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I was wondering why I wasn't getting any comments on my blogposts for the last two months, so I decided to comment and... I got file permission errors. A very noob mistake, not allowing the web server to edit files.

I believe this happened because I had spent a night or two making this blog software, and I was more than ready to upload it to DULM and be done with it, and in my impatience, this permission failure was allowed to go unnoticed by me for months. I can only imagine all the comments that would have been submitted otherwise.

Anyways, the rating of blogposts worked just fine this whole time, and those ratings never changed too much so I probably didn't miss any commentary.

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I'm circumcised and American, so I can't really tell you the benefits of keeping your foreskin. I can tell you my scar is very noticeable, with the snips from the scissors very visible as the scar like goes up and down. For pain, a minor stinging happens around my dick every now and then, and there seems to be the dullest most insignificant stinging pain at all times. This pain is like breathing manually, you only feel it when you want to feel it, if that makes sense. I believe I'm one of the lucky ones, I got out of having a small penis or a crooked penis, or my cock has stretched the skin so far out due to my erections earlier in life that it's corrected this if it did happen, although I don't remember it if it were tight.

Why was I circumcised? It's simply tradition. If your dad got his cock stolen, then you're getting your cock stolen too. It's been happening since the 19th century, and no matter how bitter I can be about it, and no matter how much I bitch about it, the truth is I got my foreskin stolen and there's nothing I can do about it.

Negative effects include loss of sensitivity, a guaranteed amount of pain, hardening of the penile glans (it will crack and be hardened), and it will be a reminder that you got your manhood cut off by a kike. In the US, you can't talk about it because everyone else is just as bitter as you, and they'll tell you to shut the fuck up because it either goes against their programming, or it just makes them upset that their parents would even allow this to happen to you. It really does show you're born to NPC dumb fucks for parents if you were circumcised for no reason. Anyone with a fucking brain wouldn't let their kid get mutilated by a Jew.

I can't tell you to keep your foreskin, but I'd sure like to have one myself.

Should I have my foreskin removed? What I decided. I was born with a foreskin as other males were born with too but after a long conversation my parents decided it would be better for me to chose what I want to do with it when I grow up. Now that I think of it I really can't decide, well I couldn't anyways. Did I really want to go through surgery to get a piece of skin removed and cutting thousands of nerves? Sure, there are pros and cons, I can say most women I've talked to say that they prefer a circumcised penis over one with a skin over the glans, whenever they say that I find myself being a beta and not escalating shit further, I don't want that reaction "Oh, you have a foreskin..." bullshit or whatever, and its not just for pleasure really its also about health, most online stuff I've read says its cleaner and that there is less of a chance getting some kind of disease or whatever on it but I personally clean my foreskin, not sure about those blog writers who are pro-jewish penis. I started to question more once I found out the word for it, phimosis... I suffer from phimosis, at first it really fucking sucked but I stretched that shit and now I can actually pull back my skin when its erect, its not only that but my glans are so sensitive, I remember even touching my glans would be a discomfort but over the years its become less of it now... I worried about pleasure as well, would I beta out every time a chick wanted to escalate shit? I started to think and after conversations with people on this site and other uses who are familiar with this site I've decided I wanted to keep my foreskin, I made a vow that I would never let a jew take my skin off and sell it to some Chinese province for medicine. If a bitch ever feels disgusted by the sight of a foreskin I personally wouldn't really care as much as I did when I first wondered about getting it removed. For those in my position, remember it gets better, not like those cringe LGBT bullshit, it actually does, Amen

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