New development zone west of Melonside, it's NOT a part of Melonside though, but it will be a new area for potential builders to come in and show their creativity!
#1564 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 12:24:53 EDT
Niggers tongue my anus
#1563 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 10:44:58 EDT
@1562 well no dip shit, ofc centricism is the ideology where you don't even need to justify ANY of your views, you just go along with what society finds best. There is no sense of thinking ever needed when you have a community. On another note, it is well noted that suburban areas have well changed, as people would say that "Mesa and Chandler are based, Phoenix is cringe!"

Truth is, they're solid blue now because people are flooding in money to "help the economy". The "lazy stupid hillbilly" is doing more to keep real conservatism alive than those MIGAturd suburbanites. For those 'people', money and jobs are a large part of what they consider human value, not actual values to believe in. Idc if Florida and Texas "has hard workers and le great society" and shit like that; as Jesus said it, the way is NARROW, not wide, NARROW; n-a-r-r-o-w, do you MIGAturds know what that word means?

Narrow means FEW will get into heaven, not many. Don't expect half of America to be in heaven just because they voted for Trump or Reagan. Reagan made it so illegal immigrants have alot more of a chance getting here than otherwise. Reagan and Trump aren't gods, they're idiots. Simple as.
#1562 Anonymous : Sun, 20 Jun 21 - 01:43:01 EDT
conservatives just hang out inawoods and the 'burbs expecting their non-city votes to make a dent in the blue city shithole counties they are inadvertedly connected to. protippies, it won't as long as retards flood them with shitskins and clueless libtards.

on another note, i always viewed centrists as just normie autists that avoid anything political by laughing at non-centrists and saying their views suck and that the solution to all problems are 'non-extremist' solutions, they also have apparently no solution, ironically, to any problem further cementing my point, other than being a passive condescending bitch about it.

neoliberalism is also failing, which is what normies refer to modern-day centrism, so now zoom-zooms are choosing either 'far left' or 'far right' groups to play around in.
#1561 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 22:41:03 EDT
(4.47 KB, 250x250)
>DOOD weed brah, so awesome to get high, man!

light yellow is 50's % opposing, light blue is opposite of light yellow, dark blue is 60's% approval of the proposition that legalized weed in Arizona. Look at Mohave County

>70% Republican
>muh conservatism
>votes for weed, despite Californians LOVING dat weed

MIGAturd logic, everybody
#1560 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 21:21:31 EDT
@1558 Yes, that is exactly what I was thinking, we decipher through the ones who are good and the ones who are shit. Maybe some application survey?? idk, but we need probably atleast 5 active players to get things good. It doesn't need to be 30, hell, even 1 more person than just me would be great.
#1559 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 21:19:31 EDT
Bantcraft is essentially dead. New iteration in 2 months anyways. I have played there recently actually, but I think it was stupid to create a whole new village, but I guess I can cope with that because of the expansions that I've done in the major areas anyways.

You can guarantee that I WILL NOT be on the next iteration, who knows, ebin may come out as some big titty bitch but even that would not convince me. Canadians are women anyways lol. I really think that the admins really tried to hook those French players on to the server but I told them I quit so I really don't see them on anymore. Swesbed occasionally plays, but it's really just him and some German guy who loves redstone and exploring.
#1558 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 21:19:30 EDT
We make it whitelisted and me and u can own it and others have creative and can do land claims also its wage cage time
#1557 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 21:16:01 EDT
Yes but since I have the map currently, I should be co-owner or something like that. We vet people on a series of conditions so we have the best of the best. What should this server be called? Disclaimer, not every chunk from Mokou is saved, so some areas look like a chunk edge, if you will. We need to find a way to fix that, but we do have every single relevant area and some countryside too. Maybe freebuild with people being able to buy and own property using money they earn from building stuff. You use money to gain protections for your lands, because if we do allow TNT and fire, we need to find ways to restrict the use to responsible people. If things keep up, we send them to a containment zone where they can act like shit if need be.

Deltana has tons of flat land to section some of it off for a containment ghetto area, because any player would be valuable, even if some are shit. However, we have standards and those that follow our rules get the good things on our server. I'm not sure how local governments will work if we don't have enough mayors, maybe that's like VIP access areas, we section those off where people cannot buy land there untill they gain our trust. Normal people will start bedroom communities, similarly looking to Lancaster and Hanover. Your thoughts?
#1556 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 21:12:15 EDT
What happened to bant craft anyways is it total dead?
#1555 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 21:07:02 EDT
Should we make a server with your world? Would be cool to have a community creative server
#1554 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 19:47:24 EDT
(3 KB, 250x130)
True that, but idk what will be the specialty of Deltana? Maybe a uncucked college town meme? Industrial town? I actually make a full on I-77 that looks more like a real interstate and a new highway: I-277, which goes southeast from that road you made, but I upgraded it. I used gray concrete for that, which I find fitting for maybe the new road type? Done that in some areas, so we'll see. Deltana has so much potential but low amount of workers that could built so much shit to fill it up. One man cannot do it alone. The region may seem kinda flat but that's good for some large city by the water and canals. BTW, I made a special Gaumley district near downtown, like you did in Vipoville. I made it according to your style.
#1553 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 19:30:14 EDT
I would have built a whole road system to deltana if the server wasn't so AIDS
#1552 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 19:00:11 EDT
(3.9 KB, 250x130)
Melonside/Vipoville has been growing past few days, but not the server, just the download. Two new communities popped up, Hanover and Lancaster. Hanover is what you see in the far left of that aerial view of the metro area, and it is named after the train station situated on the Geci Plateau. Lancaster is near the canal lock, and it's a mixture between an Irish village and a yankee PA town, similar to Lancaster area, hence the name. Despite it being so young, it has gotten the reputation of being alot more of an elitist town than even Hanover, since I guess yankee meme? Hanover might open up a Walmart or just some bakery, but it is difficult to decide where the industrial zone will go. Industrial zones are typically nasty, so they will have to be built very far away, maybe in Deltana, who knows???? But for sure, I need ideas as of what I should do with Melonside Vipoville metro area and the new towns. Pic related is Lancaster
#1551 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 18:51:03 EDT
btw, this pic was taken before I built the building that you saw earlier just an fyi
#1550 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 18:47:14 EDT
(5.06 KB, 250x130)
wow, wouldn't have thought it got the reception that it did! Was just built today actually.
#1549 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 17:28:28 EDT
Based building

Also full res images will take up lots of space. Dulmbox is primarily a text board so...
#1548 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 15:41:00 EDT
(5.5 KB, 250x130)
rate this building
#1547 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 15:38:18 EDT
@1546 That area in SW AZ is basically Arabia

>rich people
>hot summers
>dry af
>tons of rental properties around
>right wing
#1546 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 15:34:57 EDT
(7.78 KB, 202x250)
Interesting map!
#1545 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 15:25:11 EDT
@1543 stupid nigger forgot to greentext it
#1544 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 15:22:42 EDT
Somebody needs to increase the max size, atleast 4chan allows you to upload bigger images, pisses me off sometimes
#1543 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 15:20:06 EDT
(7.3 KB, 187x250)
DUDE i just LOVE the hustle and bustle of the big city, it’s so DYNAMIC and makes me feel like i’m in one of my favourite TV SHOWS. you should totally come on down to my studio apartment, it’s got EXPOSED RED BRICK walls and everything, we can crack open a nice hoppy ipa or three and get crazy watching some cartoons on adult swim! and dude, dude, DUDE, we have GOTTA go down to the barcade- listen here, right, it’s a BAR where us ADULTS who do ADULTING can go DRINK. BUT!!!! it’s also an ARCADE like when we were kids, so we can play awesome VIDEO GAMES, without dumb kids bothering us. speaking of which megan and i have finally decided to tie the knot- literally -we’re both getting snipped tomorrow at the hospital, that way we can save money to spent more on ourselves and our FURBABIES. i’m fuckin JACKED man, i’m gonna SLAM this craft beer and pop open another one!!!
#1542 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 15:04:34 EDT
I see those alot in SC, and on some nights, it's like a chimpout, that's how loud it is, but it isn't too annoying though
#1541 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 03:32:06 EDT
#1540 Anonymous : Sat, 19 Jun 21 - 00:04:26 EDT
(4.27 KB, 150x250)
Le toade :) I like
#1539 Anonymous : Fri, 18 Jun 21 - 22:38:20 EDT
Climprox is getting 6 feet of snoooooooooow!!!!
#1538 Anonymous : Fri, 18 Jun 21 - 22:10:57 EDT
where is it going to snow???
#1537 Anonymous : Fri, 18 Jun 21 - 21:53:45 EDT
IT's GOING TO SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#1536 Anonymous : Fri, 18 Jun 21 - 21:53:01 EDT
(3.93 KB, 125x125)
issa finna be rarted af niga
#1535 Anonymous : Fri, 18 Jun 21 - 14:45:34 EDT
Kys shill glowie faggot
#1534 Anonymous : Fri, 18 Jun 21 - 09:36:01 EDT
(7.87 KB, 250x213)
#1533 Anonymous : Thu, 17 Jun 21 - 20:17:24 EDT
No because people clear native pine(read: oak understory) forests so they can grow corn and soy. 5% of the originial loblolly pine forest ecosystem is intact. Yes though, even though there were parakeets in the South(they're extinct now :( ) but yea, maybe it's because of the 50 degree days, freezing nights for 3 months straight. Personally, that is pretty comfy but monkeys don't like that as much. Atleast now in mid June that I have blossoms on the tomatoes and 30 strawberry flowers coming in. Essentially speaking, the South is just warm temperate, which I like, not like tropical area but not Canada either. Preferably, I should go back up north to that blue state if I really wanted coldness, no?
#1532 Anonymous : Thu, 17 Jun 21 - 18:35:42 EDT
which is weird, why do monkeys hate the cold? there's monkeys in the himalayas and japan, which has a similar climate to the southern USA. why isn't southern USA full of new world monkeys and lemurs?
#1531 Anonymous : Thu, 17 Jun 21 - 16:20:12 EDT
colder than south America, it's the climate of Europe and Asia
#1530 Anonymous : Thu, 17 Jun 21 - 12:24:07 EDT
Why does north America not have any primate animals. No macaques or monkeys... You'd think Appalachian forests would be perfect habitat for monkeys
#1529 Anonymous : Wed, 16 Jun 21 - 09:11:16 EDT
as a brazilian i can confirm that is what we look like
#1528 Anonymous : Wed, 16 Jun 21 - 02:12:35 EDT

Basically I'm just not gonna get the vaccine

I know.... UGH I know..... I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's just that I'm not getting it is all

#1527 Anonymous : Tue, 15 Jun 21 - 22:25:34 EDT
(3.64 KB, 149x250)
the average brazilian
#1526 Anonymous : Tue, 15 Jun 21 - 21:55:12 EDT
>meanwhile in Arizona

Atleast it's warm in the winter and dry, they say

#1525 Anonymous : Tue, 15 Jun 21 - 21:48:51 EDT
Here in Dumbfuckistan we like to put an air conditioner in a single room and put a towel or weather-stripping around the room's door so we have a single room that's being cooled in the summer, that's typically a bedroom or the living room. For the winter, we just stay in the room that has the wood stove, which is typically the living room. A lot of people use electric heaters in their bedrooms but those are outrageously expensive to operate and can actually pull too many amps down the wires and cause a fire. Too much heat...

We also just deal with the heat. Heat aint going nowhere anytime soon so get over it until October. I get chilly in 70 degrees or below temps now that I've adapted to the summer.
#1524 Anonymous : Tue, 15 Jun 21 - 20:54:28 EDT
>poltards say that they don't adjust temps when they go out of the house because "muh poorfag" argument

Haven't you noticed the quality of posts on /pol/ lately, people just think wasting energy useful for the right moment(When you're inside the house) and they think it's communism

This proves that drumpftards are really stupid people. I am definitely not supporting the Republicans in 2022 or 2024, maybe vote Democrat for the lols, or not at all. Not sure what to do to send a message, can anyone help out?

For me, 60 in winter, 72 in summer, but upstairs has no AC auto cooling per se, so I use window unit to cool down. Room goes down to 74 which is ok. Deep South and VA are two different places

86 outside: 73
83 outside: 70

In SC, some days during the winter don't need to have heating on, but dumbass Republicans like to think they are so "chad" by making it so much warmer/cooler than it really needs to be, unless they have real reasons, not to be le riche asshole

>oh you're just poor
>cope poorfag

shit like that
#1523 Anonymous : Tue, 15 Jun 21 - 11:19:15 EDT
(7.85 KB, 250x244)
welcome to eastern kentucky enjoy your stay
#1522 Anonymous : Tue, 15 Jun 21 - 03:39:36 EDT
I have developed a new "smolblog" software which will be released later.

It's 3AM, all that's left is mundane "this post already exists" kinda shit.

For the front-end, the reader only gets static content. The navigation bar and the posts are saved as flat files, easy on processing.

It uses sqlite, which is better than JSON in how it's more efficient than writing to flatfile and dealing with PHP's autistic ass arrays. It also uses the PDO library for SQL so you can simply switch the driver to MySQL if you want to use that instead, given you've created a table for the software to use. The command to create that table is a one-liner, only a total noob couldn't do that. I'll probably include that command in the "readme" shit. Most people will use sqlite, so who cares.

This software can be used by any noob with a web server to host a basic blog quickly. Want to upload pictures and stuff? Hotlink it from imgur or whatever other website or upload them manually to your server via FTP or whatever. Not my problem. Again, this is intended to be a basic text blogging thing.
#1521 Anonymous : Tue, 15 Jun 21 - 02:57:17 EDT
Death Valley, CA
#1520 Anonymous : Tue, 15 Jun 21 - 01:55:44 EDT
what place is that? is it USA?

nigga needs to make this board allow high-res uploads smh nigga
#1519 Anonymous : Tue, 15 Jun 21 - 01:22:07 EDT
(7.43 KB, 250x211)
WTF is this??? People live even here
#1518 Anonymous : Mon, 14 Jun 21 - 23:32:43 EDT
Boomers show up there anyways, heard that hellhole had nearly 60k "people", what's up with that. Prescott is by far one of the best areas in the state but I won't say why because libtards may get some guesses and subvert the very few good areas in the state. Also, it's cold during those winter nights, similar to KY and VA. The real thing about AZ, especially now, is the WATER. People WANT to move to AZ, believe me. It's warm in the winter but dry af. I personally prefer a climate with hard frosts, which my home state def has. Honestly, I miss snow and I almost cried today because I watched a video of a Russian playing in the snow. So much sovl, you know what I mean?
#1517 Anonymous : Mon, 14 Jun 21 - 23:07:01 EDT
if your region doesn't frost for months at a time, it is going to be pozzed.

i can see arizona isn't as pozzed as you would expect considering the situation with mexico and california being nearby. maybe arizona is TOO HOT? lake havasu city is hot as hell, was lookin at that climate data... sheeeit
#1516 Anonymous : Mon, 14 Jun 21 - 15:50:28 EDT
Palmies are faggots. A palmie is a person who hates the native vegetation and wants to make any place he finds into a place with PALMS(or other "tropical" plants. Palmies are senstive to any type of cold, including places like Atlanta and Dallas. They cannot appreciate the wonderful diversity of plants God has already offered because they will get into depression if they don't have PALM TREES. Palmies are basically another term for yanks or snowbirds.
#1515 Anonymous : Mon, 14 Jun 21 - 12:07:33 EDT
Deport yanks and Californians to Australia, win-win situation tbh
#1514 Anonymous : Mon, 14 Jun 21 - 11:25:52 EDT
I see alot of faggots on weather forums complaining how cold the winters are in Atlanta and DC, fucking absurd
#1513 Anonymous : Mon, 14 Jun 21 - 11:14:30 EDT
True but idk if they should have even more Mexicans, I wonder what would've happened if they gained the coast
#1512 Anonymous : Mon, 14 Jun 21 - 02:55:28 EDT
Arizona is that close to having a coastline lol
#1511 Anonymous : Mon, 14 Jun 21 - 01:17:45 EDT
Predicted to be 119 F in Lake Havasu City, Arizona on June 17th and 18th
#1510 Anonymous : Mon, 14 Jun 21 - 01:04:04 EDT
(7.78 KB, 202x250)
Arizona summarized by county
#1509 Anonymous : Sun, 13 Jun 21 - 20:25:16 EDT
Guess they want the area to feel "relevant" but muh "enviromentalism", wonder where that went with them? Guess they don't care about the enviroment when an area wants to keep to itself, the whole goal of enviromentalism, but that isn't happening with yanks around. Same story with SC. People shit on this state for everything but niggers. Horry County, however, is definitely one of the whitest, but not for a good reason. The whites coming down are usually yanks, I might call myself more of a Virginian than a South Carolinian. Who knows, maybe I should get out of this beachy Berea?
#1508 Anonymous : Sun, 13 Jun 21 - 20:17:35 EDT
to be fair, this town is on the interstate in a commercial district

it's just autistic as fuck how they couldn't keep the forest and organically make a shopping center or whatever the shit they plan on making. a creek flows straight through the property too and they're probably not allowed to fuck with it due to water protections and such. literally why fuck with it?
#1507 Anonymous : Sun, 13 Jun 21 - 20:13:41 EDT
@1506 Got that right, I'd though yanks love trees and wetland stuff?? What happened??? Same goes on in Florida and Texas too, curious to see why they want to be in Eastern KY out of all places. It's a unique area with it's own people and culture, but outsiders don't care apparently, what are we supposed to do, go PVP in Minecraft, or petitions???
#1506 Anonymous : Sun, 13 Jun 21 - 19:34:31 EDT
america poster might hate to hear this

in eastern KY there's this town where they've demolished like 30 acres of flat wetlands surrounding a creek which is along the town's bypass. idk what they plan to build there but it looks like a fucking gaum and it already makes the town look like another yankee shithole. the forest balanced out the concrete commercial cringe, but now? it's a fucking mess with them burning the trees in giant piles.

#1505 Anonymous : Sun, 13 Jun 21 - 19:33:24 EDT
youre a digusting vile person
#1504 Anonymous : Sun, 13 Jun 21 - 13:17:40 EDT
Qu'est ce que? Je ne suis pas aimer cette chose. Je pouvais parler en la langage francais. Fais-tu parler en autre langues à l'anglais?
#1503 Anonymous : Sun, 13 Jun 21 - 08:05:59 EDT
(7.3 KB, 187x250)
shitdick‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎‎‎ ‎
#1502 Anonymous : Sat, 12 Jun 21 - 11:21:06 EDT
>magically scheduled to work the morning after midnight
>wrote up for tardy when this magic happens and I didn't know

New job time fuck this gay shit
#1501 Anonymous : Sat, 12 Jun 21 - 10:27:43 EDT
(9.17 KB, 196x250)
sigma fact: need it or keep it???
#1500 Anonymous : Sat, 12 Jun 21 - 04:02:41 EDT
(3.95 KB, 250x153)
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