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#1011 Anonymous : Mon,18 Jan 21 - 14:59:35 EST
omega autism. why do you need to write commentary on recent events for a grade? that's so fucking retarded.
#1010 Anonymous : Mon,18 Jan 21 - 13:56:48 EST
basically one of my former classmates who happens to be the only one with a brain commented that he believed that Trump was NOT responsible for the riots in the capitol? well, of course, being Massachusetts the teacher responded with "trump was fueling his followers to tell them to fight at the capital" and proceeded to give the student a C...

now, compare that to every student who typed complete nonsense claiming that Trump was being literal...
guess their grade?
an A.


stay the fuck out of public schools
#1009 Anonymous : Sun,17 Jan 21 - 22:58:49 EST
11.71 KB
get drippy
#1008 Anonymous : Fri,15 Jan 21 - 19:39:20 EST
>when you add greentext

From what I can see, dulmBox's loading times were absolutely decimated by these recent changes I've made. Content is loaded as a static file now without parsing the board.json, making it astonishingly faster. The posting form is now on a separate page from the board which stops lurkers from loading the Robot Test every time they lurk, increasing the board's loading time. Future fixes will be to render the entire board to volume pages per 100 posts. 0-100 in the 0 volume, 100-200 in the 100 volume, etc. This way old posts are also readily available to browse without parsing the .json file.

>why use .json file ever again then?
Although posts don't use the .json to display data anymore it's still very handy for migrating the data to whatever new software I'll make later for dulmBox and it could even be migrated to other platforms. Seeing how some people use the .json to browse dulmBox and it's over 2MB now, the .json may be split into volumes in .json format like the HTML volumes and a central .json for general data like the current post ID and how many unique users we have and stuff so this data is quickly available for analytical purposes.

The #1 criticism of dulmBox is how it didn't display the posts as a static page, making loading times incredibly slow for what it is. This has been fixed.

#1007 Anonymous : Fri,15 Jan 21 - 18:59:37 EST
dulmBox is supposed to write posts to a static page now so you may view posts without the web server having to render each... post... individually...
this decreases loading time and the robot test was taking up a vast majority of the loading time so i've moved the posting form to another page so lurkers don't have to load a thing they don't need to begin with.
let's hope dulmBox works lol
#1006 Anonymous : Fri,15 Jan 21 - 18:57:27 EST
sup, does this work?
#1005 Anonymous : Thu,14 Jan 21 - 22:48:45 EST
Bright tower, tell your thoughts about it
#1004 Anonymous : Thu,14 Jan 21 - 21:05:47 EST
>don't like twitter? start your own twitter haha
>don't like classicube? start your own classicube haha
These two statements are identical in my opinion. Without the brand recognition and the herd mentality of normies, the alternatives always fail unless they usurp that brand or they begin their own brand. A service such as a game or a website cannot exist as a fractured collection of other things because only turbo autists do that. dulmCube's decentralized account system was it's downfall. Normies don't like that there isn't immediate reputation recognition in the community and lazy zoomers don't understand life without these big brands running everything.

Tell me, would Minecraft be as big of a game as it is today without that monolithic brand recognition? Grand Theft Auto? Apple? Facebook? ClassiCube jannies and NA2 trannies understood completely how the normie game worked, you must create a monolithic brand for immediate recognition. For popularity, it is better to be that tranny Minecraft ripoff rather than that Minecraft ripoff that has no central branding and no dedicated community for the last two years. But let's face it, if you weren't a tranny or a tranny sympathizer, you were not welcome on ClassiCube. This divisive decision made by the ClassiCube jannies ultimately created a monolithic community that's been condensed into loser trannies who are hellbent on defending the status of this ClassiCube brand.

This is why ClassiCube and Not Awesome stay popular whereas dulmCube died.
They understood the way to kill the DULM community on ClassiCube was to purge them and their servers from the game. This is why the next generation of zoomer cocksuckers will absolutely migrate to Microsoft and absolutely refuse to play on cracked Minecraft servers later this year, because they're that cucked into following the brand's decisions.

Don't underestimate how stupid normalfags are.
#1003 Anonymous : Thu,14 Jan 21 - 12:16:05 EST
test test123 test
#1002 Anonymous : Wed,13 Jan 21 - 18:04:02 EST

my neighbor has pitbulls and they completely understand what happens if one of them gets on my property where i have cats. i've tolerated their lab dogs on my yard before because those can be bros, but pitbulls? KOS tbh fam
speaking of that, what's the best way to treat a pitbull? slugs? pellet rounds in hand-tube? fuck pitbulls i think even a glowie would agree with that
#1001 Anonymous : Wed,13 Jan 21 - 17:52:30 EST
6.21 KB
>Hostile towards anything outside their pack
>Constantly wanting to fuck anything that moves
>Hunt in packs
>Only respect those that are physically stronger than them or prove them gibs
Are dogs the niggers of the animal kingdom?
#1000 Anonymous : Wed,13 Jan 21 - 17:27:16 EST
10.05 KB
Fuck OPs, I fucking hate NA2 moderators, cucks living in their mommy's basement watching your every move even though they cannot watch their calorie limit. You know these guys, you post a rule34 of their favourite classicube user and you end up banned because these fat neckbeards find satisfaction in stretching their e-dicks but can't find a job. Classicube moderators are the most useless creatures that exist, they want to be in management but they're jannies that have to clean up my grief after I spam a bunch of swaztikas, memes and the phrase "do you like memes?". FUCK CLASSICUBE MODS, FUCK THE RULES, FUCK NA2
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