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#1299 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 22:29:57 EDT

Well, yea, but I guess they may know more than normies, since /pol/ is so hesitant to watch NBC and CNN, which explains alot.
But yea, /pol/ is a community, not one person. I've seen libertarians, eco-fascists, communists, etc. But what has happened recently may be summerfags, which explains why posts are getting more and more centrist than right wing. COVID did fuck us in a way that you might not think, since people will believe it exists, but it doesn't.

>You should get out of the SC suburbs, bro

To where? to a blue state? where do you want me to go??
#1298 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 22:07:49 EDT
I've stopped thinking "what would /pol/ think" and my life has improved tremendously. /pol/ is just an ongoing battle for your attention, directing it away from anything constructive. The only thing shills fear the most is you not falling for their bullshit narratives.
I've always said coronavirus never existed outside of the media. Everyone just looks like a jackass with their masks and taking shots from daddy gubmint. The face "/pol/ knew about the Wuhan virus first" should demonstrate that /pol/ is where (((they))) post their bullshit first, sort of like a trial run for any new conspiracies.
#1297 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 22:00:51 EDT
>haha bro don't like this chan? just make your own imageboard
#1296 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 15:45:36 EDT
(5.88 KB, 250x187)
I am having issues with trying to have my own opinions, cause I would have my own thinking, but 4chan has rotted my brain to be more NPC in nature.

When I look at little gardens on slopes of Madeira, I would subconsciously think "gay" because 4channers are close-minded people, even when I am open to new ideas.
It is best to not go there every day, because there are alot of subhumans who worship anime and video games, except for constructive ones like Minecraft and dulmcube.

As much redpills as there are on 4chan, be wary of the site, because they can suck out your real mindset for trying to fit in with them.
#1295 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 15:27:58 EDT
>B-but it's been the snowiest winter in recorded history, checkmate, libtards!

Lmao, why do Republicans want to cuck their states so badly? Cause y'know that yanks love that 52 degree high in January, so buckle up, dumbass MIGAturds ;)
#1294 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 14:52:12 EDT
@1293 Did you see the list of states I made? That also explains it because they want le economy but the only ones who really bring in the 'cash' are mainly people from blue states.

Obviously, most are white, so it explains alot. However, it does seem that red states "can't grow" and why should they?

Fuck DeSantis
Fuck Abbot
Fuck Ducey
#1293 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 13:49:44 EDT
Kek. Good example of cuck mentality. If you hold your competitors to your own standards they WILL take advantage of you and you WILL trip and fall. This is why Libertarians and Anarcho-Caps will never win at anything.
#1292 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 04:00:11 EDT
(10.86 KB, 250x249)
Fresh meme for the boys :)
#1291 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 03:57:53 EDT
(5 KB, 250x166)
>mfw Anchorage flipped blue in 2020
>le free state of Alaska...
#1290 Alpwirtschaft is the word : Mon, 24 May 21 - 03:49:27 EDT
(7.83 KB, 250x250)
dammit, what am I supposed to do?

> size it to 1.3 MB
>le file is too large!!! waaaa
>resize it
>still can't see it for fuck's sake.

Clown world, everybody
#1289 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 03:47:20 EDT
(3.57 KB, 250x159)
Maybe if you are not an ant, here is a picture for those that are not bugs. You are what you eat :^)
#1288 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 03:44:36 EDT
(3.59 KB, 250x159)
This originates with how the Swiss would do transhumance with their cattle, down in winter, up in the summer, pic related, but doesn't go for just farming, but living too.
#1287 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 03:33:46 EDT
(7.55 KB, 201x250)
>I SOOOOO love driving for 6 hours just to feel a difference of 10 degrees! Oh golly, i-is that a h-house on a mountain?
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I am literally shaking like my life is literally over, like how can someone drive for ONLY 20 minutes just to have different temperatures? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
#1286 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 02:20:45 EDT
Utah may or may not be on that list with FL and TX, but it seems to be cucked by Spencer COX and also, Salt Lake City. That place is as blue as any other city you can name. Mormons also loves spics, which atleast Utah doesn't have negroes, for now. Glad that Scandicucks assimilated to the mindest alot more than in the Midwest.
#1285 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 02:18:39 EDT
>economic republicuck states:

North Carolina
South Carolina

>actual conservative states:

South Dakota
West Virginia

>red states with blue metro areas:


#1284 Anonymous : Mon, 24 May 21 - 02:12:54 EDT
Imagine not wanting min wage to increase, it will anyways because of "inflation"

Funny enough, bread at a grocery store can be as low as a dollar, if it's on sale, 50-70 cents.
#1283 Anonymous : Sun, 23 May 21 - 19:26:45 EDT
>"WAHHHH why can't I afford a house, a car and raise a family of 4 working a 9 to 5 job? It's NOT FAIR"

I can think of a few things, actually:

> women entering the workforce, thinning out wages. bergstein was kvetching one day requiring more workers, so he figured he could just split the wages between husband and wife in the meantime before mass third world migration started taking off in the 70s, leading to the next point...
> mass immigration (yes, the take muh job meme actually is real, despite what lefties claim). said immigrants can work under the table for lower wages, even lower than the enforced minimum wage, and will not negotiate for higher wages. they will also be less likely to form unions if said migrants are hired because of (((diversity quotas))).
> job outsourcing, bergstein would rather pay jin xiau from china 10 cents an hour in halfassed conditions and sell it at a premium price in the USA, saving him more shekels in the end
> (((minimum wage))) hurting mom and pop shops while hardly affecting someplace like globohomo McDonald's
> government borrowing infinite monopoly money from the federal reserve at or near zero interest, hell are taxes even needed anymore?
> companies legally dodging corporate taxes funneling even more money to themselves (amazon is a great example of this) while everyone else who are unable to suffer. I don't care if it's (((legally done))), you're a fucking retard. Otherwise gay marriage is "epic" and "wholesome" just because it's legal.
#1282 Anonymous : Sun, 23 May 21 - 02:05:02 EDT
(9.13 KB, 250x171)
#1281 Anonymous : Sat, 22 May 21 - 12:51:44 EDT
(11.59 KB, 250x188)
>58% Republican equivalent in the UK

#1280 Anonymous : Sat, 22 May 21 - 12:49:28 EDT
(6.89 KB, 250x231)
'ate Argentina
'luv Falklands
'luv Gregg's
'luv me some slags

simple as.
#1279 Anonymous : Sat, 22 May 21 - 12:43:42 EDT
(3.28 KB, 166x250)
*smacks lips*

#1278 Anonymous : Sat, 22 May 21 - 03:24:37 EDT
America is one giant soulless megamall. The sooner people come to terms with that the better.
#1277 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 22:20:13 EDT
I think alot of things about American culture today stem from the fact of it being based on production and capital, where actual culture is wiped away. Even a place where masks are heavily enforced, like Salem, MA; it is still alot better culture than rural Arkansas. It is because Republicans are dumbass sellouts to the Juden. DeSantis sucks, Abbot sucks, and also Ducey.

Republicans care about "muh economy" but do the exact opposite to all the other values, which makes it hard to enforce them. Clearing forests in Duval County, FL, has immense consequences for the GOP, since the county is now blue when it was once solid red. AZ could actually be blue, since the board of supervisors doesn't care about the results, I heard the ginger guy in the meeting that was livestreamed, that said: We need to get back to work to serve the economy. This means spics build houses for Californians so the Republicans are ousted from power.

Hell, most House seats in AZ are blue, but only one more than the Republican side. This is only the beginnning. Get your act together, republicucks.
#1276 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 22:13:39 EDT
Is Virginia a good state to live in, Vince and Press?
#1275 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 22:11:38 EDT
#1274 Vincememe : Fri, 21 May 21 - 22:09:15 EDT
You're weird, Press, stay away from my ginger!
#1273 PressCape : Fri, 21 May 21 - 22:07:12 EDT
I just have to admit here, eleanor's voice is kinda cute uwu but I got frustrared with Daeslander over talking about her in irc lmao.
#1272 Vincememe : Fri, 21 May 21 - 22:04:25 EDT
I can never sexually satisfy my partner, eleanor, so I let PressCape fuck her on the weekdays while I go to work; Good times, I love watching the sex clips of them together
#1271 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 14:58:17 EDT
(6.09 KB, 250x236)
[Intro: SpotemGottem]
Let go
(Damn E, this shit exclusive) Stretch gang
Face shots to the face, don't trip on yo' lace

[Chorus: SpotemGottem]
Bur— Bur— Burn away a carbon beam, knock your legs off
Tried to get away from me, had a standoff
Hit him in the spine, knock his dreads off
My woadie just caught a body, I nicknamed him Randy Moss
Thuggin' in my Reeboks, ridin' with a G-SHOCK
Shh, I heard he shot, Draco make 'em beat box
OG made that sharp turn, woadie spot 'em, peeled the car
Had a mask on, Draco make 'em beat box

[Verse 1: SpotemGottem]
In Miami with my motherfuckin' heat out
With another nigga bitch, said she got her feet out
I walked in the party, I'm on my big goon shit
Ready to get it started, bitch, I got no sensе
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I'm kickin' shit like Jackie Chan 'til they got my kicks on
I aim, I hit my target, I'ma up this bitch regardless
[Chorus: SpotemGottem & Pooh Shiesty]
Bur— Bur— Burn away a carbon beam, knock your legs off
Tried to get away from me, had a standoff
Hit him in the spine, knock his dreads off
My woadie just caught a body, I nicknamed him Randy Moss
Th— Th— Thuggin' in my Reeboks, riding with a G-SHOCK
Shh, I heard he shot, Draco make 'em beat box
OG made that sharp turn, woadie spot 'em, peeled the car
Had a mask on, Draco make 'em beat box (Blrrrd-blrrrd)

#1270 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 14:57:46 EDT
haha you'll never get Kaitlyn now ;)
#1269 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 14:55:46 EDT
(5.59 KB, 250x182)
#1268 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 14:54:05 EDT
(6.7 KB, 191x250)
spotemgottem dildo, reminds me of his BBC when we fucked in boca raton...
#1267 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 14:23:19 EDT
basado maximilles
#1266 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 14:12:19 EDT
I am a redditor who will shut down this racist server!
#1265 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 14:08:57 EDT
I wish I was trans!
#1264 dulmBox janny : Fri, 21 May 21 - 14:06:21 EDT
I am Vincememe, and I want crlow to kill himself now, I am tired of his shit.
#1263 dulmbox janny : Fri, 21 May 21 - 14:03:51 EDT
This "crlow" guy has been spamming dulmBox, pretending to be other posters. He is projecting his self-deprecation onto others due to his low confidence.
I hope that crlow gets better, leaves his shitty suburb and has a fruitful life.

Yes, the same "crlow" who had a hissy fit cuz we deleted his spam on dulmCube.
#1262 PressCape : Fri, 21 May 21 - 14:03:08 EDT
I hate crlowman's guts, he must give Kaitlyn's insta now!!!!!
#1261 Vincememe : Fri, 21 May 21 - 13:59:06 EDT
I wish crlowman died or something smth
#1260 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 13:54:21 EDT
I love black cock!!!

#1259 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 13:47:53 EDT
guess who is built for BBC?
#1258 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 12:06:26 EDT
Reported for racism :)
#1257 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 11:12:32 EDT
(6.93 KB, 250x185)
quit having a soy-down, nigger
#1256 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 00:17:23 EDT
I want a trans person now!
#1255 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 00:15:05 EDT
Trans women are women!
#1254 PressCape : Fri, 21 May 21 - 00:12:50 EDT
#1253 Anonymous : Fri, 21 May 21 - 00:10:08 EDT
Vincememe here, fuck crlowman, I honestly hate his guts and I want him to leave, but no more soy ranting, so yea.
#1252 PressCape : Fri, 21 May 21 - 00:07:59 EDT
(6.78 KB, 186x250)
This is crlowman's face lmao, I hope he jumps off a bridge or something, soy ass.
#1251 Vincememe : Fri, 21 May 21 - 00:01:22 EDT
basado maximilles, we will see crlowman get so mad lmao, I hate that faggot, what an ass he is.
#1250 Simply_Ebin : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:57:48 EDT
(7.16 KB, 250x250)
Ofc I hacked crlowman, how could you tell?
#1249 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:55:01 EDT
(7.05 KB, 239x250)
Reddit raid, here we come!!!
#1248 AxelDan : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:52:32 EDT
(8.84 KB, 250x249)
AxelDan here, fuck crlowman with his Kaitlyn Doughty larp, took his shit and hacked his computer, he's an autist I swear.
#1247 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:50:27 EDT
(7.01 KB, 250x250)
Black lives matter!
#1246 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:48:16 EDT
(4.72 KB, 250x166)
I love you, crlowman, wherever you are :), you are a cute guy, and a little birdie told me you chat here, tons of racists though ;)
#1245 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:46:13 EDT
Is crlowman jewish? Don't know, don't care. Racism is a bad quality of conservatives.
#1244 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:44:11 EDT
Y'all is our word now, incels!
#1243 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:42:08 EDT
(7.6 KB, 250x184)
How are we gonna flip WY for the Democrats, y'all? I hate the looks of a barren, tan-grass steppe land like that, needs smarter people I guess!
#1242 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:35:27 EDT
How do you ban these transphobes and racists anyway? LOL I wish all racists were gone, just like my hometown, Napa, CA.
#1241 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:33:08 EDT
Man, we redditors are rockin' tonight, y'all! Loving this new atmosphere around here. We are taking over! BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!
#1240 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:31:01 EDT
Wow, you go girl! yes bigots, I said GIRL because SHE decided to be a woman, SHE isn't a man anymore.

DulmCube is very transphobic and the comments I see all the time are very problematic, but after I get some groceries tommorrow morning, I will report them to ADL.
#1239 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:27:50 EDT
(2.39 KB, 250x150)
Trans rights are human rights! Trans women are women!
#1238 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:24:30 EDT
Racism is bad, kiddos, please do not say the n word anymore :)
#1237 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:21:56 EDT
#1236 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 23:18:21 EDT
crlowman here, I did NOT do that, ok?
#1235 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 21:37:25 EDT
(5.76 KB, 250x195)
crlowman really did show his jewish side today :)
#1234 me : Thu, 20 May 21 - 10:47:27 EDT
if you can read this, this means your gay.
#1233 Anonymous : Thu, 20 May 21 - 03:25:24 EDT
If Jews are Gods chosen people the why has God allowed them to be kicked out of their promised land multiple times? Enslaved, raped, tortured, genocided, hated, and expelled over and over and over again for thousands of years?

At a certain point they have to accept God abandoned them at some point. Much of the old testament is God going "those fucking jews are at it again" and then doing stuff that would make hitler blush
#1232 Anonymous : Wed, 19 May 21 - 22:29:25 EDT
(9.49 KB, 250x250)
fuck shit ass bitch boobie cum
#1231 Anonymous : Wed, 19 May 21 - 15:37:23 EDT
(8.39 KB, 250x231)
thoughts on pajeets?

They seem very retarded, naive and they look ugly
#1230 Anonymous : Wed, 19 May 21 - 07:17:26 EDT
Anyone know where I can download DulmCube font?
#1229 Anonymous : Tue, 18 May 21 - 17:59:07 EDT
fields making up a large portion of the map is retarded

#1228 Anonymous : Tue, 18 May 21 - 16:12:21 EDT
(2.05 KB, 250x140)
this is what crlowman made on dulmCube

he rage quit when we told him to stop doing that

now we undid it and put generated terrain in its place, thoughts?
#1227 Anonymous : Tue, 18 May 21 - 01:10:10 EDT
the fuck is an "alt chan"? is that what dulmBox is? an alt-chan?

for real tho dawg, getting fucking tired of these shills posting their shit on here. literally no-one from dulmBox does this shit. we got put on the directories because we're a decent board, not because we spammed DUUUUDE DULM.BLUE/BOX/ LEEEEEEEL fucking everywhere on other people's small boards
#1226 Anonymous : Tue, 18 May 21 - 00:56:17 EDT
how do i get gibs? i'm a fucking idiot for being a wagie
#1225 Anonymous : Mon, 17 May 21 - 13:16:00 EDT
(3.26 KB, 250x57)
My Minecraft is broken, idk what to do about it; two files are missing, I put them back but they are permafucked, must be that fucking leaf again hacking my computer!
#1224 Anonymous : Mon, 17 May 21 - 10:12:55 EDT
Though the chances of that faggot ever visiting this site again is slim, how about you fuck off with your altchan and your altchan lists :)
#1223 Anonymous : Mon, 17 May 21 - 05:45:25 EDT
(4.44 KB, 250x210)
Welcome to Gemchan. Where every post is a gem.

#1222 Anonymous : Mon, 17 May 21 - 02:58:22 EDT
(7.44 KB, 216x250)
>people genuinely surprised that no one wants to work min wage jobs because covidbux gets you the same if not more for less effort

Yeah, I'm thinking based.
#1221 Anonymous : Sat, 15 May 21 - 13:42:02 EDT
(7.93 KB, 250x183)
cancel culture is easily cured by an ass beating. being a tattle-tale cunt might work in some cuck hole, but not in the rest of the world
#1220 Anonymous : Sat, 15 May 21 - 13:33:11 EDT
(5.49 KB, 187x250)
Hi :) miniuum16characters
#1219 Anonymous : Sat, 15 May 21 - 03:55:16 EDT
Reminder that trannies are just cultists.

If people were allowed to live as their selves, they would be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, sometimes they get groomed into thinking they have problems that don't exist and that it can only be "treated" with drugs and bodily mutilation. But in reality, no one is ever happy when they "transition". It's just a meme that ruins lives.

The tranny fad needs to die and people need to start accepting themselves for who they are. Natural traps and tomboys who don't get tricked into taking damaging hormones or getting heinous surgeries are always a million times happier and more attractive than these tranny abominations.

If you support or enable trannies in any way, you are not a good person. You are part of the problem. Trannies are an active death cult that recruits through bullying, gaslighting and harassment. They go out of their way to make people feel uncomfortable with themselves so that they feel more dependent upon the tranny cult and its backhanded encouragement. If you have any love for tomboys, or if you just don't like seeing people get hurt, it's your job to speak out against trannyism and point out the damage it causes.

It's not a real sexuality. It's not a real identity. It's not even a real mental illness. It's simply a dangerous fad started by fetishists and enabled by politically obsessed sycophants, and it needs to be stopped before more people ruin their bodies and their lives.
#1218 Anonymous : Thu, 13 May 21 - 18:00:45 EDT
Shit man thanks for this bro talk I really needed to hear that dawg you my dawg my nigga we together fighting transphobia all the time vro
#1217 Anonymous : Thu, 13 May 21 - 11:09:57 EDT
Hey bud, cool it with the anti-semitism and sexism k? I know we have a lot of fun here, and we have a kickass work hard, play hard attitude. But sometimes champ, we gotta have a real heart-to-heart about transphobia. You gotta check yourself more bro, really get in there and unpack your privilege. Anyway chief, I know you'll do better in the future, after all, we're buds, and I know you wont let me down. I love fun as much as the next bro, but some things are bigger than bro fun, we gotta ask "what's best for Israel" sometimes ya dig?

Damn, I didn't think we'd get so deep bro. But I guess that's how good buddies do it sometimes. Remember what we talked about, racism? Not cool. Sexism, double not cool. Yeah buddy, you got this my dude. Keep it real.
#1216 Anonymous : Wed, 12 May 21 - 21:44:09 EDT
because they're dragging ass and need to fill the next update quota with something, which will be nothing because "MUH CAVE UPDATE" has been the thing the zoomers have been screeching about autistically for the last 5 years

imagine if you had two projects due that are pretty much identical and you come up with this really awesome idea... but you won't get more credit than its worth. just split it into two things then turn that shit in.

same shit with mojang. they have to fill that update quota, dawg
#1215 Anonymous : Wed, 12 May 21 - 19:15:52 EDT
>be me
>see cave and cliff trailer in 2020 back in october
>genuinely impressed by a major minecraft update for once

>fast forward to april this year
>mojang decides to split update with all the goodie good shit at christmas instead of summer like we were told and blaming their "team health"

What exactly does this mean for the average normalfag?
>archaeology moved until a future update
>no candles
>no bundles
>the extended depth and height of maps delayed
>no warden
>no sculk sensors (wireless redstone)
>no new biomes

So all we get is copper, glow squid, goats, axolotl, deepslate, and geodes. Winning!
But really. What is stopping them from releasing the entire thing until Christmas?

>Why are you complaining about free shit retard
Im complaining because I was let down. As were millions of others. What's so hard about delaying the entire update until theyre actually ready?

So for the mentally challenged, let me put it this way: It's like you see a trailer for a movie, and it's based and redpilled, then only to find out 6 months after that itll be split up into "part 1" and "part 2" and you wont see the climax and ending of the movie until part 2 comes out. And then you lose interest and are disappointed until part 2 actually comes out.

>its just a game retard
It doesn't take 18 months to create an update for a block game. No excuses.
#1214 Anonymous : Wed, 12 May 21 - 17:18:54 EDT
(4.53 KB, 250x124)
#1213 Anonymous : Sun, 09 May 21 - 13:35:30 EDT
fuck discord

kys, over-socialized retard
#1212 Anonymous : Sun, 09 May 21 - 00:45:01 EDT
Zoomer culture is centered around Discord.

They spend entire Saturdays on Discord. They pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get Discord Nitro. They listen to music on Discord. They go out of their way to promote someone who takes cock as a moderator on Discord. They act like retards on Discord. They draw the entirety of their modern culture from Discord. They post sassy gifs on Discord. They watch livestreams on Discord in worship of consumer culture. Their biggest event of the year involves throwing money at Nitro in honor of the Discord team getting their bottom surgeries. They use memes like "ligma" and "balls". When you say "among us", they're not thinking of the adverb. They're thinking of the video game. Their Discord groups are completely overrun with degenerates. They worship their group admins disproportionately filled with degenerates and their private teen dating groups filled with groomers. Their men sit around larping as women while their real women sit around sharing Spotify listen-alongs and fantasizing about onlyfans.

They will tell you how much they hate Discord and how "ok boomer" is a stale joke and they are just pretending to love Discord but the evidence speaks for itself in that Zoomers have always been and will be an age group of gay-loving Discord users.
#1211 Anonymous : Sat, 08 May 21 - 17:44:39 EDT
Nigga made a image board with no hi res pics... Why
#1210 Anonymous : Sat, 08 May 21 - 12:55:25 EDT
(7.05 KB, 250x162)
Open Transportation Tycoon Deluxe
#1209 Anonymous : Sat, 08 May 21 - 06:35:59 EDT
For me, it's Bang's.
#1208 Anonymous : Fri, 07 May 21 - 14:30:09 EDT
(4.96 KB, 250x151)
Christianity is a bad religion.
#1207 Anonymous : Fri, 07 May 21 - 14:22:58 EDT
Quit trying to rationalize the scam.
#1206 Jesus : Fri, 07 May 21 - 01:11:56 EDT
(7.25 KB, 200x195)
#1205 Anonymous : Fri, 07 May 21 - 01:08:11 EDT
masks are a virtue signal
they are holier than thou because they wear the face diaper

this all makes more sense if you realize covid as a disease isn't real. people sold their rights, they aren't getting them back.
it is astonishing to see how much the media fucking shills the covid shit. turn on any media what-so-ever, it feels like you're getting fucking molested and raped. it is far worse than any salesman ever, it is absolute rape of your mind and your country. covid is real in the sense that it's a social cancer. i am inclined to say "fuck everyone who believes covid exists" but if you've been raped this long and this is normal to you, you honestly can't help it and you've been hypnotized, conditioned to enjoy the rape.
#1204 Anonymous : Thu, 06 May 21 - 23:52:41 EDT
(5.43 KB, 218x250)
Woah, are you some kind of literal anti-vaxxer or something? TRUST. THE. FUCKING. SCIENCE.
#1203 Anonymous : Thu, 06 May 21 - 23:04:17 EDT
Let's say this is true. There is a new strain. Why the fuck are we not using n95 masks. Did everyone fucking memory hole this magic fucking device?

There are available. Why arnt we making people wear them?
#1202 Anonymous : Tue, 04 May 21 - 16:52:47 EDT
(4.5 KB, 140x250)
>Anon, you don't post "sneed" on the Internet, do you?
#1201 Anonymous : Tue, 04 May 21 - 14:12:40 EDT
sneed's feed and seed
#1200 Anonymous : Mon, 03 May 21 - 12:09:26 EDT
there's a cat on a miniature dock eating food
0 ms