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#1399 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 22:38:51 EDT
(8.84 KB, 250x249)
>supports cops
>supports the troops
>gets arrested for having guns
>gets drone-striked
#1398 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 22:03:03 EDT
it's pretty common knowledge that the goons of the gub are all childish faggots who power trip. they're the IRL version of a dark RP janny. the "BACK THE BLUE" crap is just cucks trying to stay on the "right side" of this debate, thinking they'll be spared from the tyranny.

if they can't win against you using verbal pilpul they'll burn you and your children alive.
#1397 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 17:21:18 EDT
@1395 Have you heard about Princeton removing Greek and Latin as required courses because of le racism? Any big and relevant area WILL get cucked eventually. NC, GA, TX, FL, AZ are 'great' examples. SC, UT, ID, MT, and even TN are following suit, and nobody cares. People just accept it for le monies. Even when you have le based Christians, they still cuck out for mammon. The only states worth anything are the ones who

1. aren't Democrat majority

2. stagnant or declining population

>lower prices on homes
>less traffic thank GOD
>more nature
>probs Republican?
#1396 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 17:17:49 EDT
Haven't you noticed that as climate warms up and people moving to warmer places as America gets less white? Back in the day, people loved the Midwest and the North in general, whilst the South was sparse in people and rural. It also hated niggers, despite some longnoses owning slaves. I wonder if people are getting more sensitive to anything winter-esque, but even then, I see alot of Florida plates along with a few NY and PA thrown in there. PA and OH are quite mild nowadays, which makes me ponder as of why anyone would move.
#1395 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 17:14:20 EDT
The military is not going woke and embracing "diversity and inclusion" to fight foreign enemies. The military is going woke and embracing "diversity and inclusion" because it will be used DOMESTICALLY against the people.

Read history. Once the idealogy gets into the government and military it's not a matter of if but when.
It will be easy for a soldier to pull a trigger on the American people when their idealogy claims you're an evil, racist, Nazi, Far Right, conservative, privileged, bigot.

It happened in Russia, It happened in China, It is happening here.
#1394 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 17:06:54 EDT
mhm, same with my fig but because boomers stopped rain from coming here, even the fig is hurting. Idk if I want to water more than what I got now. Got some strawberries coming in and pea season about over now. New tomato plants, however.
#1393 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 15:42:55 EDT
naners are based but wouldn't that take years before it grew any fruit?

#1392 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 15:28:29 EDT
Was looking around at my local Lowe's today and I found a cavendish banana tree, would it be a good investment of my money??
#1391 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 15:20:03 EDT
Oh yea, and about I-97, yea, weird one. Ripping thru subtropical forests because of nigger and yank population, which is alot of them. Weird thing, y'know?
#1390 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 15:17:20 EDT
(3.78 KB, 250x123)
I've found around about the I-865 area, very interesting indeed...
#1389 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 15:14:21 EDT
Is there another reason you hate ND, sir??
#1388 Anonymous : Mon, 31 May 21 - 13:18:18 EDT
(6.53 KB, 250x153)
most spoken second language

red = spic
blue = ENGLISH

#1387 Anonymous : Sun, 30 May 21 - 20:09:01 EDT
(10.96 KB, 247x250)
Get topped on Grindr.
#1386 Anonymous : Sun, 30 May 21 - 12:20:53 EDT
Although that's pretty weird, there's also this one.

It's an interstate that exists only to connect two other interstates. There are no exits besides its ends.

Other weird interstates include 97 which only runs through Maryland.

That part of I-66 that Kentucky built around Somerset before I-66 was even confirmed. This interstate is signed as the Cumberland Parkway and it does not loop around the town fully, there's a half-finished cloverleaf due to the news coming in that I-66 was not going to happen.
However, the Hal Rogers Parkway from London I-75 to Hazard will be a 4-lane highway soon. It probably won't be an interstate.
#1385 Anonymous : Sun, 30 May 21 - 01:23:26 EDT
(6.04 KB, 250x200)
The weirdest shit I've ever seen

A tiny 1 mile interstate for a glorified town in the middle of nowhere

#1384 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 23:48:16 EDT
Damn that video was cringe, couldn't watch more than 10 sec of it

On a note, it's like 80 degree weather, can only tolerate so much before you get a headache and scream
#1383 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 23:10:08 EDT
Blue's Clues more like Blue's Jews haha amirite bros?
#1382 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 22:13:52 EDT
(5.64 KB, 215x250)
I fucking love being white, feels so great bros

#1381 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 22:09:54 EDT
I've noticed so much more mormonposting, interesting.....
#1380 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 22:07:53 EDT
(10 KB, 207x250)
That feels when you find your true roots.....
#1379 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 22:05:48 EDT
(5.79 KB, 250x181)
no screaming wojacks allowed? Is the software an Emirati prince?
#1378 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 22:03:34 EDT
(1.61 KB, 230x250)
>80 degrees at 5am in Dubai
>70 percent humidity
>will be a high of 105 with 53 percent humidity
#1377 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 21:26:12 EDT
Same thing for censorship....The government isn't the one censoring you at all, it's companies like Youtube and Google.
#1376 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 18:27:29 EDT
all this vaccine drama? its an attempt to get the foot in the door for social credit.

they cant do it by enforcing it from DC, there is too much resistance by states like FL, so instead they will make it legal to and will ((financially)) lean on the private sector to do it for them. it wont end with vaccines, ((something else)) will happen and this will occur again, and again after that until it's normalized.

((they)) learned if they cant use government power to press down on you, they just use private companies and propped up monopolies instead.
#1375 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 15:10:02 EDT
dimwit, it literally shows "the Church of the Latter-day Saints"
#1374 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 13:30:31 EDT
of course
#1373 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 12:15:39 EDT
why is that? Do you think the official YT channel would lie about Joseph Smith?
#1372 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 10:54:14 EDT
Sucho ass up jit lmaoo
#1371 Anonymous : Sat, 29 May 21 - 00:39:43 EDT
Half of what comes out of the mormon church about joseph smith is either false or misleading
#1370 Anonymous : Fri, 28 May 21 - 19:26:06 EDT
(13.31 KB, 200x200)
Dulm Gothic could be a downloadable font soon. It will be in .ttf format.

Dulm Gothic is NOT the exact same as the font in dulmCube. I manually replicated it today. If you guys want to download it I'll put it up for grabs.

It is a pixel bitmap font which means it only renders 1:1 without imperfections at an exact font size. You'll probably have to size your font to 16px or multiples of 16 scaling up if you want to use it. The "point" font sizes don't work well.

#1369 Anonymous : Fri, 28 May 21 - 17:48:45 EDT
I know it's JewTube but you insert it into le non jew Yotube, great movie and it's free

Tells you all about Joseph Smith

#1368 Anonymous : Fri, 28 May 21 - 17:46:40 EDT
Praise Joseph Smith, the true prophet of God! The plates are real! The three witnesses are real!

Magic underwear isn't actually underwear though, it's more like a jumpsuit, but it is interesting that Mormons wear them for the symbolism anyways.
#1367 Anonymous : Fri, 28 May 21 - 17:42:17 EDT
Jasse, well, it's for the fact it's an American-home-grown religion

Also, they were historically racists when they denied blacks to become priests, 60 percent of Mormons say they think the ban was justified.
#1366 Anonymous : Fri, 28 May 21 - 15:44:04 EDT
what's with all this mormon shit lately? why is everyone talking about mormons?

is joseph smith's spirit rising up?
#1365 Anonymous : Fri, 28 May 21 - 15:33:38 EDT
(3.36 KB, 250x81)
@1364 More context
I originally found that discord when I googled "lgbt mormons" and found this reddit post https://old.reddit.com/r/mormon/comments/9lzngy/lgbtq_mormons_discord_server/ . At least I think it was, it might've been a different one since this one's post date seems a bit too recent to be that one, but it's the same discord nonetheless. I grew up mormon, but by the time I was searching that, I was in a shitty ex-mormon phase and also an edgy atheist phase. I joined there basically to dissuade people there from being mormon because I wanted to protect them from being unhappy (I wasn't quite a pride fag back then but I was a bit social justice-y, I also never approved of trannies), but I kept being disappointed because they still wanted to stick with their religion lol.

Lesson learned is that if you think normal trannies are annoying, welcome to the world of leftist mormon trannies.

One interesting thing is that there was a board on 8ch called /lds/ which was a mormon board, but it was the polar opposite. It was basically /pol/ mormons, and it was perhaps more surreal than the tranny mormons. At one point, 8/pol/ found their board and they joined together for a bit with /pol/ calling the mormons based but eventually the /lds/ BO got sick of it and banned all non-mormons from the board. One of their banners was a screenshot of a post on there that said "Brigham Young was right about niggers, case closed." (pic is that screenshot, the only one I have of that board unfortunately). They also had a board-tan which was a female missionary, they called her "nee-tan", which was sort of a play on the name Nephi, which is a prophet in the book of mormon. They were very apprehensive to draw her much though, since they didn't want to sexualize her like most board-tans are sexualized. Keep in mind that these people are mormons lol.

text archives are on web.archive.org (8ch.net/lds/), but no images are saved cause archive.org excluded 8ch img urls (FUCK!)
#1364 Anonymous : Fri, 28 May 21 - 15:10:51 EDT
(5.2 KB, 250x140)
Poor guy doesn't know the half of it. I once found a discord called "LGBTQ+ Mormons". That was the biggest den of mental illness that I have ever seen in my entire life. The place was crawling with trannies, the owner himself was one. The thing is that these guys try to bend the religion to try to make themselves feel ok with their horrible situations and choices.

There was this one guy who was talking about taking his secret boyfriend to church, another who was trying to get people accept him as a tranny. There's also a lot of the stupid nonbinary girls there too. The thing that joins them is that they think mormonism is true but just the church is against them, not the religion, which is just untrue. It doesn't welcome them, and already is against them. For example, mormonism teaching that gender is an important part of god's plan and that it cannot be changed, and additionally, that nobody is born the wrong gender. This flies in the face of trannies, but they try to ignore it. If your religion teaches that gender is important, do you think god would make a mistake and put you in the "wrong body"? these people still think so. As for the gay ones, the church used to be very anti-homosexuality, sponsored shock therapy, etc. Nowadays it became (relatively) progressive and says "it's ok to be gay, just don't act on it" (don't have gay sex). They still encourage gays to marry their opposite sex and try to be straight, but it doesn't talk it much anymore after people got really angry about it.

I told these people that they can't believe that mormonism is true and still stick to their identities, but they ignored me and called me anti-mormon. Out of genuine concern I told them that they should just leave but of course they basically called me a well-meaning agent of the devil, trying to destroy their faith (I guess I was??) but ultimately they kept clinging to their conflicting beliefs.

There are many repressed trannies and gays in Utah & outside of there
#1363 Anonymous : Fri, 28 May 21 - 13:37:41 EDT
da fuggg is datt
#1362 Anonymous : Fri, 28 May 21 - 02:41:41 EDT
(6.93 KB, 250x208)
>what the fuck is that noise?
>hear mewling in your backyard
>look outside
>this nigga eats your kale crops
#1361 Anonymous : Fri, 28 May 21 - 02:05:05 EDT
Why you should grow kale:

>survives frost even when they are seedlings

>continued harvests for months

>lasts through hot weather as well

>Evropean origin(brassica)
#1360 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 21:33:32 EDT
I rejected a girl with English ancestry because I've heard she's a "centrist" or some shit like that. I think she really had deep interest in me, and I gave her flowers because she kept begging for some. Her father is from London. However, her brothers are absolute fags of "guys", might as well call them women lol.
idk bros, did I do the right thing?
#1359 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 21:20:12 EDT
Basado macimilles!
#1358 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 20:52:11 EDT
(8.24 KB, 250x163)
No-one has been able to refute this, to date.
#1357 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 20:33:12 EDT
We own your "conservative" politicians, and alot of liberals too :^)

shit is cash, my nigga ;)
#1356 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 16:26:12 EDT
you don't own shit, kike
you have no country, you have no nation, you must subvert others to gain anything.
revelation 3:9 kike
#1355 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 15:23:17 EDT
(6.71 KB, 250x194)
I've just found out that transgender Mormons exist....
#1354 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 15:21:07 EDT
(6.55 KB, 250x161)
Pueblo LARP in Moab, Utah, a very well known liberal hub in the state for (((reasons)))
#1353 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 15:18:05 EDT
Actually, it is the jews because we own your country :^)
#1352 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 13:15:16 EDT
That's fucking stupid white is already superior by the grace of God
#1351 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 13:12:04 EDT
What age were you when you realised that the boxing match on the 6th of June between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather will decide the fate of the white race?
#1350 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 12:50:54 EDT
Ух бля, охуенный суп вышел
#1349 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 10:18:17 EDT
Ass ass ass ass ass ass ass ass
#1348 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 02:14:19 EDT
Kaldas če jarmas?

Azam lubsi kaldas če jarmas, me matar lubsi jarmas para jaras.
#1347 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 01:57:04 EDT
sfats panča en Marčas, Azam ne znassi so!
#1346 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 01:53:51 EDT
Climate honestly fascinates me, it's a part of being an autist like me :)
#1345 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 01:51:25 EDT
94 in Bangkok

>but you're just a desperate incel that wants women so badly reeeee!!!!

No, it's that Thailand is an interesting place where it's 95 degrees for 3 months and rest is low 90's, terrifying but interesting.

I honestly wonder what it's like to live in hell
#1344 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 01:48:16 EDT

Did you notice my Dacianposting, vince :)
#1343 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 01:38:17 EDT
you have weird nips, go away slut bitch
#1342 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 01:34:10 EDT
this is cool, /box/ is fast as fuck these days
how many niggas are here today, like 4?
#1341 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 01:31:49 EDT
Depends on where you'll find the alt income from, /box/er
#1340 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 01:29:57 EDT
Should I stop being a wage slave, /box/?
One night they had me doing a surprise 12 hour shift. It was supposed to be 6 hours. I only wanted to make some money to fuck around with, now I have it and I need to stop being a wagie.
Maybe I could get some gibs or something.
#1339 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 01:25:03 EDT
Coney Island hot dog mustard is pretty based.

It has pickle, onion & tomato in the mustard like someone's already prechewed it for you it is mutt genius. It is better than a mystery genetic edit by those trustworthy people who fuck you over and lie about it to your face all day every day who want to fully own you (freedom was a blip in history). I just tasted it. Tastes like life. Freedom.

A chick got my groceries so I’m eating stuff I don’t really buy myself. Going to have a very big hotdog or 6 now. I wouldn’t dream of being injected for a phony plague that nobody ever sees outside TV anyway, thanks. I’ll be amused to watch the outcome for NPC’s, unless its what I truly suspect in which case it is so awful that I’m not even cruel enough to tell them what I’ve concluded is happening to them. Its worse than just death/crippling injury/madness off the blood clotting, the genetic editing it ... ahh we will let them find out themselves.

Glad my momma did not raise any turnips.
#1338 Anonymous : Thu, 27 May 21 - 00:18:45 EDT
Imagine being so much of a cuck to think that your job is the only thing that defines you

>b-but you spend your day there, it IS your identity

Sorry boomer, but I do have value and I do have hobbies and talents that I get zero change for, because life isn't all about money.

>Why not acquire a job with your interests?

Because there is too much professionalism and muh resumes, and even bilingualism is required in some jobs.
Also, any job that contributes to more Yankee Democrat voters like construction is cucked ultimately.
#1337 hot trans girl : Wed, 26 May 21 - 23:46:11 EDT
(6.23 KB, 250x187)
1337 get
*sigh* oh yea.... you better clean up my messie wessie, jannie

#1336 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 20:47:10 EDT
(5.51 KB, 250x179)
Whiteness represented by the colors of the lesser of the two evils party, lightest is 30, each goes up to 90, the darkest color.
#1335 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 19:55:39 EDT
What should Dacian use for the /j/ sound, y or j? J is like the English j in the last post, but also, you can use dž, which could make it connect up more with its relatives, Baltic and Slavic. Hell, it's close to a literal Aryan tongue in a way. Alot of similarites to Sanskrit, like using a instead of e, and alot of words match up. The word for life matches up with the Sanskrit equivalent, jiva. Could just be a mere coincidence, eh?
#1334 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 19:52:07 EDT
Klisiče dendzu esti Jermanikas, Dakiče dendzu esti Indoeuropeče dendzu, esti Baltikas e Slavikas.
#1333 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 19:50:01 EDT
Vinaks Yohannas esti yudas, vals bu ma para Kalkon e Klisilend?
#1332 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 19:47:44 EDT
Sample sentences to slowly immerse into the Dacian language:

Azam lubsi raudzel kukurm.
I love the pumpkin.

Azam kukurbi para edas.
I used the melon for eating.
#1331 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 18:13:40 EDT
(12.32 KB, 189x250)
My nigga Dece chillin up in heaven be like, "fuck Italians, they are gross". Rest in peace my fam
#1330 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 18:05:55 EDT
>what does that phrase mean?

You will never be a woman. Take notes, boys
#1329 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 18:01:43 EDT
Tu val ne bu jana.
Tu esti viras.
#1328 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 17:59:33 EDT
The Dacians were a tribal people in what is today Romania, and they were connected to the Baltic peoples the most, based on
the evidence shown with all the words in the reconstructed language. There were two social classes: tarabostes and the komati,
The Tarabostes were the elites who wore red caps to signify their status.

The komati were commoners. The Dacians built walls with earth material in between the walls. They lived in a four season climate
on flat plains and cold mountains. The Dacian
language has many similarites to the Baltic, Iranic, Indo-Aryan, and Slavic languages, all showing the satem shift(simtas).

#1327 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 17:52:46 EDT
Rasas esti; sa aputlas. Rasas sunum vilnta. Tasia zautaram prast:
"Sunus mai zanietad!" Zautar tam Razam vauked: "Jazesva divam Varunam".
Upa Ras divam Varunam sesale nu divam jazeta. "Sludi mai, pater Verune!"
Divas Varunas divas kimta gat. "čid valsi?" "Sunum valmi." "Tad estu", vauked laukas divas Varunas.
Nu ras patni sunum zezane.
#1326 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 17:40:50 EDT
Azam lubmi jana plu azam esti viras kapmi jiva en ta landas, či esti kaldas en oinas, jarmas en duas.
#1325 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 17:36:51 EDT
Tu yaz serdom para dyaus, e ayas yaz so oyu! Dyaus Patar asti ma para me e tu!
#1324 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 16:07:53 EDT
I just got called a faggot by an American flag poster the other day for prefering European identity to American. It is primarily for ancestral purposes

>be proud of being American, faggot!

You hate other countries.
You are close minded.
You think anyone who has a name like Kyle Smith is better to hang out with than Hans Johansen.
You are hateful.

#1323 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 14:14:44 EDT
Isn't his name European origin?

Absoluto copo for niggers, if his name was authentically nigger, it would be Ngubu Mbansha
#1322 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 14:07:36 EDT
(9.94 KB, 250x235)
George Floyd had something important to say...
#1321 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 13:57:44 EDT
zoomer girls smth
#1320 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 13:52:54 EDT
Atleast she isn't Kaitlyn
#1319 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 13:47:00 EDT
@1318 kys yourself, candice
#1318 candice : Wed, 26 May 21 - 09:22:48 EDT
(3.74 KB, 196x250)
find me here, my nickname is "candi":
can you win to see me?
#1317 d'scurscung clyse : Wed, 26 May 21 - 01:08:45 EDT
Kerquet 3:14Jones Hammonds Translation(1834)The animals will devour your crops, they will destroy your countryKerquet 3:15There will be a winter, a great thaw will happen.Kerquet 3:16It will be thawed for 12,000 years, per always.
Kerquet4:20Eistricx&DaaljuideTranslationOfApocrypha1897Tes mame es juore, sie nacxt inherete d'pante, sie jurgasime este comparatung der cxjuannfacxeung, nacxt comparatune der d'jurgasime male euf d'diocx, tes es fact.
Kerquet1:11Eistricx&DalluideTranslationOfApocrypha1897Comparate d'stade Kuikxpierre, stade aus pyrame structeren, d'ansce stade Kerquet es cryoung un penensulare ein nord America continent. Der volk ein Kerquet, sie sircumstante este scetemote dik juane cryung maxime, es grustung und unjuolle
#1316 Anonymous : Wed, 26 May 21 - 00:40:25 EDT
jasse, and have you heard the word?
#1315 Anonymous : Tue, 25 May 21 - 19:51:41 EDT
#1314 Anonymous : Tue, 25 May 21 - 19:27:02 EDT
True that, nobody ever specifically calls for racemixing, except for companies, and ads on Youtube pander to consoomers lmao, makes you wonder, eh?
#1313 Anonymous : Tue, 25 May 21 - 18:43:08 EDT
This conversation never happens naturally. Only literally garbage trashy whites fuck outside of their nation, better yet their race.
#1312 Anonymous : Tue, 25 May 21 - 14:46:48 EDT
(5.95 KB, 250x191)
Is it a bad mindset to think that any woman that has similar ethnicity to me would be refered to as "our women" when we talk to other races/ethnicities???
#1311 Anonymous : Tue, 25 May 21 - 13:05:59 EDT
(2.42 KB, 99x125)
#1310 Anonymous : Tue, 25 May 21 - 02:26:22 EDT
They don't care about global warming anon, you're being fooled. Look at an aerial map of Jacksonville, FL, the county that it's in flipped blue for a reason....

Thing is, it's all to make life more miserable without actually going through with the plans. See of how they never say anything about big Mexican families? Exactly, this is mainly a white and Asian problem, because they are smarter.

>in before le south and Southeast Asian are decreasing fertility!!!

It's because Southern India is actually kinda developed, the memes about India are about the Bihar but yes, it is very shitty country, but Kerala is getting wealthier and smarter by the year.
#1309 Anonymous : Tue, 25 May 21 - 01:49:24 EDT
>think mankind is a virus that needs to be culled
>hate the idea of monogamy and having children
>care about global warming affecting the hypothetical children they wont have
Why are liberals like this?
#1308 Anonymous : Tue, 25 May 21 - 01:23:56 EDT
Interesting, so it goes to show that you can never get away from the mortality of man, even though I believe man can have some divinity.

>beach resort area
>things closed or restricted in 2020
>restrictions lifted to some extent in 2021
>boomers desperately want to have normal life
>only rains 2-3 times in the span of 2 months:April-May 25th as of the date of this post.

Maybe I am just sus about everything, who knows???
#1307 Anonymous : Tue, 25 May 21 - 00:54:25 EDT
one way to make a swamp with wet heat worse is to make stuffy air by tearing down the things that create fresh air

however, one thing that i found when i left appalachia was the air was quite a bit muggier down south but there certainly wasn't as much allergens in the air. east KY is, from what i've heard, the absolute worst place in the USA if you're allergic to trees. pretty much constant pollen. this is an effect of appalachia having some of the last continuous forests in the country.
#1306 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 23:50:42 EDT
>feels maybe a swampy 77 outsie
>goes inside
>comfy 70 degrees
>wondering about if boomers would be justified by clearing forests in SC for their suburbs
>on one hand, it's swampy hell for April-October
>on the other hand, leave the area alone for real southerners only

What should I believe, bros??

Should the south be domesticated or just do other ways of feeling happy?
This is not to help me feel happy, but I've seen that boomers prefer warm to cooler temperatures. Ohio and Pennsylvania are decreasing.
#1305 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 23:30:33 EDT
I've heard it's been a heatwave this month, and what I was talking about for le masks has more to do with "german food", which means like restaurants, not like Costco or Walmart or Lowe's for that matter.
#1304 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 23:11:34 EDT
it was 91 degrees toady, it hasn't rained for a while now that i think about it, and niggers know their place if you stand your ground. keep the monkeys at bay, you'll be fine.

also, i've been going to yankee towns and not wearing mask and no-one cares anymore. they're gonna have to come up with a new psy-op if this vaccination shit doesn't cause strife among the goyim
#1303 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 22:47:40 EDT
I honestly hate how I can't post images well on here....

#1302 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 22:44:12 EDT
(2.55 KB, 250x48)
Rate le meme I've made, it is not based on any particular place
#1301 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 22:40:56 EDT
Thank you for the advice and the meme, but idk what to do with my life now

>80's highs in May
>no rain for a month
>grocery stores have blacks in them
>wear le mask if you want german food

What do I do, anon?
#1300 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 22:34:24 EDT
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/pol/ is good for news, it's terrible for your mind beyond 10 minutes of browsing

check this 1300 get and genuine, authentic Gimp War meme
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