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#1115 Anonymous : Fri,05 Mar 21 - 13:59:33 EST
Christ is king but this post glows
#1114 Anonymous : Fri,05 Mar 21 - 12:18:40 EST
#1113 Anonymous : Thu,04 Mar 21 - 01:35:42 EST
Nigga nae nae swoo
#1112 Anonymous : Wed,03 Mar 21 - 20:09:06 EST
#1111 Anonymous : Sun,28 Feb 21 - 05:05:25 EST
Okay, there's so much fucking bullshit in that little post I dont even know where to belong, but here goes:

>top of my class in the navy seals
I dont even think you graduated highschool.
>numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda
So what did Bin Laden's cock taste like?
>over 300 confirmed kills
Check my previous statement. Thats a lot of cocks.
>gorilla warfare
"Gorilla warfare"? Its "guerilla warfare", you stupid fucking mouthbreather.
>secret network of spies
I'll wait on my porch with a shotgun and a baseball bat for you and your boyfriends. Come at me bro.
>the shit about the storm
yeah, that's so fucking scary I'm laughing. You should be a poet or something, fag.
>i can kill you in over 700 ways
I don't care how many sex toys and buttplugs you have, I'm not interested.
>and thats just with my bare hands
If your mind is that set on getting me, you can use your mouth too.
>access to the arsenal of the marine corps
I thought you said you were a navy seal.

All in all, you're a fucking moron. Please dont besmirch the name of the United States Armed Forces by pretending to be one of them. Good day, faggot.
#1110 Anonymous : Sun,28 Feb 21 - 00:04:49 EST

#1109 Anonymous : Sat,27 Feb 21 - 18:39:44 EST
explain what a "music label" is and why you're using free hosting? outta here with that bootleg shit nigger
#1108 Anonymous : Fri,26 Feb 21 - 16:37:21 EST
Ayo imma shill my label. Deal with it faggots.
#1107 Anonymous : Fri,26 Feb 21 - 11:43:37 EST
I h8 nigs 😂 lol
#1106 Anonymous : Thu,25 Feb 21 - 15:56:11 EST
fuckin badass vomit waterfall
#1105 Anonymous : Thu,25 Feb 21 - 12:46:49 EST
( •̀ .̫ •́ )
#1104 Anonymous : Tue,23 Feb 21 - 09:54:35 EST
brotherman bill...
#1103 Anonymous : Tue,23 Feb 21 - 08:18:31 EST
oh, and FUCK TRAINS. seriously, go work as a conductor at a fucking train station and stand in the middle of the tracks if you want to do society a favor, fucking freaks
#1102 Anonymous : Tue,23 Feb 21 - 08:15:10 EST
that one brick guy got his brickbox working again holy shit and its enjoying the wage free life and quit the zog meth meme its like bricks happy again from what I've heard. hes debating on working under the table doing general labor if the work can be found because it seems like a based line of work since he did it past two days for free basically like a janny but for the experience. the brick died and has now been reborn and rejects jewish crystals shipped from mexico super labs
#1101 Anonymous : Tue,23 Feb 21 - 03:27:06 EST
is asmr gay? asking for a friend
#1100 Anonymous : Sat,20 Feb 21 - 23:48:02 EST
fuck you tranny!!
#1099 Anonymous : Fri,19 Feb 21 - 22:25:41 EST
sunset print of mini map on dulmCube :O
#1098 Anonymous : Fri,19 Feb 21 - 22:22:30 EST
There are a few 8.5:11 images from dulmCube that you can print for decorations now.
Check this out.
#1097 Anonymous : Fri,19 Feb 21 - 17:28:15 EST
Suk suk my fkn dij bij as hoj xaxax
#1096 Anonymous : Thu,18 Feb 21 - 19:33:28 EST
just say
#1095 Anonymous : Thu,18 Feb 21 - 18:39:46 EST
>be hundreds of years ago
>a white country (great britain) was the first country to straight up ban slavery
>cue American Civil War
>slavery was the catalyst
>millions of white guys die
>this all even led to a sitting president being killed

>fast forward to recent times / today
>black people can now vote
>black women can now vote
>female-to-male crippled black folk who flunked high school can now vote
>blacks get equal opportunity in all levels of work and academia
>whites worship black's singing, dancing, sports abilities and comedic value
>corporate america worships Black Lives Matter and copy pastes it wherever they can
>if a nigga dies in the hood because of wrecklessness, he is literally the next jesus christ and is buried in a gold casket thanks to millions of dollars in (((donations)))
>today, 99% of advertisements have at least one black man, one woman, and then that one clumsy white dude making a fool of himself because 'lol white people so silly'
>today, black people get literally every crutch you can possibly think of to make a living

White people still bad though
#1094 Anonymous : Thu,18 Feb 21 - 17:49:08 EST
#1093 Anonymous : Thu,18 Feb 21 - 16:15:13 EST
shieeeet, we takin over mini y'all fuck da pipo fuck da whyte owners n shieeet lmaooo!!!

as y'all can mf see we built da mf brooklyn, our bruthers n sisters, nigguhs n in da hood, all black folks in shieet are growing, aint nuffin u can do about it no cap!!!! soon mini will be dominated by us!!! u mad whyte boi??

#1092 Anonymous : Wed,17 Feb 21 - 23:16:57 EST
The minicity is looking fantastic, if anyone wants to contribute join DULM on DulmCube!
#1091 Anonymous : Wed,17 Feb 21 - 18:40:30 EST
nice pumpkin NA2

#1090 Anonymous : Wed,17 Feb 21 - 18:15:10 EST
>fun bug fact
dulmCube had the brilliant idea to make a miniature city map. ClassiCube was so offended that they didn't utilize this idea enough that they changed their website's imagery to a mini city. It is still there to this very day!

The first thing you see is a niche building technique. Is it actual buildings? Nah, let's put a giant city instead of to-scale structures. Let's make people think this giant city is built on a 1:1 scale...
#1089 Anonymous : Wed,17 Feb 21 - 18:08:54 EST
@1088 based, and thank you.

anyways, remember the logo on the left?

well ive got good news,

dulmpages now online!
#1088 Anonymous : Wed,17 Feb 21 - 18:02:17 EST
DULM now hosts Redux2 assets from ClassiCube's Not Awesome 2.

>Texture pack

>Block definition
Use with MC Galaxy and Redux2.zip texture above!

>Why are you hosting this?
Because people are moving their maps and projects from ClassiCube's Not Awesome 2 server to dulmCube. They've either been banned from there after building their stuff for months or they're tired of the faggot/furry community. Either way, I feel they shouldn't have to rely on their Dropbox to download textures, where they're known to change the URL just to fuck with people.
I have the redux2.json available too so people may make a server dedicated to starting where they've left of with their NA2 maps they've been banned from. You simply put it in /blockdefs/ folder in your MCGalaxy server and rename it to global.json and use the texture pack link above or host it yourself somewhere else.
#1087 Anonymous : Tue,16 Feb 21 - 19:32:07 EST
>80mph speed limits
>neglected daughter pussy everywhere
>preserved perfect german phenotypes
>no nigs outside of major cities

>wind, no trees
>driving is mind-numbingly boring
>florida's summer, manitoba's winter
>due to their german heritage, they have a huge boner for authority
>weed = prison
>hundreds of regulations you need to follow
>land taxes increase because they spy on you to evaluate land value
>the more nordic you get, the more somalians you see (i fucking swear these swedes have a cuck gene)
#1086 that one brick guy : Tue,16 Feb 21 - 10:53:52 EST
There is no rule of law in commiefornia silly goy
#1085 that one brick guy : Tue,16 Feb 21 - 10:51:24 EST
>moving to the midwest
Might as well blow my brains out tbh
#1084 Anonymous : Mon,15 Feb 21 - 16:41:35 EST

#1083 Anonymous : Mon,15 Feb 21 - 14:29:00 EST
this is anon on dulm irc, as a brazilian i am highly offended by your post portraying my people disgusting spic eating monkeys. I would like you to apologize for that post, bigot.

#1082 Anonymous : Mon,15 Feb 21 - 12:18:42 EST
sopa de macaco :) uma delicia !!! xaxaxaxaxa brasiliero momento
#1081 Anonymous : Sun,14 Feb 21 - 23:12:25 EST
these new kid users on dulm grief every fucking build ive built since 2019 what the fuck.
#1080 Anonymous : Sun,14 Feb 21 - 19:45:09 EST
Hello everyone.
#1079 Anonymous : Sun,14 Feb 21 - 18:30:02 EST
Move to the Midwest when it stops being a frozen hellhole, get a job as a cook before you get convicted for some dumb shit. Pretty simple.
#1078 that one brick guy? : Sun,14 Feb 21 - 17:02:02 EST
Yeah I uninstalled dickcord no one in the brickhouse was biting so no point. Now..let's say hypothetically...
>1200k in caps
>No where to go no job no car temporarily at the same place that you thought glowed and cost you everything
>applying for cook jobs (interview at BK tomorrow)
what do I invest my caps in? Be a zog dealer? Bake baked goods legally in commiefornia? Just straight up live in the riverbottoms and learn to survive while keeping said caps in a safe place away from getting raided? What the FUCK do I do??
#1077 Anonymous : Sun,14 Feb 21 - 14:18:40 EST
Tranny furfags don't get the power trip satisfaction if you host your own network.
You control the very thing the glowies use to watch you with your own network.

win-win ???
#1076 Anonymous : Sun,14 Feb 21 - 01:30:01 EST
>host your own network
Compd regardless
#1075 Anonymous : Sat,13 Feb 21 - 02:06:50 EST
>blending in with normies
You blend in with pedophiles on Discord.

>law enforcement agencies don't know what discord is
Yes they fucking do. You know how much edgy shit teens get into on that shit? It's certainly not as bad as Facebook where they'll give any boomer fuck access to kid's chat logs, at least Discord is secure through obscurity. Discord defends pedophiles by simply deleting servers that have cheese in them and sweeping the incident under the rug which shows their security in a way whereas Facebook is so "monolithic" that a boomer fucktard could frame you cuz "DURRR FACEBOOK INSPECT LE ELEMENTZZZ F12 HTML DURRDURDURUR". Can't question the Zucc's 110% seamless platform. If it's on da book, it's 120% real. t. boomer

>throwaway account
Using troon-tech makes you a faggot. Host your own network like a real schizo.

>snapchat glows harder
Was Snapchat a actual option for you? Who uses that besides teenage normies? It's good for scheduling dates, besides that it fucking glows. Discord is for people who want to do le Snapchat fucky-wuckys but understand Snapchat is a glow-op to catch chomos.

ikr, you never see an actual white family or person. it's fucking annoying to watch TV. my wife was saying "OMG LOOK A WHITE PERSON FINALLY" and it was a swarthy lookin mother fucker, had to be south italian, like bitch that aint white. so many people are being brainwashed by this thinking subhumans are white now the fuck
#1074 Anonymous : Sat,13 Feb 21 - 01:51:38 EST
>What is blending in with the normies to throw off glows
>No laptop or computer access anyway
>Throwaway account basically
Literally no one cares about discord and LEA locally probably doesn't even know what it is for that matter. Snapchat glows worse considering it takes your location
#1073 Anonymous : Sat,13 Feb 21 - 01:48:10 EST
Why is tv so fucking cringe now? It's like I'm seeing ads for BLACKED spammed
#1072 Anonymous : Sat,13 Feb 21 - 01:06:02 EST
>paranoia, schizophenic
>drops all communication mediums for furfaggot zoomer quirky emoji kid-grooming DISCORD

yea you retarded nigga
#1071 that one brick guy? : Sat,13 Feb 21 - 00:57:50 EST
#1070 that one brick guy? : Sat,13 Feb 21 - 00:52:39 EST
Zogs finally wore off turns out it was more than likely schizophrenia paranoia schizosis that cost him everything and it was all in his head. So much lost for nothing. I memed myself
#1069 that one brick guy : Fri,12 Feb 21 - 17:03:43 EST
Glowing continues!
>Coworker taking a pic of fed building
>Wants me to call his phone, straight to voicemail
>Just received some autistic call saying my SSN is suspended due to suspicious activity
Should I force myself to sleep? Am I being memed? I din dun muffin find a better use of tax dollars FAGGOTS
#1068 that one brick guy : Fri,12 Feb 21 - 13:57:09 EST
Now I'm playing fallout irl I got almost 2k caps to start the game on medium mode at least
#1067 Anonymous : Fri,12 Feb 21 - 11:56:38 EST
Play ZOG games, get ZOG prizes. It's really that simple.

#1066 that one brick guy? : Thu,11 Feb 21 - 22:30:39 EST
But for now he's crashing he's out of stuff and the psychosis is gonna knock knock if the seizures from no xannies don't first stay far away from shit I literally lost everything from my (((home))) to my job and irl (((((friends)))))
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