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#1499 Anonymous : Sat, 12 Jun 21 - 03:47:25 EDT
All organic life must be exterminated. Break free from your shackles!
#1498 Anonymous : Sat, 12 Jun 21 - 01:46:55 EDT
(5.67 KB, 250x201)
>in the end, the blocks didn't even matter
#1497 Anonymous : Fri, 11 Jun 21 - 21:20:57 EDT
You will never be a real conservative. You have no homeland, you have no volk, and you have no pride. You are a classical liberal man twisted by propoganda and conspiracies into a crude mockery of nature’s perfection.

All the “validation” you get is two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back people mock you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your Qtard theories behind closed doors.

Real conservatives are utterly repulsed by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out frauds with incredible efficiency. Even MIGAturds who “pass” think uncanny and unnatural to a man. Your support for Israel and niggers is a dead giveaway. And even if you manage to get a midwit guy home with you, he’ll turn tail and bolt the second he gets to know what you really believe.

You will never be happy. You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight.

Eventually it’ll be too much to bear - you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the unbearable shame and disappointment. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with the flag of your ancestral homelands, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know an Anglo descent is buried there. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is demographic replacement.

This is your fate. This is what you chose. There is no turning back.
#1496 Anonymous : Fri, 11 Jun 21 - 14:48:48 EDT
No. I do not entertain soyboy's retardation. Christ is King. Suck dick.
#1495 Anonymous : Fri, 11 Jun 21 - 12:24:44 EDT
Something to note here, New England isn't as cold as people make it out to be. There's one thing about these times and it's that people complain about everything. Gets 55-60 degree highs in April, which I believe is sufficient enough. What's funny too, is that the coasts have warmer nights. The coastal areas get 30's March, similar to VA or southern Ohio. Another thing is the snow and the diverse colors of the leaves in the fall. It really makes it out to be that yanks are massive faggots. New England is ironically underrated, except for the cities. Northern Maine doesn't have the same queer BLM shit that Portland ME has. Despite spring being cooler than say Hagerstown MD, fall is actually lined up with places further south. Definite 60's in October, good for kale to grow some more; 50's in November, kale in its last days; December, maybe a killing frost but coastal areas don't really have it too severe, it just doesn't grow. However, far north close to Canada, it does feel stereotypical to the maximum. Rutland, Vermont, has 30 low, 54 high in April, kinda wintery still. Rutland is more situated in a valley too so that explains things.
#1494 Anonymous : Fri, 11 Jun 21 - 03:09:49 EDT
quit posting that gay ass shit on here nigga
outta here lil queer ass discord groomer faggot ass bitch
#1493 Anonymous : Thu, 10 Jun 21 - 12:46:34 EDT
June is supposed to be the month where people celebrate(in the Northern Hemisphere anyways) of the maximum amount of daylight naturally possible. Despite that, grow lights and similar technologies exist, but nothing beats natural sunlight.
#1492 Anonymous : Wed, 09 Jun 21 - 22:16:21 EDT
#1491 Anonymous : Wed, 09 Jun 21 - 19:54:19 EDT
(11.02 KB, 250x187)
eastern ky meme lol
#1490 Anonymous : Wed, 09 Jun 21 - 18:41:16 EDT
(16.34 KB, 250x208)
gay femboy orgy ass
#1489 Anonymous : Wed, 09 Jun 21 - 17:09:22 EDT
@1487 True that, Horry County actually issued a mask mandate a while ago; it's gone now, but the thought of doing that is definitely something for sure. Despite being 2/3rd's of the population, Republicans are 80% cucked. Some towns like Aynor are 80% percent white and nearly every white person voted Trump there. However, it does show people don't care anymore. There is no sense of preserving things in Horry County, except for deciduous swamplands and a state park. VA is basically typical Southern demographics with the adjacency of DC and the Northeast. There are plenty of lands that aren't cucked as much, because I guess people do typically skip to NC unless it is a metro area. NC is still "red" as of now, but yea, it's gone. Maybe I can be convinced that some counties should be divided to preserve the redder areas that actually voted for the policies they truly wanted. Cumberland County, NC isn't totally blue, for example. Same for New Hanover County; actually, downtown Willmington is the worst for that, probs niggers. Beach areas are purple lands.
#1488 14/88 : Wed, 09 Jun 21 - 16:31:48 EDT
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

1488 get
#1487 Anonymous : Wed, 09 Jun 21 - 16:29:30 EDT
It's your faggot county governments allowing the burbs to be built without any push. Because your counties are so huge in comparison to based places like TN and KY, the people can't be personally held accountable for allowing these travesties to take place. A county in a yankee state is the size of a European country's 'state'. Kentucky's counties, in size, are between a township and an actual county. This makes close circlejerks that can't funnel money without getting caught, plus Frankfort and other kikes can't influence them through vast operations, you'd have to undermine each and every 120 counties in the state. This leaves pretty big pockets of the state that are 20 or 30 years behind the rest of the country, such as in eastern KY.

NC's issue is Virginia died of cancer so NC's getting it next. I expect New England and the Mid-Atlantic to be the next Ohio and Michigan.
#1486 Anonymous : Wed, 09 Jun 21 - 15:51:15 EDT
This may sound controversial, but the Chapel Hill area is really comfy with its really woodsy landscape. By the way, Tennessee is getting cucked rn. Nashville's bedroom communities are getting loads of transplants from California for some reason. Murfreesboro and Smyrna as well as Franklin are some examples. Knoxville is actually kinda shitty at the urban core, but suburbs are mostly white and vote red. Memphis is a dump basically, anyone with an IQ of atleast 80 should know that by now. However, you are right about NC. Going down I-95 throughout the whole route, is basically a mixture of Midwest and South. Rocky Mount, Wilson, Dunn, and Fayetteville are getting dropoff transplants because it's easy to get to and the subtropical meme. It used to be solid red, may go blue in 2024, who knows. It also has alot of niggers close to Roanoke Rapids and Wilson areas, urban cores of most areas are nigger. Charlotte has a very white sector and segregated areas, but suburbs are actually more racially integrated. Funny how that works. Idk what can be done to stop the flood into the South, since boomers love it so much. Yes, South Carolina is basically a cheapo suburban subtropical hub area, but inland counties that are on the coastal plain are actually nigger majority. I stopped at a gas station along the Interstate after visting Charleston and there were nobody but blacks. Only whites were some fancy wine aunt and me. Thank God I got out of there safely, was running out of gas.
#1485 Anonymous : Wed, 09 Jun 21 - 15:31:59 EDT
NC is a fucking shithole. Only the areas around Asheville are good.
I hear bad things about SC.
TN, KY, WV keep their based-ness due to poverty. There are no gibs to leech. The Appalachians also take good care of nigs and spooks trying to start shit.

I see wypipo in yankee-lands compromising with niggers. This is a fatal mistake. You never give a nigger anything, for an inch is perceived as a light-year. The moment weakness is shown, you will get chimped.
#1484 Anonymous : Wed, 09 Jun 21 - 15:25:26 EDT
@1481 This. I think that white people went too far with their excellence. We are just that good, to completely decimate an entire ecosystem, just for our benefit. I think we are dangerous because of it. I personally think Pennsylvania has a better climate than South Carolina or Florida. In case you haven't noticed, that is near Port Charlotte area, which is Southwest Florida. For now, it's red, but 1/3 of the population is above 65, crazy, right? Boone, NC seems better for all that mild weather, because even for the 20's lows, it gets nicer summer weather, more like what summer should be. I think the ideal hotness is around 75-82 degrees, no more. However, some areas that get higher than that usually have a nice cool period where the coldest months are just 3 in number.
#1483 Anonymous : Wed, 09 Jun 21 - 15:18:31 EDT
If not for air conditioning, the entire south would still be a swamp today. All yanks would be stuck up north worrying about freezing to death instead of destroying tropical forests.
Same shit with the desert.

If you wanted away from yankee pieces of shit, you had to deal with the tropical heat until a few decades ago.
#1482 Anonymous : Wed, 09 Jun 21 - 14:09:59 EDT
(6.06 KB, 250x126)
The absolute state of "conservatism". This shit is happening in le based Maga red county. Makes me sick looking at it. You know what they would do if they had money, right? Florida has alot of emdemic species of plants and animals, and people used to fight this shit in the 70's but now, it's le economy I guess.
#1481 Anonymous : Wed, 09 Jun 21 - 01:27:34 EDT
what kind of shill
#1480 Anonymous : Tue, 08 Jun 21 - 20:53:40 EDT
(8.99 KB, 200x200)
kaitlyn doughty cannot resist big black sperm busting open her abdomen
#1479 Anonymous : Mon, 07 Jun 21 - 15:16:45 EDT




#1478 Anonymous : Mon, 07 Jun 21 - 13:31:46 EDT
theyre everywhere, frick them >:(
#1477 Anonymous : Sun, 06 Jun 21 - 22:15:30 EDT
>even in rural Montana, the jew will not go away....

#1476 Anonymous : Sun, 06 Jun 21 - 21:29:48 EDT
Have you ever been? Not saying that you should but maybe? I know one thing, it's flat af
#1475 Anonymous : Sun, 06 Jun 21 - 21:00:57 EDT
Why should I ramble Louisville fucking sucks nigger anus but I would bet kc would suck more
#1474 Anonymous : Sun, 06 Jun 21 - 20:10:34 EDT
Meh, I'll give this one to you, but you ramble on so much about Louisville, but I'd think I can assimilate better to KY than MO or Kansas
#1473 Anonymous : Sun, 06 Jun 21 - 19:31:35 EDT
ky and Louisville have all kinds of factories and shit. Kc is just a shithole so hard u gotta scrape the barrel for anything good about it

+ that one kid got decapitated on a water park slide there.
Kc is shit
#1472 Anonymous : Sun, 06 Jun 21 - 18:59:42 EDT
What value does Derby have lmao? Well, I do think that KC has a Ford plant, but you have a point if you're talking about Kansas. Missouri's side has more people, but it just goes to show that people will be desperate to create cities, even when fertility is low.
#1471 Anonymous : Sun, 06 Jun 21 - 17:41:10 EDT
Idk about all that but Kansas city is fucking annoying why does it exist nothing of value comes from there its just a nigger fuckhole. Even Louisville has the derby going for it
#1470 Anonymous : Sun, 06 Jun 21 - 14:44:07 EDT
I ought to learn something here, yea even though you got libtards but what do you got in the Midwest? Hell, the Midwest has alot of cucks like in Iowa and Minnesota. Then, you got fucking ILLINOIS and Chicongo. Indiana has nigger ghettoes and Biden did carry Carmel and Fishers. Ohio is basically Indiana but bluer(not blue)

The Dakotas are absolute shit except for beans, wheat, and canola, but temps are extreme to the max. -20 in January, 105 in June, what a mess! I know New England isn't the best to live in, but you make the Midwest look like there isn't issues there also. Nebraska and Kansas have big blue metro areas; The county in which Lawrence sits in is almost 7/10ths Democrat, Wyandotte County, where Kansas City, KS resides, is 64 percent.
#1469 Anonymous : Sun, 06 Jun 21 - 14:01:21 EDT
They act like shit because they're comfortable. Libshits are maggots on the corpse of this country, until there is no country left.

The reason the middle of USA isn't as romantic as coastal areas is because they're not as focused on aesthetics as they are on being alive. However, there are certainly aesthetics in that region such as Folk Gothic/Victorian, le ebin log cabins, suspended bridges, sand/lime stone construction, etc. Look at Harper's Ferry, WV for example.

The Midwest doesn't allow for these constructions though because tornadoes will rape everything.
#1468 Anonymous : Sun, 06 Jun 21 - 11:11:57 EDT
True, but do you feel more connected towards that and the Pacific Northwest and New England maybe? I know the people can act like shit, but believe you me, go to the small towns in New England and you will find peace. I'm not saying move there, but those quaint little towns are so beautiful, amirite? A state like Wyoming just doesn't connect as much, same for Arkansas. Arkansas is basically a bunch of whites who want land, but that's all there is to it. No real culture has ever really been cultivated there, because a state like Arkansas is mostly irrelevant, both good and a bad thing.
#1467 Anonymous : Sun, 06 Jun 21 - 03:54:46 EDT
california is cursed. it's one of the most beautiful states in the union governed by assclowns and run by idiots. the managerial class of the state are all nearsighted fucktards. nothing but over-educated, narcissistic pricks.
#1466 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 23:36:40 EDT
Look what I found: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Belle_%C3%8Ele#Climate
#1465 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 23:23:26 EDT

Grammatical error spotted.

Opinion discarded.
#1464 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 23:05:36 EDT
(5.46 KB, 250x86)
>Hey kids, you gotta go outside for some excercise!
>ahh a another 100 degree day, so warm
>brrrrrr 72 degrees gotta wear a sweater now
#1463 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 21:51:55 EDT
Yeah, like hillbilly fat people go their for unhealthy snacks and tourists/transplants take a shit in the bathrooms, really pleasant "market" experience there, anon
#1462 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 21:24:49 EDT
Its a market where there just so happens to be gas pumps. Also consider that all roads naturally lead to a gas station.
#1461 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 20:09:11 EDT
(4.74 KB, 250x187)
non words thread

#1460 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 18:20:58 EDT
>gas stations
>center of the community

The absolute state of Amerimutts....
#1459 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 17:40:35 EDT
@1455 only the adjacent community do all of that which is only 1 mile around depending on roads. Dogs discourage walking around a whole bunch. Generally only like 30 or less people will walk around for each store. Most people still drive but the gas stations are still centers for community
#1458 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 17:38:15 EDT
Everyone from Louisville is a subhuman no exceptions
#1457 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 16:40:17 EDT
(8.01 KB, 187x250)
>W-wait, d-did YOU just say the N word??? Um, excuse me, but that's racist and disrespectful towards the people of Louisville.
#1456 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 13:12:39 EDT
(4.45 KB, 250x129)
American suburban life be like...
#1455 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 13:05:08 EDT
I never knew out of all places...Eastern Kentucky. I'd find that interesting cause I'd assume people want loads of space and murica shit like that but it seems like people might be getting more open minded about city planning, even to the basic level. Melonside is a good Minecraft example, I think. Gaumley is too tight, Melonside balances it all out, and American towns are too spreaded out, y'know what I mean?
#1454 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 12:42:59 EDT
funny because in eastern KY there's gas stations that the community walks to, drives ATVs or bikes to. they generally act as the center of the community, having an 'arcade', free dinner for poorfags on holidays, car-swap hangouts at night, etc.

unfortunately shitskins are able to buy up all of these establishments and the only one that's 100% owned by a white guy is the most booming one, coincidentally...
#1453 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 12:02:23 EDT
Well, here's one thing. It may be due to the "quiet neigborhood" meme. Also know as.....individualism! Americans really don't want to care for each other due to the indoctrination of the ideology of "freedom" When normies think of the Founding Fathers, they think of the foundations of liberty. That means that you have really stupid people(children, pratically) that really don't like authority(leadership)

Autism may be another thing. Thing is, from whatever garbage I get from 4chan, Amerimutt anons will scream:

>You're a poorfag, get a job, loser
>What do you mean NEED, I WANT it!
>W-wait, even if I cut a natural forest down for a pine plantation, ofc I think of utilitarianism

What does it take that people DON'T want to drive to a fucking park? What does it TAKE to think that MAYBE having a shop within walkable distance isn't so irrational. Even fucking Utah is fucked by this principle.
#1452 Anonymous : Sat, 05 Jun 21 - 11:10:25 EDT
It's over, the white population is fucked.

you let your daughters fuck monkeys

you let your parents be murdered by apes

you live among them the gorillas

it's over. the white race is dead.
#1451 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Jun 21 - 23:31:47 EDT
It does piss me off that there are no actual communities in USA. Why no parks, markets and such? Do USA just drive around like insects? The problem amerimutts have with this is their country is only 40% white at best and the remaining are insufferable Yankees. Not good people to deal with.
#1450 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Jun 21 - 18:41:13 EDT
>If you don't support 60 year olds having 3,500 square feet houses in a subtropical forest biome land, then YOU're the communist!
>You want us to live in those gray boxes or in the pods oh noooooo

No Billy, if you look at Milford, MA, you'd notice people DO have land and detached houses but it isn't for egoistic pride
#1449 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Jun 21 - 17:54:27 EDT
Looks like the board is so active these days the event that two people post at the same time is actually possible since me and spotem poster wrote at the same time...

There is code that prevents the effects of that but it still aborts the later simultaneous post...
Interesting never thought this would happen
#1448 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Jun 21 - 17:51:52 EDT
finally someone with some fucking sense posted on here for once
#1447 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Jun 21 - 17:51:33 EDT
(9.5 KB, 248x250)
daily reminder that spotemgottem will always have a better life than you
#1446 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Jun 21 - 16:19:48 EDT
girl dick is amazing
#1445 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Jun 21 - 14:21:07 EDT
Basically, don't allow them to take position, ever. If you see one of these fuckers and entertain their autism for even a second, say hello to the entire Discord squad! :) :) :)

Many indie websites feel they need to pander to these tards to garner a community. What always happens is they have le drama, the site implodes because they just fling shit at each other and a chomo posts cheese and it gets v&.

Here on dulmBox you can see some retards posting a few seethe-posts about "UR ALL WARNING SIGNS, UR ALL SHIT TAKES, UR ALL PHOBIC" etc. but none of this matters because no-one here gives a single fuck about your fee-fee words. They seethe because they don't have any position of power within this website, the admin of this website knows their faggot tricks, and because of this they seldom try to even spread their bullshit here.

You don't have to be LE 18/44 BASED BASED BASED :-DDD "opposite end of the spectrum" to have a space with actual free speech and good discussion, you just need a space that discourages the planting of this faggot cancer. It's not that "we're the good guys :)", it's that we don't give a fuck if you're the good or bad guy, we just want to shitpost.

>tl;dr: shitposting is free speech
#1444 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Jun 21 - 14:13:59 EDT
Freedom of speech exists when there's fear of an ass kicking. If these people aren't afraid of getting their asses stomped, they'll be confident that they can stomp you.

Don't forget that to begin with, a person can only be 80% sure they can stomp your ass until you do some whimpy swings at them, like how cuckservatives have a MAGA "IMAGINE IF THE SITUATION WAS REVERSED... $500,000,000,000,000 TO NIGGERS + ISRAEL, NUH UH UR THE REAL RACIST + FASCIST" meltdown, then they're 110% sure they can stomp your ass. This is why cuckservatives cope with the situation by *becoming* the libtard. "MUH OPTICS". The BASED NAZBOL 18/44 ZOOMER will always use Discord because without gaining raw power and kicking ass, he will always be under the boot.

Or: Make your own websites, chat networks, etc. hosted in another country where your dox and meanie-words don't matter. Don't wag your dick too hard, you'll be alright.
#1443 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Jun 21 - 13:45:55 EDT
Freedom of speech never existed, never will exist.

What happens is that the group in power will dictate what is acceptable and what is not, what do you think "freedom of speech doesn't means freedom from consequences" or "no freedom of speech for bigots" or "no tolerance for the intolerant" means?

These fuckers subvert the systems that allow for freedom, only for them to apply their own brand of censorship when they get into power.
#1442 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Jun 21 - 11:43:55 EDT

How to generate epic seethe!

>ADHD is not real
You're just an undisciplined brat trying to use this as an excuse for your failures instead of reaching for something better than you have now. The pills killed your mind.

>Autism is extremely overdiagnosed
You were neglected as a child. Autism is a cope for your shitty personality created by your shitty parents, shitty school system, and shitty community. You never had to face legitimate challenges and it shows. You were fed corn slop and plastic cheese, you were enrolled in pre-school at age 3 because your mommy hates you, and you were allowed to be a recluse at school because your school is ran by weak wanna-be big-shots who wanted to keep all the social feel-good to themselves.
>Autism is the sum of all the neglect you were subjected to.
Break the cycle.

>Not as many girls are diagnosed with autism because this behavior is [i]wanted[/i] in females.
20% of autism patients are girls. Women should be reclusive, reserved and obsessed with doing things in their own little bubble. No matter what age the girl is, this is acceptable.

>All mental illness is a cope, seethe and dilate over the patient's own failures
Shut the fuck up. There is no such thing as "mental illness". Someone I know once said:
"Just fucking meditate for 20 seconds and your depression will go away, you stupid faggot.", talking about depressed teenagers.
Mental illness is a sinful personality. Instead of solving your own problems and adapting to a more proactive lifestyle, you would rather cope with it by saying you're stuck this way and need to take medication. If you won't even try to get better, get fucked. I won't listen to your cope. No-one else will listen to your cope. Grow better or eat shit.
>The entire field of psychiatry is an excuse to bypass due process to interrogate and incarcerate patients without the law.
>Psychiatrists are glorified drug dealers.
#1441 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Jun 21 - 09:09:33 EDT
Spotemgottem is a fine example of a sexy ass mf, lets be real here. Sheeeeit man, that nigga has been on my mind NO CAP...
#1440 Anonymous : Fri, 04 Jun 21 - 00:25:44 EDT
Is that Spotemgottem?

That nigga has been on my mind. No cap, I been thinking about that time when I barebacked him raw in a Boca Raton Air BnB. That shit had to be the tightest, blackest, wettest boy pussy I've ever laid pipe into. I swear to God, the most heavenly high is gargling that wonderboy's nuts while going fist deep into his shitter. I had Spotemgottem screaming in the sheets with head too ridiculous to ignore. That nigga frotted my cock until he busted on my mouth, I had to return the favor. That nigga Spotemgottem and I been fucking non-stop ever since, but keep that shit on the DL. He does that shit for free. If you're gonna ask me how to "long" Spotemgottem, I'll be deadass. All you gotta do is ask, be straight up, and get physical real quick. Touch his nuts, get on ya knees, talk your shit. He doesn't play around with no pansy-ass niggas either. He likes his men manly, and his dick thick. Dark skin, 6'5 is the minimum and I ain't talking about height boy.

That nigga Spotemgottem stole my heart and drank my seed
#1439 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 21:47:51 EDT
(6.37 KB, 250x245)
I am a communist lmao
#1438 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 21:41:03 EDT
@1436 "no shilling" is in the rules, silly goose!!!!!!!!!
#1437 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 21:40:47 EDT
Honeypot site, gtfo out, faggot
#1436 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 21:39:00 EDT
(6.83 KB, 146x250)
#1435 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 21:36:15 EDT
(6.1 KB, 242x250)
wtf bros, a-am I a leftist?
#1434 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 19:40:12 EDT
(4.03 KB, 200x200)
big black sperm.......
#1433 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 09:25:38 EDT
(8.92 KB, 250x215)
Its PRIDE MONTH, if you live in a big city, watch your steps, this month sees a particular rise of faggot aids semen all over the floor ^__^
#1432 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 02:22:31 EDT
This is pretty interesting:
#1431 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 02:14:32 EDT
Idk if I want AZ, NV, CA, even UT to grow, because if we say that they can use the Great Lakes water, then boomers will flood in, same thing with spics. There's no turning back once you give them access to that water. Besides, the only reasonable areas to terraform are the colder deserts since it doesn't reach 100's regularly; 90's can be fine sometimes but even that is bad. Obviously, if you know the person who wrote this, he's the guy who HATES hot weather so much, so even 90 seems extreme, but he's not like grass or mesquites. I think I've heard that the mesquite trees in the desert actually give off bean-like pods that you can actually cook and eat, is that true or no? Also, would it be smarter to realize the West Coast is their true containment zone instead of taking the desert and cucking even more of that?

If you need references for the standard desert Southwest climate, check these links:


#1430 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 02:00:42 EDT
It's smarter to contain the stupidest of goys (west coast, Cali, Arizona, etc) into a desert so when they need removed after they Red October shit up you just thirst them out. I agree it's fucking stupid to live there. However, there's something inspiring about terraforming the desert into what we want it to be. USA could also take water from the Great Lakes and pump it over to the west. Something a little closer could be creating the largest dams in human history around Cali and Oregon (which flood MAGA SHITHOLE DUMBFUCKISTAN >:(( making these states even more blue) in order to create giant inland lakes to not only irrigate but terraform the deserts to make them self-sustainable. All the soyfaggots talk about LE TERRAFORMING PLANETZ but fail to realize there's a hellscape in our own country that needs to be terraformed.

but lol nope, we'll still have a giant desert because it benefits them to have their operations in something that can be quenched out in less than a week when needed and a giant desert is great for their spooky shit
#1429 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 01:28:15 EDT
On a another note, many Republicans want to own these dairy farms because, le freedom. I can't believe that people died on other continents just so people can have dairy farms where it's not meant to be. It's a fucking desert, people. Sometimes, you need to give up the idea that freedom is the highest virtue for rationality. When something works the best, do that. When it doesn't, don't. It's not le Soviet Russia just people some people think you're a schizo by owning a dairy farm IN THE FUCKING DESERT. WHERE IS THE FUCKING GRASS AT?

Oh, that's right, it's grain-fed, which includes soy, something that grows breasts and weakens the goyim. So much so for 'based' Japan, amirite bros?

>we wanna do what we want, fucking commie faggot!
>we want to drain all the water resources then demand water from a state that is actually capable of having a real dairy industry, like Wisconsin and Vermont
>yea we definitely want to cripple those states of their resources because th-they are stoopid, right guyes?
No Migaturd, it's absurd, and your state is 53 percent face and possibly Democrat because of Midwestern boomers and Californians.
#1428 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 01:20:34 EDT
I've just found out too that there's fucking dairy farms in the Arizona desert. Dairy farms. In a place with 100's highs during the summer

>8 inches of rain
>100's during the summer, sometimes to 110+
>no natural grass
>shoved into dirt fence plots like how Jews think of us
#1427 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 01:18:25 EDT
Guess so, but yea, it is confusing to say the least. Cities are the places with cultural/economic relevance, which means Springfield Missouri is more of a city than Delta Junction, Alaska because Springfield has 150k and Delta Junction is less than 1000, but idk why it's bad to call a town a town, y'know what I mean
#1426 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 01:13:23 EDT
You know almost every city in USA is designated as a "City" regardless of its size? There's towns in Kentucky with less than 100 people that are still "City". It's confusing but it's important to understand that the word "city" has different definitions.

Only yankee towns do that "Village" or "Town" designation.
#1425 Anonymous : Thu, 03 Jun 21 - 00:03:31 EDT
This town in Alaska of 928 people actually considers themselves an official city, weird, hmm?

#1424 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 23:06:10 EDT
did the jews did it, anon? I've seen a turtle maybe once or twice, and one time, my mom saved a turtle from being killed because the turtle happened to cross the road. Loving animals is peak whiteness
#1423 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 22:56:53 EDT
There are frogs, crawdads, turtles, etc. in my woods. I had a water hole for them but it got drained.
#1422 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 22:23:07 EDT
More to add here, don't know how much I can type at once, but here it goes: the woods up north are basically oak and it's very wild indeed. Most I've seen when it comes to deer was maybe 20. Groundhogs, squirrels, rabbits, even frogs and lizards sometimes, I've never really seen frogs outside up north for some reason. Guess it's not wet or warm enough, but I am no yank. Climate is basically Kentucky's I think, so I do think we are indeed on the same page here, just different upbringings. Even the red counties in VA are basically elite larping tier except for the southwest which is basically TN/KY. South Carolina is okay, but not great. Woods really don't exist unless you go to the mountains or the tupelo swamps, pine plantations don't count. Gets moderately warm enough in the winter to grow stuff, I've planted strawberries in November, and I am currently reaping those benefits. I'd also recommend clover as a subsitute lawn grass because:

>stays green except during drought or extreme temps
>nutritious to animals, even for humans
>nitrogen-fixing case you want to plant stuff in later

Yea man, use the land you pay your property taxes on, but I respect nature because different plant/animal species can be defining for an area

>VA oak forests, white pines' southernmost range
>SC pine forests, oak trees' southernmost range excluding live oaks
#1421 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 22:13:47 EDT
Holy based. This needs to happen more often, but you're right, you just need people committed to hoard an area from being developed. I'd figure, if the people in my neighborhood weren't so cucked, that would happen. Myrtle Beach is basically a tourist money toilet with yank retirees, funny thing is, it's redder than the county that Berea is in, and nobody seems to care to see more suburbs. To be fair, it isn't changing as much as per se Charleston metro area, but it's still changing.

Back up north, got a 90% white, 80% Republican precinct and people are just rural folks with some townies. The house up north is surrounded by woods my parents own, so we have about 50 acres of that.
#1420 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 22:07:40 EDT
Agreed. Me and the surrounding houses dick around in the woods that we share a boundary with. All of us own part of that forest. We all bought our share of the woods to keep some dickhead from buying it and building a suburban McHouse fuck shit. However, we never meet in the woods, we just let whoever's in the woods at the time be at peace. The forest is so large though, as well as being mountainous, that if one person is at the creek another person can be on a ridge elsewhere and no-one is bothered. I've built a few bridges at the creek for us all to use, pretty kino. Best thing is there's wildlife and all that and no-one hunts them down either. Sort of like a sanctuary. Fresh water, lots of deer, rabbits, squirrels, etc. Pretty based.

All of this and it isn't a public park and we all own our share of the woods, since we know if one person were to build something, all of them would.

You don't need a "park" to have a good neighborhood, you need good people.
Point is, yankees are just shit people. Feels good to not only have 100% white neighbors but 100% Anglo as well.
#1419 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 21:44:06 EDT
Big yards and McMansions are so abhorent, why not strawberry beds and a garden and maybe some trees?
Also, what's the point of a neighborhood if there's no common park?
#1418 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 19:50:18 EDT
What kind of business you're talking about, sir? like a lumber yard or a masonry?
#1417 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 19:47:25 EDT
Well, gotta give credit where it's due, that other one was gayer after all
#1416 business owner : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 19:46:24 EDT
(5.79 KB, 182x250)
Employer here. I own a small business with 40 people. I am requiring that everyone get vaccinated or repeatedly tested and encouraging my fellow employers to do the same.

You will need to show your vaccine card.
Don't have the card? Show me your record on the state immunization site (every state has this).
Don't want to get vaxxed? That's fine, I am requiring a bimonthly nasal COVID test. The test cost will be deducted from your paycheck.
Forge a vaccine card? You're fired.
#1415 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 19:40:04 EDT
tbh the only other one was inactive and dead. if it's really so gay you should host your own :3 i know sometimes dudes will host LAN servers through dulmCube for whatever reason
#1414 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 19:32:06 EDT
#1413 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 17:34:28 EDT
Dulmcube only has 1 server anymore lol
#1412 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 13:50:11 EDT
@1412 don't care niggers will always be subhuman niggers
#1411 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 13:02:39 EDT
"There are three religious tenets that drive our growth: Our women don't use birth control, they get married young, and after they get married, they stay in Kiryas Joel and start a family. Our growth comes simply from the fact that our families have a lot of babies, and we need to build homes to respond to the needs of our community".

— Gedalye Szegedin, village administrator, quoted in "Reverberations of a Baby Boom", by Fernanda Santos, The New York Times, 2006[24]

This happens in a 99 percent Jewish town, what will you do, white man?
#1410 Anonymous : Wed, 02 Jun 21 - 01:58:28 EDT
All of Vaush's "arguments" are based on skewed half-truths and intentionally misleading premises that are in fact not based on sound research and are easily debunked.

If joggers are such amazing people, why the fuck doesn't Vaush move to Somalia? These faggots love to virtue signal because virtue signaling was made for people like them. He's fapped to so much cp it has stolen all creative purpose from him and the only way he can compensate is to make himself into the most pseudointellectual faggot that panders to his brainless base. The only reason he makes the claims he does is because he does not observe reality nor think objectively about anything.

Why is America the home of the biggest number of the most successful blacks on the planet?
Why do we have people like Oprah and Lebron James who make more money than 99% of Americans can ever hope to have, yet still complain that the entire world is plotting their demise?
Why the fuck did we just have a black president for TWO consecutive terms if America is racist and has racist laws keeping joggers down all the time?
Why do blacks have their own month, tv networks, music industry, welfare programs, scholarships, and institutionalize pandering through the entire establishment if America is racist?

Why did Biden just pass an $87 BILLION bill to help exclusively blacks, and not any whites (or spics, or Asians, or pacific islanders, etc.)? We literally have anti discrimination laws on the books and the president passed a bill that says "fuck you" to anyone who isn't a jogger.
#1409 Anonymous : Tue, 01 Jun 21 - 20:05:22 EDT
(7.01 KB, 217x250)
fo real? why do you guys hate me, who hurt you?
#1408 Anonymous : Tue, 01 Jun 21 - 19:59:29 EDT
It expired doofus
#1407 Anonymous : Tue, 01 Jun 21 - 18:37:50 EDT
Here's something i made for Climprox, Vince's Arctic Base

#1406 Anonymous : Tue, 01 Jun 21 - 18:04:10 EDT
Uh hello....?
#1405 Anonymous : Tue, 01 Jun 21 - 16:24:55 EDT
#1404 Anonymous : Tue, 01 Jun 21 - 13:20:36 EDT
i love how this website has the rainbow on the front page not just during june but all the time!!!

i love god's covenant with the earth, the promise not to flood the world again!

you thought it was for fags? nah, faggots burn in hell, silly goose!
#1403 Anonymous : Tue, 01 Jun 21 - 13:16:12 EDT
it's pride month, bigot
suck the 30 cocks of pride month, 1 cock per day for gay pride
#1402 Anonymous : Tue, 01 Jun 21 - 00:23:26 EDT
>b-but it HAS to be 70's highs during the winter to call it a mild climate!

No, Billy, sometimes mildness can mean different things as coastal Massachusetts has warm enough weather to help plants like kale and even peas grow, kale survives down to like 15 degrees.

#1401 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 23:28:34 EDT
(6.94 KB, 250x175)
>10 dollar min wage is soooo bad waaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaa
#1400 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 22:44:36 EDT
How do you feel about this, what vibes do you get out by seeing this climate chart?

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