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#199 Anonymous : Fri,06 Mar 20 - 07:02:08 EST
the corona virus is the answer to the boomer question
#198 Anonymous 2 : Fri,06 Mar 20 - 02:18:36 EST
dulmBox now has a character limit of 512!
256 char was too small for an actual discussion, and because of the slow traffic, long posts are necessary to convey meaningful responses.
#197 Anonymous : Thu,05 Mar 20 - 20:53:22 EST
Edit from PC, Minecon has been postponed for 2021 due to Corona Virus fear - the location will still be located in Orlando according to Mojang. Guess ill have to wear my MLP shirt and socks next year for the cringe comp.
#196 Anonymous : Thu,05 Mar 20 - 07:13:30 EST
the normie test was linked on a FB page and I searched around and found the board , thought to myself hey that looks pretty cool so I started posting every once in a while
#195 Anonymous : Thu,05 Mar 20 - 02:59:20 EST
How exactly did you learn about DULM? Was it through the Normie Test, or did someone unironically link to DULM its self?
#194 Anonymous : Wed,04 Mar 20 - 15:06:21 EST
ngl king i found out about this page through boomerbook
#193 Anonymous : Wed,04 Mar 20 - 02:45:17 EST
DULM has lost a lot of its traffic, and I can only assume it's because of its lack of new developments. dulmBox and Blog are just passion projects it seems, there hasn't been a Normie Test or anything like it in a year. DULM clearly needs something new.
#192 Anonymous 2 : Mon,02 Mar 20 - 04:19:04 EST
Zelgnairt 397 released!
The "game" now has a new world, better mechanics, and does a better job at giving a "390s" experience rather than the former Zelgnairt. The game can be played in the browser, but beware of its GPU usage, it's not very optimized.
Play now!
You may still play old Zelgnairt at /zelgnairt/classic
#191 Klaise 1 : Mon,02 Mar 20 - 04:12:54 EST
I've considered changing the style of dulmBox. This black box is due to image hyperlinks having a 1px border, which looks great on normal images but on transparent ones, it looks weird.
#190 Anonymous : Mon,02 Mar 20 - 01:27:35 EST
bruh the black box on the dulm logo over the blackish purple is getting me mad >:C
#189 Klaise 1 : Sat,29 Feb 20 - 00:02:20 EST
Happy Leap Day
February 29th, 2020
#188 Anonymous : Thu,27 Feb 20 - 15:44:38 EST
absolutely based my dude
#187 Anonymous : Thu,27 Feb 20 - 15:14:52 EST
going to minecon 2020, youll see me in cringe comps :)

Will be in Orlando, FL. I went to Minecon 2013 it was at the same place.
#186 Anonymous : Thu,27 Feb 20 - 14:38:37 EST
you see those zoomer faggots with the pube top? shaved hair from the sides? they get it perm'd? they do this to look more like a mixed mulatto most of the time, their words not mine
#185 Anonymous : Thu,27 Feb 20 - 06:00:40 EST
yeah the praising of nigger culture is so fucking cringe
#184 Anonymous : Thu,27 Feb 20 - 05:57:41 EST
Race mixers can fuck off too, but I'm more talking about wiggers.
"DUUDE LEAN LMAOO" like stfu Kyle
#183 Anonymous : Thu,27 Feb 20 - 00:48:42 EST
I'd say race-traitor whites are the worst of all.

I'm guessing your talking about interracial couples... yuck
#182 Anonymous : Mon,24 Feb 20 - 18:48:52 EST
Also, if we're talking about general groups of people, I'd say race-traitor whites are the worst of all. What's worse than a nigger, someone who stoops as low as one despite not being one. They're like "dog people" who pretend they're dogs at some point.
#181 Anonymous : Mon,24 Feb 20 - 18:47:27 EST
Deleted: stfu
#180 Anonymous : Mon,24 Feb 20 - 15:22:00 EST
what's the worst minority in your country and why ?
#179 Anonymous : Mon,24 Feb 20 - 04:54:36 EST
that's not very nice of you to say
#178 Big bob : Sun,23 Feb 20 - 19:56:03 EST
Hey kikes
#177 Anonymous : Sun,23 Feb 20 - 04:50:28 EST
i would have taken a shower in boiling water
#176 Anonymous : Sun,23 Feb 20 - 03:40:52 EST
The finger itching thing could be a topical faggot skin-disease. Skin-eating fungi and micro-parasites like mites and ticks are a legitimate threat to your health.
#175 Anonymous : Sun,23 Feb 20 - 02:33:47 EST
Its not okay to be gay, you know you arent a good parent when ur child gets home from school and says IM GAY AND PROUD! Counselors say its fine to be gay as if its normal, its not Gods way! How are we all here today? Straight parents! Praise our savior!
#174 Anonymous : Sun,23 Feb 20 - 02:31:22 EST
Yes, lots of furries there, lots of transgenders there also known as mental illness. I have lots of pictures. Although I dont think I got aids but my finger has been itching for hours now,,, but this wasnt as bad as straight pride in Boston!
#173 Anonymous : Sun,23 Feb 20 - 02:27:01 EST
did you see any fur aids?
#172 Anonymous : Sun,23 Feb 20 - 00:08:09 EST
just went to furrycon in boston 2020, sneaked in two security checkpoints, sent pics to a discord server requesting stuff for me to do, kicked out, sneaked in again and fucking around; bunch of sinners here! May god help them! AMEN!
#171 Anonymous : Sat,22 Feb 20 - 07:03:49 EST
an anarchy server would be cool
#170 Anonymous : Fri,21 Feb 20 - 18:51:34 EST
>just use the realms trial xd
bad idea, you have to pay after the trial and it expires. If youre planning on running a Spigot server ill show you some exploits ive learned from 2b2t shit so people dont come on and ruin file size, -PC
#169 Anonymous : Thu,20 Feb 20 - 13:52:16 EST
just use the realms trial xd
#168 Klaise 1 : Wed,19 Feb 20 - 01:19:37 EST
For the Minecraft server, I'd only host one if I have another Minecraft sperg-out which happens for two weeks, every few months. Also, what held me back before was Optifine 1.15.2 not existing. Hell, 1.16 is already in a snapshot.
#167 Anonymous : Tue,18 Feb 20 - 20:07:49 EST
Disgusting, the behavior at Ohio University was hideous! Conservatives aren't welcomed to "inclusive and tolerant" liberal colleges. They're inclusive to anyone but people who don't agree with their agenda. Trump 2020!
#166 Anonymous : Tue,18 Feb 20 - 19:37:04 EST
I see some updates to the site, very cool, now when will we have the dulm server?
#165 Anonymous : Sun,16 Feb 20 - 19:45:47 EST
Nice logo! Those look great! and please please please make a DULM minecraft server! Minecraft Java is free speech :DDDDD Of course you can make your own rules.
#164 Anonymous 2 : Thu,13 Feb 20 - 01:51:22 EST
DULM has a new logo!

Dark variant

DULM has never had a logo since its founding in 2016. The logo is simply the letters in DULM rearranged. The U and M make a cat's head, with the L being a green beret on the cat's head. The D acts as a frame. Do I really need to explain this?

What are your thoughts?
#163 Anonymous : Sun,09 Feb 20 - 11:34:32 EST
i think a dulm minecraft server is a really good idea.
#162 Klaise 1 : Fri,07 Feb 20 - 01:57:42 EST
Would a DULM Minecraft server be a good idea? ClassiCube's completely ruined so I've moved on to the original block game
#161 Anonymous : Wed,05 Feb 20 - 02:34:46 EST
You glow in the dark
Post removed, dulmBox is not an edgy anti-state forum, not cool
#160 Anonymous : Tue,04 Feb 20 - 20:33:50 EST
yo klaise nigga get me em maps cuz diz nigguh be waiting
#159 Anonymous : Tue,04 Feb 20 - 19:05:19 EST
Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger
#158 Anonymous : Mon,03 Feb 20 - 01:12:17 EST
#157 Anonymous : Mon,03 Feb 20 - 00:26:59 EST
Imagine being MrBeast, one day your video gets 12 Million Views giving back the money you spent on random people, close to 100k. I wonder how much their taxes are lel
#156 Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger : Fri,31 Jan 20 - 00:43:19 EST
Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger Nigger
#155 Anonymous : Thu,30 Jan 20 - 15:58:07 EST
Bonjour tout le monde!
c'est sympathique ici, non?!
#154 xx7847xc7j : Wed,29 Jan 20 - 12:49:29 EST
Draaain gaaaaaang
#153 Anonymous : Wed,29 Jan 20 - 08:16:09 EST
Where is the discord server¿ me go zoom zoom
#152 Klaise 1 : Sun,26 Jan 20 - 09:53:06 EST
yo nigga
i may be able to get the drake's server and DULM maps, if you'd want them
because it's a pain in the ass to do, i'll only do it if you say to get them
#151 Anonymous : Thu,23 Jan 20 - 07:21:09 EST
The DULM maps of any kind are a pain in the ass to get a hold of.
#150 Anonymous : Thu,23 Jan 20 - 01:38:51 EST
he anticipatory thought
of the {f}Other expressed within
the d-anatmoi mode marks in this
case a da driven turning of the
eight fold pre-Oedipal path of being
#149 Anonymous : Thu,23 Jan 20 - 01:37:12 EST
shut the fuck up
#148 Anonymous : Mon,20 Jan 20 - 09:45:37 EST
Bro i never gpt a save of the minicity on drakes server, I miss that map, any download link?
#147 Anonymous : Sun,19 Jan 20 - 16:41:58 EST
dont tread on me, protect your 2nd amendment rights dont let them take it away from you.
#146 Anonymous : Sat,18 Jan 20 - 10:37:13 EST
Garffin uploads on Vlare BTW
Vidlii went to shit and garffin can't get on vidlii anymore
#145 Anonymous : Sat,18 Jan 20 - 07:50:53 EST
hey hey ho ho no kkk no fascist dulmbox - hey hey ho ho no kkk no fascist dulmbox
#144 Anonymous : Fri,17 Jan 20 - 18:10:34 EST
Why are speaking taco here?
#143 Anonymous : Thu,16 Jan 20 - 04:33:37 EST
Hi so I decided to join classicube after not playing for months, you know I get on start typing in spanish and got EZZ'd! :o! By the one and only deerfucker! XD love the community
#142 Anonymous : Thu,16 Jan 20 - 04:09:44 EST
no no no, tu eres stupido puta!!!! yo quiero un DULMBLOG, por favor pls pls pls xD make for me??? i am from espana and me and me hispanica gf want blog? blog??
#141 Anonymous : Tue,14 Jan 20 - 01:12:09 EST
mental aids confirmed
#140 Anonymous : Mon,13 Jan 20 - 22:21:14 EST
si si me amigo! xd! soy juan xd eeee yo quiero un dulmblog? es blog? no? y quiene es klaise tu eres stupido???? he thee uhe the adminS? XDDDDD
#139 Anonymous : Sun,12 Jan 20 - 19:50:39 EST
the fuck u sayin nigga
#138 Anonymous : Sun,12 Jan 20 - 08:35:45 EST
hola soy juan! me uhh wantee find out iff u can p0st the ehhh shet about yourself on dulmblog ty ty ty xD
#137 Anonymous : Sat,11 Jan 20 - 20:35:55 EST
you have to put spaces before and after the [tags]
penis cum
click "Read the rules" or "Board info" for more info about the bbCode on this textboard
#136 dulm cunt 2 : Sat,11 Jan 20 - 17:22:23 EST
That would require loading the entire page at once, which could get laggy fast. Sure, I could make it scroll like you say, but that requires javascript or something gay. The Wikipedia-ass "amount to display" works just fine, so no changing :-D
#135 Anonymous : Sat,11 Jan 20 - 17:18:41 EST
Why not just have infinite scrolling or something?
#134 Anonymous : Sat,11 Jan 20 - 17:13:31 EST
Fuk U BIch I Fuk Yo Mame Psy Wiff Dis DIK!!
#133 Anonymous : Sat,11 Jan 20 - 00:43:26 EST
why u look lik dat gurllll u ugly lookin bitch hoe nigguh, BET U SMELL LIKE FOFO XD get beamed XD
#132 GHOSTOASTER 1 : Fri,10 Jan 20 - 02:04:16 EST


This post contained edgy suicidal shit. This breaks Rule 1 because it is illegal to commit suicide.
#131 GHOSTOASTER 1 : Fri,10 Jan 20 - 02:03:31 EST
[m] OH BOY HERE WE GO [/m]
#130 GHOSTOASTER 1 : Fri,10 Jan 20 - 02:02:37 EST
Except I'm not, so that's cool.
#129 GHOSTOASTER 1 : Fri,10 Jan 20 - 02:02:00 EST
[h1] Ayy, I'm learnin'. [/h1]
#128 Oofinator200 : Fri,10 Jan 20 - 01:57:00 EST
I'm making mac & cheese, and NO ONE CAN STOP ME.
#127 GHOSTOASTER 1 : Fri,10 Jan 20 - 01:47:42 EST
You apply math to these core stats to get other stats.
#126 GHOSTOASTER 1 : Fri,10 Jan 20 - 01:47:04 EST
I'm making an rpg where the core stats are: Fat, Brain, Bones, Nerves, and Heart.
#125 Anonymous : Thu,09 Jan 20 - 21:15:33 EST
boob :-D
#124 GHOSTOASTER 1 : Thu,09 Jan 20 - 03:04:16 EST
Oh boy, I wonder if Technicolor Fuchsia is gonna bring anyone down over.
#123 GHOSTOASTER 1 : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 04:25:50 EST
@120 Understandable, please bring your friends.
#122 Anonymous : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 03:32:35 EST
balls in my face
#121 Anonymous : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 03:20:08 EST
what's your problem, nigga?
#120 Anonymous : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 03:10:31 EST
this site disgusts me.
#119 GHOSTOASTER 1 : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 03:02:01 EST
Someone who toasts ghosts.
#118 Anonymous : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 02:36:46 EST
sounds like a nig nog problem
#117 gay bitch ass : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 02:36:43 EST
yummy penis >_
#116 Anonymous : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 02:35:35 EST

[m]what is a ghost toaster[/m]
#115 GHOSTOASTER 1 : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 02:34:09 EST
ooga booga, discover the tooga
#114 Anonymous : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 02:32:45 EST
sounds like someone needs to get topped on grindr
#113 GHOSTOASTER : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 02:31:33 EST
Eat my shorts.
#112 Klaise 1 : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 02:28:14 EST
#111 Klaisan Princess 1 : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 02:27:10 EST
#110 Anonymous : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 02:26:14 EST
#109 Anonymous : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 02:17:39 EST
why do you get to type that big ass wall of text nigga, broke your own rules

#108 dulm dev 2 : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 02:07:38 EST
Changes have been made to dulmBox
This board now allows you to set exactly how many posts you want to see on the page.
You can now choose from 10, 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 posts on the page by clicking one of the links on the right. To change how many posts you see to an exact number, simply change the " m?=NUMBER " to whatever number you want under 500. I have made it not possible for the latest posts beyond 500 to be seen because that would spam web browsers, load down the index script, and it contributes nothing to real conversation since most people just go back to archived posts to start shit with other people or do nostalgia circlejerking.
The board now allows admins to reveal they're admins.
If a poster is an admin of the website and want to make it known, they'll have the Klaise symbol by their name, like this post.
It's 2020 now, the DULM home page has a new tier thing based off the percentage of people who like memes, so that's pretty cool.
Do you like memes?
#107 Anonymous : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 02:02:55 EST
where the fuck you live nigga lmao
#106 Anonymous : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 01:43:05 EST
any female born after 1993 can’t cook... all they know is mcdonald’s , charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie

#105 Anonymous : Tue,07 Jan 20 - 01:40:43 EST
this post contained edgy shit! don't quote edgy shit, my man
basically, it said niggas cut the lunch line and didn't pay for their food afterwards while shouting edgy things themselves, which this post directly quoted
#104 Anonymous : Mon,06 Jan 20 - 23:36:08 EST
DULM? Racist.
Queen? Slay.
Topped? Grindr.
Hotel? Trivago.

#103 Anonymous : Mon,06 Jan 20 - 23:31:45 EST
Hi!!! My Name Is xX_5H4D0W_ W01F_2006 _Xx! I Leik Adventure Time And Stefen Universe!! If Ur a Homofob, U Can Go F**K URSELF!!! Me And My GF Caitelynn r LESBIANS!! We Make Out At Slumbr Partys Because Were SOO LESBIAN xDD ALSO..I Play CC Its The Most LGBT
#102 Anonymous : Mon,06 Jan 20 - 23:21:07 EST
I personally know the Klaise man. He has a very large cock. I am his wife and we both have a lot of autism.
#101 Anonymous : Mon,06 Jan 20 - 23:19:31 EST

#100 Anonymous : Mon,06 Jan 20 - 02:45:52 EST
Soleimani is now a burned salami, GET EZZZZ'd. Fucking loser messes with United States and gets fucked with his life. To the sad leftists who are angry ad sad right now just remember, you're supporting terrorism.
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