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Also, if we're talking about general groups of people, I'd say race-traitor whites are the worst of all. What's worse than a nigger, someone who stoops as low as one despite not being one. They're like "dog people" who pretend they're dogs at some point.
A certain tribe likes to subvert my country's institutions to completely take control over it, despite being a very small part of the world population. You can't say anything about it because 20,000,000,000 got gassed or something
what's the worst minority in your country and why ?
that's not very nice of you to say
Hey kikes
i would have taken a shower in boiling water
The finger itching thing could be a topical faggot skin-disease. Skin-eating fungi and micro-parasites like mites and ticks are a legitimate threat to your health.
Its not okay to be gay, you know you arent a good parent when ur child gets home from school and says IM GAY AND PROUD! Counselors say its fine to be gay as if its normal, its not Gods way! How are we all here today? Straight parents! Praise our savior!
Yes, lots of furries there, lots of transgenders there also known as mental illness. I have lots of pictures. Although I dont think I got aids but my finger has been itching for hours now,,, but this wasnt as bad as straight pride in Boston!
did you see any fur aids?