The Rules

1. You will not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to anything that violates local or United States law.

2. You will immediately cease and not continue to access this textboard if you are under the age of 18.

3. Do not post extremely obscene content or completely political, pornographic, gore and/or any edgy content.

4. Do not violate the privacy of anyone, including yourself. (posting personal information, social media profiles, pictures, or any identifying information of anyone or yourself)

5. Do not post links to social media or sketchy scam virus shit. (Discord, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

6. Do not spam. (Includes spamming text and images)

7. Do not shill.

dulmBox administrators have the right to ban any user at any time.
Posts are owned by the Poster.


dulmBox is able to process bbCode, which allows you to add tags to your posts which are converted to HTML, allowing your post to have pretty formatting.

Header 1
Serif font (16pt)

[h1]Header 1[/h1]

Header 2
Sans-serif font

[h2]Header 2[/h2]
March 30th
Normal script... Subscript[sub]Subscript[/sub]
  1. Ordered list
  2. Tier lists?
[li]Ordered list[/li]
[li]Tier lists?[/li]
[ul]Same as ordered list, just no numbers.
[pre][b]Text isn't affected by bbCode in the pre tag[/b]

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do here?
dulmBox is a simple anonymous textboard where you can post about whatever you want. There really isn't a topic.
Can I post whatever I want?
There are a few rules, so if what you're thinking of posting violates those, no.

Obscene content is partly allowed. You may post casually obscene things, but you may not post anything that breaks the law, or is outwardly edgy. This pretty much means you can't post political stuff, gore, pornography of any kind.
Can you post tits? Maybe. Can you post nothing but tits? No, go away.
Can you post swastikas? If it's not political, ok. Can you post swastikas while advocating for illegal actions? No.
Can you post gore or war imagery of any kind? No, that stuff is edgy.

"Porn isn't edgy, WTF!"
dulmBox is not a porn dump. dulmBox will not become a porn dump. Stop being a coomer.

"What's the general rule of what not to post then?
Don't post anything edgy and/or illegal, that's pretty much it. I understand that this can be too subjective, but that's the rule.
Can I register an account?
Short answer:

There are "tripcodes" which hashes your user ID (how dulmBox identifies you) and puts that hash into a colored ID on your posts. You may choose to use these or not. These can allow other posters to see who you are.
Can I change the way this website looks?
dulmBox allows you to personalize a CSS stylesheet that only you can see. Simply go to Settings and change your stuff. You should Inspect Elements to see the current styles of the site. View the website's source (Ctrl + U) to see dulmBox's entire default stylesheet, on the top of the source.
How can I browse dulmBox with a slow device or connection?
dulmBox has a text-only page at /box/txt/. Use this URL from now on if you're on a terrible computer or a very old web browser. NOTE: You cannot post from the text version because a robot test and post form cannot be rendered in it.
If you're on Linux, use this command in terminal:
Do you have a Discord?
Discord sucks. Ask yourself this: How does a service with so many features remain free to use?
If you shill your shitty Discord group on here, your post will be deleted. This is the most common offense on dulmBox.
How do I appeal a ban?
Tell the owner of the website or an admin to unban your IP if you've been a bad boy. How you contact them is your problem.
The best way to contact the admin of DULM and dulmBox is by connecting to the #dulm IRC channel on the Rizon network.
What time zone does the board use?
Eastern Standard Time
America/New York
UTC -5:00 (UTC -4:00 summer)
Where are images stored?
Before the year 2021 dulmBox stored images as base64 along with post data. This method of displaying images made old devices and browsers lag and the data was 33% larger than it needed to be.

Now, dulmBox stores them as .jpg files. The maximum dimension of these images is 250 pixels on either axis. These images are saved with a JPEG quality of 50. dulmBox will not save flawless perfect uploads of images due to copyright issues, uploader and image-creator's privacy, among other things that are easily avoided by making the pictures resampled, sized smaller and JPEG'd.
Why must I be an adult to use this board?
Dealing with people that aren't adults is a pain in the ass, legally and socially. Allowing under-18s on this website would require very intense moderation of content and preventing obscene content from being posted as a whole.
Yes, it's against the rules to post obscene content, but only hardcore shit. No-one really knows what could be considered obscene content but we do know who can't see this vaguely defined no-no content, and that's people under age 18, so it's far more easier to not allow those people here to begin with.
Is LGBT and furry stuff allowed?
According to rule 3, sexual stuff isn't allowed. This includes discussion of LGBT and furry stuff, or anything else that's completely sexual in nature.
Am I truly anonymous?
No, and you never will be.

dulmBox benefits from the anonymity of its posters because the nepotism and faggotry that comes from name-recognition in online communities is cancerous, for lack of a better word. However, if you are going to post illegal content on dulmBox your anonymity is suddenly gone and dulmBox would be required by law to spill the beans about your crap. Don't be an idiot, you're never anonymous online.