What is dulmCube?

A free multiplayer block-building game.

An alternative server list for ClassiCube which is based on Minecraft Classic.

Why this instead of other block games?

No registration required! Servers handle their own user authentications. More independence and freedom! No complicated process to begin playing. You can start right now!

It's easier to play! If you've played Minecraft multiplayer before, you can play dulmCube.

ClassiCube.net is ran by Discord trans-furries who will remove your server from the list for being more popular than their favorite server.


No-one said otherwise. dulmCube requires the ClassiCube open-source game to play. Play in browser or download ClassiCube from the GitHub. dulmCube's goal is to have as much independence from ClassiCube.net Discord furry groomers as much as possible.

You can play with any Minecraft Classic client, ClassiCube isn't required at all to play on dulmCube servers if they use Classic Protocol v6 (modern servers use v7, usually MCGalaxy)

Read the Terms of Use before playing multiplayer or hosting a server!
How do I play in-browser?

The web client 100% works now!
1. Type an in-game name. This will be updated live!
2. Click a server's name.
3. Play the game.

It's that simple! There are no accounts! Servers handle their own account authentications, usually with server-side passwords per IGN.
How do I play in the ClassiCube client?
Installing the game? Download from GitHub and extract the original dulmCube assets (textures, music and sounds) to avoid downloading crap from ClassiCube.net.

1. Find a server you'd like to play and input the server's IP:port inside the Direct Connect screen.
2. Play the game.

Simple tutorial for starting a multiplayer server (With MCGalaxy)
MCGalaxy is full of commands for building and administration, plus it comes with many gamemodes such as Zombie and Lava Survivals and TNT Wars. There are many plugins for MCGalaxy made by the community to make your server as epic as you want! It's also actively updated with quick support from the developer.

1. Download MCGalaxy
2. Place in any folder
3. Start the server once, it will create stuff
4. Go inside the properties folder, you will be editing some stuff
5. Open server.properties with any text editor
6. Find verify-names and set it to false
7. Find admin-verification and set it to true
8. Find verify-admin-perm and set it to -20
9. Most importantly, find heartbeat-url and set it to
10. Open MCGalaxy.exe for a GUI with buttons. This is easy for a home-hosted server with your friends!

Open MCGalaxyCLI.exe for a command line with no easy buttons. Use this if you're setting up a dedicated server. This uses less resources.

If you're not using Windows, run MCGalaxyCLI.exe through Mono.
Play on your dulmCube server with your friends, right now.

or play in singleplayer
Server List
[EN/PL] Classic Revival REDUX + New Maps!
0/100 22dMCGalaxy Nightly
dulmCube Official Freebuild
0/16 3dMCGalaxy
Last player online 6h ago at 05 Mar 21 - 23:17:33 EST.
Heartbeat 546,924 times since April 2020

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7 players 3d ago on 02 Mar 21 - 12:35:54 EST.