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#599 Anonymous : Mon,24 Aug 20 - 15:25:42 EDT
7.92 KB
dulm allowed tranny flags, but dulm also allowed anything else to be built

really shows which server was more free :///
#598 Anonymous : Mon,24 Aug 20 - 15:24:13 EDT
8.97 KB
hallmark presents...
a classicube christmas!
#597 Anonymous : Mon,24 Aug 20 - 14:26:30 EDT
10.12 KB
really did make me think
#596 Anonymous : Sun,23 Aug 20 - 22:53:59 EDT
8.33 KB
Reminder that Goodly had at one point owned a separate server with a bot that pinged him classicube.net statistics, letting him know at all times when he was on the top of the server list.

he is, quite literally a glownigger in the sense of the word.
#595 Anonymous : Sun,23 Aug 20 - 22:48:40 EDT
10.78 KB
#594 Anonymous : Sun,23 Aug 20 - 21:51:24 EDT
21.25 KB
imagine joining a server and then assmad it doesnt conform to your viewpoint so you cry to the jannies and they delete your server from the list
#593 Anonymous : Sun,23 Aug 20 - 21:50:19 EDT
6.57 KB
Not Awesome 2?
Get Drake online I'll start the CJ
#592 Anonymous : Sun,23 Aug 20 - 21:35:32 EDT
8.31 KB
me when someone asks if i want to play classicube
#591 Anonymous : Sun,23 Aug 20 - 21:33:15 EDT
9.16 KB
uh bros what did stonetoss mean by this?
#590 Anonymous : Sun,23 Aug 20 - 11:09:21 EDT
10.82 KB
goodlyy's faggot bf got FUKT by chad dad :O

imagine not only selling out for pussy, but also selling out for, quite literally, shitty boypucci
#589 Anonymous : Sun,23 Aug 20 - 11:07:34 EDT
14.31 KB
goodly dad chad?? but goodly VIRGIN???? how?
#588 Anonymous : Sun,23 Aug 20 - 11:06:39 EDT
11.41 KB
it's goodly meme hours nigga
#587 Anonymous : Sat,22 Aug 20 - 23:42:20 EDT
Jo mame sum m dikk like a bih mufuk bixnood
#586 Anonymous : Sat,22 Aug 20 - 20:24:57 EDT
8.85 KB
dulmtoss kino incoming
#585 Anonymous : Sat,22 Aug 20 - 17:17:06 EDT
12.25 KB
joining na2 be like
#584 Anonymous : Sat,22 Aug 20 - 11:14:53 EDT
where were you on 8/22/20, the day that mado guy was finally found hiding with his steam?
#583 Anonymous : Sat,22 Aug 20 - 07:31:49 EDT
10.05 KB
bruh i didnt know the image already automatically compresses i dun shrunk that shit in mspaint myself
#582 Anonymous : Sat,22 Aug 20 - 00:08:19 EDT
10.55 KB
bro what happened to your image? did it compress that terribly?
#581 Anonymous : Fri,21 Aug 20 - 20:04:25 EDT
9.3 KB
I once remember a block game that focused on just that, blocks. Now? It caters to trannies, anyone willing to blow andrewph or goodlyay, while someone named unknown does all the work for free
#580 Anonymous : Thu,20 Aug 20 - 00:25:13 EDT
U fukt this board up tbh
#579 Anonymous : Wed,19 Aug 20 - 11:23:23 EDT
8.95 KB
at da kekyl docks in 2016 nigguh!!!
#578 Anonymous : Wed,19 Aug 20 - 11:14:38 EDT
9.59 KB
mrrrowww *pssssssssssssst* *st* *st* *ssst*

clean my piss up bitch
#577 Anonymous : Wed,19 Aug 20 - 11:06:16 EDT
9.84 KB
it really do be like dat doe
#576 Anonymous : Wed,19 Aug 20 - 08:19:10 EDT
6.24 KB
hola amigos de la dulmbox
#575 dulm cunt cb3ad5cf : Tue,18 Aug 20 - 17:30:38 EDT
5.78 KB
dulmBox's posts from #481 and below are now back. These posts are from before dulmBox used .json to store forum content.

Hopefully this loss of past content doesn't affect any further discussions or experiences on dulmBox.
#574 Anonymous : Tue,18 Aug 20 - 17:16:27 EDT
To be clear, dulmBox should be getting its old posts back. Posts before #481 should show up soon. I'll merge these two files into a single file so these historical posts may once be viewed again.
#573 Anonymous : Tue,18 Aug 20 - 17:12:06 EDT
13.5 KB
wow you're a fucking dumbass haha
#572 dulm cunt cb3ad5cf : Tue,18 Aug 20 - 17:11:01 EDT
7.19 KB
Where were we left off... before dulmBox got fucked hard.
Turns out making a forum run fast as fuck also makes it just as fast to fuck up internally, by deleting the single file that contains all post data. Insecure? Maybe. Fast though? Very fast performance. This wouldn't have been a problem if dulmBox had backed up its forum regularly. My retardation wasn't a concern during the latest developments, so unfortunately there are no back-ups unless one of you guys saved board.json earlier or something...

Anyways. dulmBox now has images. Upload an image, it becomes a base64 image stored as text with posts. Posts continue to have their data stored in a single file due to dulmBox's minimalist design. Isn't it funny, dulmBox's past posts get deleted when it becomes an imageboard.

Have slow internet?
dulmBox now has Settings where users may personalize their dulmBox experience. Disable images for faster load times, colored IDs for the looks, or change the entire CSS to your liking. Yes, you can now change how dulmBox looks. Share your CSS designs with the [ pre ] bbCode in posts.

#570 dulm cunt : Wed,31 Dec 69 - 19:00:00 EST
dulmBox fucked its self. The forums before Post #570 are FUCKED. Posts before Post #481 still exist and will be hosted here again, shortly.
Accidentally overwrote the board.json with one from my debug server, and dulmBox doesn't backup anything, causing this to be INSTANTLY. FUCKED. Say goodbye to the past month of posts unless someone backed up the .json themselves, which is highly unlikely.
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