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The Gimp War

This article is ripped from DULM's wiki. It used a very shitty software so the wiki has since been abandoned. The Gimp War and the current state of ClassiCube needs to be known so this article will be published here on the DULM blog. The rest of this page was last edited in June 2020 after DULM finally got fed up with ClassiCube and left the community. Read this exciting, autistic story about the fight over a dead block game to find out why!

Gimp War

Date: First Wave: Late September 2018 to 3 June 2019
Second Wave: Early November 2019 to Early December 2019
Third Wave: Late March 2020 to Late April 2020
Location: ClassiCube
ClassiCube intervention
  • DULM blacklisted
  • Not Awesome holds monopoly for months afterwards

Not Awesome

  • Not Awesome
  • Swift CC
  • New Blood
  • Classical Revival
  • ClassiCube admins
  • Other leftist servers
  • Meta Construct
  • Gimpgasm
  • Do you like memes
  • Other based servers

Gimp War

The Gimp War was a conflict on ClassiCube primarily between Not Awesome and Gimpers but also featuring other parties. The conflict wasn't a real "war", but could be compared to a cold war. In late September 2018, Goodlyay, the owner of Not Awesome banned gimps to pander to his new demographic of players. Due to this, Empy, a long-time player on Not Awesome, created Gimpgasm, and the Gimp War begun.

The Gimp Ban

In late September 2018, Goodlyay banned "gimps" due to other players complaining about them. This was perceived by the Gimp community as a blatant attempt to pander to new players, and to the recent Reddit invasion. Before this ban, Goodlyay had banned a few players who had made many contributions to the server. Although Not Awesome technically didn't ban gimps, they did ban players who used gimps, and this was perceived as a betrayal. Soon, an alternative to Not Awesome would be created.


In October 2018, Empy created a server called Gimpgasm after Not Awesome banned him and a few other players for "gimping". Gimpgasm used Not Awesome's textures, but used a unique block definition. Garfield returned from a long hiatus and built Gimpgasm's main level. Gimpgasm was successful for a month or so until Goodlyay unbanned Empy. The server began to lose its players as the community went back to Not Awesome, but other players who were still banned went to SwiftCC. The computer Gimpgasm was hosted on had its operating system corrupted during an update, and the server is ultimately lost without any backups. A second Gimpgasm was hosted for a brief moment until it too shut down. In the end, Not Awesome prevailed as the top server, but didn't unban the entire gimp community until later.


In November 2018, Jonesey and Brett create a server called SwiftCC. This server was another map build server similar to Gimpgasm that ended up receiving Garfield's help, such as a new main level, a city map, the block definitions, the textures and a series of adventure maps. After Garfield helped with the server, Jonesey banned Garfield for "they also do it" spam. It was revealed later from a Discord log that Goodlyay and Jonesey met before and after this happened, strongly indicating that they conspired to ban Garfield. It is suspected that Goodlyay saw SwiftCC as a threat to Not Awesome's monopoly. It is unknown what Jonesey's intentions were with this banishment, but it resulted in SwiftCC having no players until it eventually went offline. Once again, Goodlyay's Not Awesome was on top.

PeaceTech / The Beach V

Peace City, built by Garfield on PeaceTech

After the SwiftCC betrayal, Garfield and other gimpers went to PeaceTech, a typical freebuild server. PeaceTech was a project by peace_out_man to make electronic circuits in ClassiCube using a modified version of the door blocks in the MCGalaxy server software, which normally doesn't allow for the creation of logic gates. Not only was the server a circuit experiment, but also a continuation of The Beach server franchise started by RealRoland in 2016. Although the politics of the server's players were center-left and blue-pilled, the gimp refugees got along very well with them. Later, peace_out_man would become busy with "real life" and couldn't host the server anymore, and a need for a new server made for gimpers, by gimpers was apparent...

Ansocia Elliponan

Fed up with Not Awesome's monopoly, Garfield created a server named Autism Ultima. This server was a map build the same way Gimpgasm and Not Awesome was. After a day or two of this, the server failed and Garfield created an entirely new server named Ansocia Elliponan, the name meaning "autistic circlejerk" to pay homage to the ironic nature of the server. The server intended to be a spiritual secessor of AndrewPH's "No Fun Allowed" server which used minimalist gameplay such as freebuild on a single generated map. SwiftCC is similar to Ansocia Elliponan in the fact that it never had a large player base and in the end of it's run, only had a few dedicated players. Once the server began beating Not Awesome in terms of players, Goodlyay quickly unbanned Garfield, possibly hoping that Ansocia Elliponan would shut down. The unbanishment was pending on a "deal" that Garfield was presented. The server was offline for two weeks in March 2018, not related to the unban on Not Awesome. On the "Do you like memes" website, specifically the Normie Test, ClassiCube was advertised to thousands of people. Originally, the advertisement was meant for Garfield to trade being able to do what he wanted on Not Awesome with Goodlyay, in exchange for new players. Goodlyay declined, but the advertisement remained due to Garfield not wanting ClassiCube's developer's efforts to go to waste. After Garfield and the rest of the gimp community returned to Not Awesome to have a CJ, Garfield was quickly muted by the leftist administration for simply saying "Jesus Christ", and ultimately dropping red pills about transexualism and homosexuality. "Gender", which Garfield discussed on Not Awesome, was never exempted in the deal that Goodlyay had proposed, meaning he left Garfield unmuted for something that didn't violate the deal. Ansocia Elliponan quickly returned online so there would be an alternative to Not Awesome. Ansocia Elliponan continues to have a community, but it ultimately slacked down in population after Meta Construct's ClassiCube debut.

Meta Construct

In mid April 2019, a server named Meta Construct was created by SpiralP and is moderated by Empy. Former players of Gimpgasm and SwiftCC play on Meta Construct, as it is the next promising opponent against Not Awesome's monopoly. The server featured Goodlyay's textures, block definitions, gameplay, and plugins, much like the original Gimpgasm. Because Goodlyay allowed the server to use his assets, they gave him the "Admin" rank. It didn't take long for Goodlyay to mute players such as "garfield" for controversial speech and banter. These actions cause a "battle" called The Mute Battle. Meta Construct was able to defeat Not Awesome in terms of player count due to its established community that was imported into ClassiCube. The game's Redditor furries were replaced with based Garry's Modders.

The Mute Battle

Goodly goes to a train station and asks the kiosk worker where the operator is. She says "he'll be coming in on the next train". Goodly then puts his dick and balls on the cold steel rail and the operator comes through with his steaming choo choo. He comes out and sees the gruesome mess. "Congratulations ma'am, I'll need your ticket now". He doesn't have a ticket, so he takes his dick and balls and says "All aboard to Jerusalem!"
- Garfield, 22 April 2019
On 23 April 2019, Goodlyay and Garfield met on Classical Revival. Garfield told Goodlyay some banter, and previously Goodlyay had muted Garfield on Meta Construct for doing this, yet on other servers, Goodlyay doesn't use the /ignore command to ignore him and everyone else participating in the banter. This ultimately results in Halo muting everyone in the altercation, causing Classical Revival to be peaceful again. The battle moves to Meta Construct where Goodlyay demoted Oaksie, then Empy demoted Goodlyay before he could get demoted by him. After this, Goodlyay demanded that all of his contributions to the server be removed, which didn't happen. As a result, Goodlyay had a salt-down, shut Not Awesome down, and decided to take a break from the game and the Internet. This battle set a precedent that is anti-Not Awesome, as this has shown the whole ClassiCube community that Goodlyay abuses his power on Meta Construct, and seemed to only give his assets for an Admin rank, as evidenced by his salt-down.

The Mute Battle was a Gimper victory.
Some people think the Gimp War ended here, others think Not Awesome will come back even stronger than ever.

Classical Revival

After Not Awesome's closure, many servers have experienced a surge of growth. Classical Revival is one of these servers. After a circlejerk on Classical Revival, players have allegedly reported Garfield for "racism" despite there not being any "racism" happening. After a while, Daeslender banned Garfield. It is likely that Jonesey, a member of staff on the server, is responsible for convincing Daeslender to ban Garfield, much like how Goodly seemed to manipulate Jonesey to ban Garfield earlier on SwiftCC. This altercation has proven that the Gimp War is not over. The Gimp War will more than likely continue if Not Awesome comes back online, although different servers have taken Not Awesome's players, which is guaranteed to do damage to Not Awesome's player count, even if it comes back online.

The Second NA2 Flop

Not Awesome's lack of players compared to other servers

I started Not Awesome when I was 15. I'm 21 now and it's overdue time to move on. I couldn't justify doing this any longer. My life was noticeably better when the server was off for a week a while back. I just play it too much and while this isn't as dramatic as I thought it would be since 123 is going to rehost it I have to say I truly appreciate you all playing. I'll never forget the fun I've had doing this. I'll probably not play classicube much at all anymore. So to those of you who had no reason to message me outside of ClassiCube, this is basically goodbye. If for whatever reason 123 can't get it working, the server files will be released.
- Goodlyay
15 May 2019

After ClassiCube's Steam release, Goodlyay had apparently grown tired of ClassiCube and said that during Not Awesome's flop in April, it was a great time for him. Despite this, he started NA2 again for some reason and decided to give Not Awesome to 123DMWM, a ClassiCube developer. Not Awesome is now hosted in Deutschland, and seems to have lost its popularity to other servers such as Do you like memes?, DK Freebuild, Tommy's Arcade, and even New Blood. Do you like memes? and other servers took the surge of new players in mid May 2019 during Minecraft's 10 year anniversary while Not Awesome didn't as much. It is thought that when Not Awesome lost some of its players and lost it's stranglehold on ClassiCube via its monopoly, Goodlyay had no reason to play ClassiCube anymore and gave his server away. Not Awesome still has a community, but definitely not to the extent it did just a month prior. The monopoly had fallen, and this seemed to be Not Awesome's defeat in the Gimp War...

DULM's Popularity

What the ClassiCube server launcher regularly looked like in May 2019

Through May 2019, the Do You Like Memes? ClassiCube server experienced a lot of popularity, it was the most popular server on the whole game, and was evenly matched with Not Awesome 2 which had gained its players back. A reason DULM was so popular and enjoyable was its freedom. NA2 wouldn't allow you to speak against their "homosexual" narratives, but DULM would allow the speaking against of any narrative, and wouldn't ban anyone just for their opinions. Of course, this led to a few edgy players to saying stupid things on the server, causing a few suspected glow-in-the-darks to join. The people who played on DULM could not help what others said, but it was the server's responsibility to regulate the chat. Edgy players were first temporarily muted, then they were permanently demoted, but what happened later caused something catastrophic for DULM. After a few weeks of edgy people saying very edgy things for apparently no reason, and a few left-leaning players joining to criticize DULM's administration style and warning of "consequences", it was apparent that DULM was being targeted.

DULM's Persecution

Artwork made by Garfield depicting what happened in May 2019. The artwork would be found funny by AndrewPH, the owner of ClassiCube.

Around late May 2019, a server called the LGBT Friendly Freebuild was created, and when a player joined the server, they would spawn to see troll builds such as penises, swastikas, and other edgy stuff. Although the server existed merely as a joke, the ClassiCube administration received numerous complaints about the server on Discord and the server inevitably got blacklisted numerous times. The server would always come back online somehow, and the blacklist routine continued. It isn't known how the LGBT server meme concluded in the end. On Discord, Goodlyay spoke in favor of Garfield's omnibanishment from ClassiCube for starting the LGBT server, despite not having any evidence to prove this. It was very clear that NA2 was willing to get their rivals banned from the entire game for an edgy joke, without evidence to prove they did it. Although Garfield was never omnibanned from ClassiCube, the ClassiCube administration seemed to have a bias for NA2. This isn't surprising, a ClassiCube admin, 123DMWM, hosts NA2 currently in late 2019. Later on, DULM's server name would be changed to "FAGGOT" in rainbow text to piss off the NA2 players, and this resulted in DULM being blacklisted from the server list without warning. It became very clear that the ClassiCube administration could take any server off the server list without warning, and it raised a few questions about why servers like DULM and MikeCraft would suddenly disappear for a few minutes at a time.

DULM's Flop

Around June 2019, as edgy players continued to go on DULM and do their usual spiel, the suspected glow-in-the-darks continued to join and follow players around and say nothing in chat. Although no evidence can be shown to prove that these players were real glow-in-the-darks, it was understood that the game could be watched by them. Some consider this paranoia, others consider this being cautious in a time when it's so easy to get meme'd. As the server became less fun for everyone involved, and the needed efforts to stop the edgy players would contradict DULM's original intentions, it was clear that DULM would either stay online and get meme'd later, or go offline peacefully.

June 3rd 2019 was the last day the Do You Like Memes? ClassiCube server was online. The server's owner Garfield hasn't been seen on ClassiCube since.

End of the First Wave

In the end, ClassiCube's most popular server came out to be Not Awesome 2. The entire point of the Gimp War was to have an alternative to Not Awesome 2, preferably a popular one. Most people would consider the Gimp War a failure, with Do you like memes? being the last major effort to defeat the authoritarian monopoly that Not Awesome 2 has. Although there were a few attempts at reviving this alternative scene on ClassiCube, they aren't well documented in history and usually tried to emulate what DULM and Gimpgasm did, which are clearly server models that cannot work realistically. In theory, DULM was the perfect server. Freedom from the real world, no-one could tell you what you couldn't do, you just had a single world to build with your friends in. But reality comes and DULM had two choices, take the freedom its players enjoyed or shut down altogether. DULM's closure is considered the end of the Gimp War, but its memory lives on. When there are servers that go against the NA2 narrative, it's not unlikely they were inspired by DULM, Gimpgasm, Meta Construct and countless other attempts at combating the monopoly that ran the game, and its only popular server.

May the gimps live on!


In the aftermath of the Gimp War, Garfield, the host of Do you like memes?, had disappeared from ClassiCube, and the Internet as a whole for a few weeks. In DULM's absence, there were a few servers that launched to fill the gap it had created. The most relevant server to launch was Birbwave, ran by various people. The strange thing about Birbwave is, its players didn't like NA2 or Goodly's monopoly, but also didn't like DULM to an equal extent. As time goes on into August 2019, Classical Revival and Dire have a smaller inter-server conflict which they also claim to be the "Gimp War". This conflict with a stolen, unoriginal name drags DULM's brand into it in effect, and makes it seem like the conflict had continued much later than it did. According to the "Vermonte Wikia", the "Gimp War" began on 10 October 2019, and was between two sides:
"Side 1" (aka: Dire)
Venk's MMO, Vermonte Kingdom, DK Freebuild and Birbwave

"Side 2"
Classic Revival, TheCityProject and Not Awesome 2
Source: https://direcube.fandom.com/wiki/Gimp_War_2019

No-one really knows what exactly happened because it is very poorly documented, but it is obvious this is a fraudulent Gimp War. Many original "veterans" of the Gimp War are offended by these posers, as it is seen as an attempt to steal the Gimper's valor on ClassiCube, even though many of these current posers were actually giving Goodly and NA2 support during the actual Gimp War. It is also not uncommon to see completely new and irrelevant people egging on a continuation of a "Gimp War", and these are thought to be glow-in-the-darks.

Second Wave of the Gimp War

The Second Wave of the Gimp War began when a nearly identical installation of the DULM server was launched in late 2019, around November. This server was titled "Drake's Server", and claimed to be owned by "Drake" despite this player never being seen online. Drake's Server was perceived as the true successor of DULM by players. The server continued to be popular through November, but of course, Goodly gets offended at this. Drake's Server attempted to make friendships with Classical Revival and Birbwave, as it saw this fake Gimp War as a divide-and-conquer attempt possibly by NA2. Of course, Birbwave does not accept this friendship, but Classial Revival sort of does. Through this time, many players call the hosts of Birbwave "bird fuckers" due to their strong fascination with birds, and as an attempt to troll them. Later, Goodly is seen on the Birbwave server, and it is speculated a situation similar to the SwiftCC Incident happened. It is speculated that Goodly told Birdon that these people were "bullying him" and that it was best to make Birbwave a private server. It is assumed that Birbwave continued as a private server called Bob's Private Lounge but this server soon flopped, giving NA2 a true monopoly again. Drake's Server during this time had been greatly defamed, and the city map on Drake's Server, inspired from NA2's city maps, caused great tension between the two servers, even resulting in vince447, the admin Drake had left in control of his server, to be banished from NA2 for simply saving maps. It was now clear NA2 would ban people for only saving maps, which is done through the game's client to begin with.

It seems again, NA2 seems to have played a part in making a based server become cringe by creating conflicts. Drake's Server soon went offline again due to vince447 claiming "ClassiCube is annoying in how it is ran like this", leaving the main admin absent, and Drake claiming he was busy with college and stuff. At this time, it seemed very clear that the devs of ClassiCube didn't care that their entire branding was NA2, their only popular server is NA2, and any attempt to contest NA2 resulted in an enormous flow of butthurt from NA2 and its allies to the point of manipulating server owners. It was clear that this game could not be saved unless a developer or a ClassiCube insider prevented these things from happening, regulating the server market to prevent this unfair monopoly.

Drake's Server seems to have failed due to a lack of a dedicated player base as most DULM players moved on from ClassiCube, with new players getting pinned against each other in their own, self-proclaimed "Gimp War". Along with all of this, it was obvious that there weren't enough original players to save ClassiCube.

Third Wave of the Gimp War

The mini city on dulmCube as of June 2020

Although everyone had thought the Gimp War had finally ended, it hadn't.

In March 2019, vince447 come back to avenge garfield's memory with a new server named dulmCube. The dulmCube server was essentially a reinstallment of Drake's Server, but branded to the Do you like memes? brand. The DULM server had a freebuild and a mini-city map at this point, along with a custom time/weather plugin which no-one else had and still doesn't have. As times goes on, a conflict with the birds begins. The essence of this conflict is the premise that the birds are controlled ultimately by Goodly and Not Awesome. The absolute seethe from the NA2 community signals guilt to anyone who thought this to begin with. Many Bird players and servers attempted to incite a war with DULM and they scheduled raids against the server, which consisted of spam to DULM's chat which really made DULM all the more enjoyable. After this debacle, DULM players decide to enlighten some of the birds on how the bird community of ClassiCube were controlled by Goodlyay and NA2. Birdon finally gets enlightened about how Goodly had manipulated him into letting him run the Birbwave server while also making Birdon think the other servers were "bullying" him with the bird fucker meme. Although Birdon is enlightened, this has little to no effect on the rest of the bird community. However, many birds begin to become enlightened to who's really controlling them. It was suspected that the birds were being controlled by proxy through the various admins across the bird community. After this revelation, DULM suddenly gets a visit from 123DontMessWithMe, a ClassiCube administrator. It was obvious what would happen next. dulmCube had been blacklisted from the ClassiCube server list for the last time, finally and permanently, for no reason specified. From NA2's players, their suspected reason for this is the accused harassment from DULM players to the bird players despite the obvious and loud calls to "war" from the birds. After this unfair banishment, dulmCube attempted to develop its own game client for ClassiCube, and successfully made a heartbeat URL and a server list which is still accessible and usable as of June 2020. After the main dev of dulmCube's client got meme'd and nay-nay'd, the development was abandoned ultimately because of everyone's lack of interest in the game anymore. The game had been thoroughly pozzed.


The current timeline for the Gimp War

It is very clear that the Gimp War could not be won naturally for NA2 without absolute totalitarian control over ClassiCube. Around late April 2020, the Gimp War was involuntarily conceded to not just NA2, but the entirety of ClassiCube due to the blacklisting of the dulmCube server. It is understood that NA2 did not win the Gimp War. They were losing in the end and they had to make ClassiCube take down their rivals while subverting everyone else in the ClassiCube community. Most, if not all the Gimpers left on ClassiCube abandoned the game entirely or continue to visit the game to make the remaining players seethe.

dulmCube still remains online as of June 2020, but it must be direct connected to through the ClassiCube launcher. Coincidentally, on ClassiCube's forum, there is a post warning of the "security dangers" of using direct connect to join servers, perhaps to deter players away from dulmCube.

May the gimps live on!

25 Nov 20 - 14:24:22 EST