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dulmCraft Minecraft Server (1.7.10)
dulmCraft is a simple survival server where you can build stuff and claim land. Basically, it's a PvE server. You must use 1.7.10 to connect.

How is this different from other servers?

This server's owner isn't a dick. You can do whatever you want on the server as long as you don't negatively effect the server's performance or break laws or other edgy shit like that. It's a survival server, that's all you really need to know.


Grief Protection
Don't want people breaking your shit? For every minute on the server, you will earn 4 blocks of grief protection to use later. You use the golden shovel to claim land and you're able to allow your friends to build with you on your claims too.

Wanna make some coin? Make a ChestShop in-game to sell your items, surely someone will buy them.

Don't feel like making a bunch of stuff to sell? Get a /jobs in-game, so you can make money from doing ordinary tasks.

Tired of deleting trees whole? When you break one block on a tree, the logs above it will also break so you only need to break a tree once. Don't worry, man-made log structures won't get broken this way.

Better pick your stuff up in-game, it'll disappear every 10 minutes to improve server performance.

The usual stuff Essentials, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Dynmap, Vault, you know the usual plugins.

Custom world?

Yes! There is a custom world. It is 2048 x 2048 in size. The south is tropical, while the north is arctic. There are various islands, rivers, and continents. You may view the web-map of the server at this external link.
I'm pretty sure a very small amount of people will actually play on this server and stay on it, so the world is surely large enough for continued survival gameplay.

Play today!

Play the dulmCube server using the ClassiCube client too!

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The server will be up whenever I feel like playing Minecraft again, which might be pretty soon, or a long time from now. The server shits its self whenever it caps its RAM limit, which is 1GB. That's pretty easy to do with a Bukkit server that idles. Most servers will automatically restart to empty the server's RAM, so I'll probably do that when I start it up again. If you want a quicker response next time (less than 2 days is very lucky on the blog) use the dulmBox textboard plox.

bro this server isn't even up anymore

Don't post anything that is against US law. Basically the same rules as dulmBox.