You can use bbCode to format your posts. These codes translate into HTML in your posts. dulmBox uses spaces to separate words for spam prevention, and this is also used to render bbCode. You must put two spaces before AND after your bbCode in order for it to work properly.
" [b] what's up guys [/b] that was some bold text [i] lmao [/i] "

This becomes:
"what's up guys that was some bold text lmao"
[b] - Bold
[i] - Italics
[h1] - Header
[m] - Marquee

Frequently Asked Questions

No one actually asked these questions, but I'll answer them anyways.
What do I do here?
dulmBox is a simple anonymous textboard where you can post about whatever you want. There really isn't a topic.
Can I say what I want?
There's a few rules, so if what you're thinking of saying violates those, no.
Can I register an account?
There are no accounts on dulmBox.
Registration is not required to post.
However, if you'd like to verify a name so no-one else can steal it, you can register your name on the home page using the form on the right side. The name will be linked to your IP address. To use this name, you type it into the "Name" field on the post form, then your name should have a check-mark on it in the post.
Do you have a Discord?
Discord sucks. Ask yourself this: How does a service with so many features remain free to use?
How do I appeal a ban?
Tell the owner of the website or an admin to unban your IP if you've been a bad boy. How you contact them is your problem.
Why must I be an adult to use this website?
Dealing with people that aren't adults is a pain in the ass, legally and socially. Allowing under-18s on this website would require very intense moderation of content and preventing obscene content from being posted as a whole.
Yes, it's against the rules to post obscene content, but only hardcore shit. No-one really knows what could be considered obscene content but we do know who can't see this vaguely defined no-no content, and that's people under age 18, so it's far more easier to not allow those people here to begin with.
Is LGBT stuff allowed?
According to rule 3, sexual stuff isn't allowed. This includes discussion of LGBT stuff.